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GEOS4499  Land and Water Fundamentals
ENVT5523  Land and Water Management Project Part 1
ENVT5524  Land and Water Management Project Part 2
EART3338  Land Capability Assessment
LAWS4107  Land Law
EART3339  Land Rehabilitation
LACH2000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Considerations
LACH3000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Expansions
LACH1000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Groundings
LACH3001  Landscape Architecture Studio—Resolutions
LACH2001  Landscape Architecture Studio—Speculations
LACH4460  Landscape Practice
LACH5414  Landscape Professional Documents
LACH4414  Landscape Professional Documents
LACH5460  Landscape Professional Practice
LING1001  Language and Communication
EDUC5504  Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
LING1002  Language as a Cognitive System
LING4102  Language Description and Documentation
LING1901  Language Learning and the Multilingual World
LING2003  Language, Culture and Society
EDUC5461  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum I
EDUC5471  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum II
ENSC1601  Large-scale Engineering Wonders
CLAN1101  Latin 1
CLAN2102  Latin 2
CLAN2103  Latin 3
CLAN3104  Latin 4
CLAN4104  Latin Language and Literature
LAWS3344  Law and Contemporary Social Issues
LAWS3334  Law and Religion
LAWS5221  Law and the Body
DENT5658  Law Enforcement
LAWS2227  Law in Action
ENRL8555  Law of Government 500 [310077 Curtin]
LAWS5179  Law of the Sea
LAWS5160  Law Review Part 1
LAWS3356  Law Review Part 1
LAWS3357  Law Review Part 2
LAWS5161  Law Review Part 2
LAWS1111  Law, Conflict and Change
PUBH5763  Leadership and Management of Health Services
MGMT3302  Leadership and Performance
MGMT5623  Leadership Effectiveness
EDUC5612  Leadership for Learning
MGMT5517  Leadership for Social Impact
ENRL8561  Leadership in a Dynamic Global Environment 520 [11390 Curtin]
EDUC5643  Leading Assessment and Accountability
EDUC5645  Leading Curriculum Innovation
MGMT5522  Leading Global Collaborations
ENRL5585  Leading Public Sector Change [ANZSOG]
MGMT5528  Leading Self and Leading Others
BUSN5000  Leading Self and Others: Leadership Challenge
EDUC5642  Leading Teaching and Learning
EDUC5644  Leading the Aligned School
EDUC5454  Learning Difficulties
EDUC1102  Learning Effectively: Improving Your Learning and Teaching
SCOM5704  Learning Technologies
EDUC5511  Learning with Young Adult Fiction
LAWS2201  Legal Framework of Business
LAWS5174  Legal Internship
LAWS5813  Legal Issues for Not-for-Profit Entities
MGMT5520  Legal Principles for Management
INDG1120  Legal Studies Professional Practicum 1
LAWS2120  Legal Studies Professional Practicum 2
LAWS4404  Legal Theory and Ethics
LAWS4109  Legal Theory and Ethics
LAWS5820  Legislation in Practice
LAWS3320  Legislation in Practice
SSEH3345  Lifespan Motor Development
LAWS5585  Limitation of Actions
LING3002  Linguistic Typology: the Diversity of Languages
LING3007  Linguistics of Australian Indigenous Languages
PATH5520  Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Markers and Iron
EDUC5516  Literacy Across the Curriculum
EDUC5410  Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum
ENGL1002  Literary Classics
MGMT6794  Literature Review and Criticism
SSEH5020  Literature Review and Research Proposal
APHB5520  Literature Review and Research Proposal
SCIE5590  Literature Review and Research Proposal
CLAN4105  Literature, Narrative, History
PATH5524  Liver Function
HART3042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
HART2042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
PHIL2002  Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning
INMT5503  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
HART2043  Looking East: Envisioning the Orient in Western Art
HIST2015  Looking for Australia: From the Deep Past to Federation
INDG2500  Looking North: The Wild West
ENGL3603  Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700
PODI4104  Lower Extremity Functional Anatomy and Physiology
PATH5564  Lymphoproliferative Disorders

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