UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Indigenous Studies (School of Indigenous Studies)

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INDG1000  Indigenous Studies Essentials
INDG1120  Legal Studies Professional Practicum 1
INDG1150  Aboriginal Encounters: Strangers in our Backyard
INDG1160  Boodjar Moort Katitjin: Introduction to Indigenous Heritage and Knowledge
INDG1800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 1 (Introductory)
INDG2200  Advanced Indigenous Legal Studies
INDG2300  Indigenous Knowledge: Mind, Body and Spirit
INDG2500  Looking North: The Wild West
INDG2600  Indigenous Representation
INDG2700  Knowing Country: The Dreaming and Darwin
INDG2800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 2 (Intermediate)
INDG3300  Indigenous Research
INDG3400  Indigenous People and Global Issues
INDG3600  Indigenous Design Studio
INDG3700  Sharing Space
INDG3800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 3 (Advanced)
INDG5101  Indigenous Heritage Professional Placement
INDG5108  Indigenous Heritage Special Topic
INDG5109  Indigenous Heritage Study Tour
INDG5110  Indigenous Heritage Dissertation (or Approved Equivalent) Part 1
INDG5111  Indigenous Heritage Dissertation (or Approved Equivalent) Part 2

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