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Units: European Languages and Studies (Arts)

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ENGL2209  Utopia, Imagination and Modernity in European Culture
ENGL3301  The European Individual


EURO4101  Advanced Research Skills
EURO4102  Modern European Literary and Cultural Theory
EURO4103  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 1
EURO4104  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 2
EURO4140  Dissertation (European Studies) 1
EURO4141  Dissertation (European Studies) 2


FREN1401  French Studies 1
FREN1402  French Studies 2
FREN1403  French Studies 3
FREN1404  French Studies 4
FREN1405  French Studies 5
FREN1406  French Studies 6
FREN2001  Specialist French Studies 3A
FREN2403  French Studies 3
FREN2404  French Studies 4
FREN2405  French Studies 5
FREN2406  French Studies 6
FREN2407  French Studies 7
FREN2408  French Studies 8
FREN2812  French Studies 12
FREN3405  French Studies 5
FREN3406  French Studies 6
FREN3407  French Studies 7
FREN3408  French Studies 8
FREN3409  French Studies 9
FREN3813  Specialist French Studies 13
FREN3814  Specialist French Studies 14
FREN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching French as a Foreign Language
FREN4103  Advanced French Cultural Studies
FREN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
FREN4140  Dissertation (French Studies) 1
FREN4141  Dissertation (French Studies) 2


GRMN1002  German Studies 3B
GRMN1401  German Studies 1
GRMN1402  German Studies 2
GRMN1403  German Studies 3
GRMN1404  German Studies 4
GRMN1405  German Studies 5
GRMN1406  German Studies 6
GRMN2002  German Studies 3B
GRMN2403  German Studies 3
GRMN2404  German Studies 4
GRMN2405  German Studies 5
GRMN2406  German Studies 6
GRMN2407  German Studies 7
GRMN2408  German Studies 8
GRMN2409  German Studies 9
GRMN2410  German Studies 10
GRMN2801  Stuttgart Program
GRMN2812  German Studies 12
GRMN3405  German Studies 5
GRMN3406  German Studies 6
GRMN3407  German Studies 7
GRMN3408  German Studies 8
GRMN3409  German Studies 9
GRMN3410  German Studies 10
GRMN3802  Stuttgart Program
GRMN3813  German Studies 13
GRMN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching German as a Foreign Language
GRMN4103  Advanced German Cultural Studies
GRMN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
GRMN4140  Dissertation (German Studies) 1
GRMN4141  Dissertation (German Studies) 2


HIST1102  Contemporary European Culture in Historical Perspective
HIST2202  Civilisation and Barbarism in European Cultural History
HIST3302  Imagining the Nation in European Cultural History


ITAL1401  Italian Studies 1
ITAL1402  Italian Studies 2
ITAL1403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL1404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL1405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL1406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL2404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL2405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL2406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL2408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL2811  Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento
ITAL2812  The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
ITAL3405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL3406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL3407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL3408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL3409  Italian Studies 9
ITAL3410  Italian Studies 10
ITAL3813  Italian and Migration
ITAL3814  Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Italy
ITAL4102  National and Local in Italian Language and Culture
ITAL4103  Theory and Practice of Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language
ITAL4104  Advanced Writing Skills
ITAL4140  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 1
ITAL4141  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 2


SPAN1401  Spanish Studies 1
SPAN1402  Spanish Studies 2

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards an European Studies major


ENGL2502  World Theatre: Cultures and Contexts
ENGL2602  Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
ENGL2604  Romanticism and Change in the Long Nineteenth Century
ENGL3602  Shakespeare: Text to Stage and Screen
ENGL3603  Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700


HIST2002  The Rise and Fall of European Fascism
HIST2012  Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
HIST3002  Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century
HIST3009  Mythistory: Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Historical Imagination


POLS2211  History of Political Ideas
POLS3317  Politics of New Europe

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