• Pre-2012 rules
    • 9. Science Rules

      Note: For the convenience of students and staff, the course code is recorded against the title of each course. This information, however, does not form part of the rules.

      Rules approved up to May 2014.


      Unless the context suggests otherwise—

      a core unit means a unit which is compulsory in a course;

      an option means a unit chosen from among a range of given options;

      the level of a unit indicates the amount of prior knowledge or maturity of learning required to study it successfully;

      a major in the Bachelor of Science (50110) course means units to the value of 24 points from Table 9.2.2a [Recognised units for the Bachelor of Science (50110)], completed in a specified subject area at Level 3, except in the case of the Anthropology and Archaeology majors, which comprise Level 2 or Level 3 units to the value of 36 points in the relevant subject area, and of the Linguistics major, which comprises Level 2 or Level 3 units to the value of 36 points in linguistics;

      a major sequence is the pathway by which a major is achieved;

      the Faculty means the Faculty of Science and includes a body or person to whom the Faculty has delegated responsibility for a particular function.