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Service Learning units

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The following units have been approved under the Service Learning policy for offering as service learning units, or have approved service learning components:


ENSC2601  A Critical Theory of Technological Development


BUSN1102  Changing the World: Social Innovation, Finance and Enterprise
LAWS5184  Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED)
SVLG2001  Community Impact Studies


ENVE5551  Environmental Engineering Design Project 1
ENVE5552  Environmental Engineering Design Project 2


SVLG1001  Fundamentals of Service Learning


SVLG5007  Graduate Student Leader Internship


INDG3600  Indigenous Design Studio
INDG5101  Indigenous Heritage Professional Placement
INDG5108  Indigenous Heritage Special Topic
INDG5109  Indigenous Heritage Study Tour
INDG1800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 1 (Introductory)
INDG2800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 2 (Intermediate)
INDG3800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 3 (Advanced)
GENG5515  Interdisciplinary Design Project


INDG2700  Knowing Country: The Dreaming and Darwin


LAWS5174  Legal Internship


SVLG1002  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship
SVLG5001  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship
SVLG1005  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship (0 credit points)


NEUR5011  Neurodevelopment and its Disorders


SVLG1006  Pathways to Citizenship
BIOL1131  Plant and Animal Biology
PUBH2211  Population Health Field Trip
PUBH3308  Population Health Practicum
SSEH3392  Professional Practice


SSEH5694  Research Colloquium
ENVT3330  Research Residency in Albany
HUMA3330  Research Residency in Albany Part A
HUMA3331  Research Residency in Albany Part B
SRUR4222  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Foundations Unit
SRUR5312  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 2
SRUR5322  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 3
SRUR5412  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 4


BIOL5503  Sampling Techniques in Wildlife Research
BIOL3360  Saving Endangered Species
SAHE4222  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE5312  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 2
SAHE5322  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5412  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 4
SVLG2003  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers I
SVLG2004  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers II
SVLG4003  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers III
SVLG4004  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers IV
SMED4222  Service Learning Unit 1
SMED5312  Service Learning Unit 2
SMED5322  Service Learning Unit 3
SMED5412  Service Learning Unit 4
INDG3700  Sharing Space
SVLG5002  Special unit: McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship (12 credit points)
SCIE2206  Special unit: Schools Science Engagement
SVLG5900  Special unit: Service Learning Postgraduate Research Internship
SVLG1007  Special unit: Student Leader Internship


EDUC3001  Teaching in Asia Project
SVLG5003  Transdisciplinary Service Learning and Design

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