Honours in Political Science and International Relations

Honours in Political Science and International Relations provides an opportunity to study political science and international relations in both greater depth and greater scope than is possible in earlier undergraduate years. It is designed to develop an enhanced knowledge base in the discipline, together with analytical and research skills appropriate to the advanced study of politics. If you wish to have the option of postgraduate research, an honours degree (or its equivalent) is essential. Honours is academically rather than vocationally oriented, yet many students have found this degree to be useful in their subsequent careers. Employers are increasingly aware that an honours degree signifies a higher level of attainment than a three-year degree. For those of our recent graduates who have gone to work for Commonwealth and State public services, parliament or members of parliament, non-governmental organisations, public relations agencies and media organisations, the degree has proven of direct vocational use.

Outcomes: Students are able to (1) demonstrate coherent and advanced knowledge of key theories and methods in political science and international relations; (2) have cognitive and technical skills to demonstrate a broad understanding of empirical and theoretical concepts in political science and international relations; (3) demonstrate ability to critically review, analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge with with intellectual independence to provide understanding of complex problems and issues in political science and international relations; (4) identify, plan and implement an original research project in political science and international relations, including appropriate ethical issues; and (5) produce high-level oral and written communication appropriate to the discipline.

Entry requirements: the equivalent of a UWA weighted average mark of at least 70 per cent in the Level 3 units of the Political Science and International Relations major.

Intake periods: Beginning of year and mid-year

Honours sequence

Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; N/A = not available in 2021; NS = non-standard teaching period

Note: Units that are indicated as N/A may be available in 2022 or 2023.

See the School of Social Sciences Honours Handbook for details on semester study patterns.

Take all units (36 points)::
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit rules
N/ASOCS4100Honours Research Skills
COMM4101 Concepts in Communication, COMM7481 Honours Seminar 1 (Communication Studies)
S1, S2SOCS4101Advanced Theory in Social Sciences
S1, S2SOCS4140Honours Dissertation 1
S1, S2SOCS4141Honours Dissertation 2
SOCS4140 Honours Dissertation 1
Group A—take 6 points from Group A.
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit rules
NSPOLS5501The Politics of Public Policy
LAWS5214 Public Policy
NSPOLS5661International Relations: Theory and Practice
POLS8606 Theory and Method in International Relations; POLS5661 Theory in International Relations A: Contending Approaches; POLS5662 Theory in International Relations B: Explanation and Understanding
NSSOCS5672Global Development Debates
POLS5672 Global Development Debates
Group B—take 6 points from Group B.
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit rules
N/AGEOG5502Conservation, Development and Sustainability
SOCS5502 Conservation, Development and Sustainability
NSPOLS5010NGOs, Governance and Development
NSPOLS5503Public Administration
NSPOLS5505Regulation and Governance
NSPOLS5611Religion, Global Identities and World Politics
POLS8601 Identities in Global Politics: Nationalism, Ethnicity and Religion
N/APOLS5612World Politics: Muslims in the West
POLS8601 Identities in Global Politics: Nationalism, Ethnicity and Religion
NSPOLS5631International Relations of the Asia–Pacific
POLS8603 International Relations in the Asia–Pacific Region; POLS5631 International Relations of the Asia–Pacific: the Role of Major Powers; POLS5632 Major Issues and Regional Organisations in the Asia–Pacific
NSPOLS5641International Security
POLS8604 Problems of International Security; POLS5642 Contemporary Issues in International Security
NSPOLS5651Global Political Economy
POLS8605 States and International Political Economy; POLS5652 International Political Economy: Dynamics of Crises
N/APOLS5671Peace and Security in Africa
NSPOLS5681Governance in the International System
N/APOLS5683US Foreign Policy
NSPOLS5684China and the World
NSPOLS5686International Norms, Ethics and Human Rights
NSPOLS5688The Evolution of International Society
POLS5621 Evolution and Structure of the International Political System
N/ASOCS4001Religion and Development
N/ASOCS5001Engaging Cultural Difference
N/ASOCS5013Gender in Development: Approaches and Issues