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Units: Classics and Ancient History (Arts)

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CLAN1001  Myths of the Greeks and Romans: Story, History and Reinvention
CLAN1002  Glory and Grandeur
CLAN1101  Latin 1
CLAN2001  The Golden Age of Athens
CLAN2002  The Foundation of the Roman Empire
CLAN2102  Latin 2
CLAN2103  Latin 3
CLAN2201  Greek 1
CLAN2202  Greek 2
CLAN3001  Ancient Epic
CLAN3002  The Emergence of Greece
CLAN3003  Greek Theatre
CLAN3004  Alexander the Great
CLAN3005  Roman Archaeology
CLAN3006  The Roman Revolution
CLAN3007  The Majesty of the Roman Empire
CLAN3008  Roman Britain
CLAN3104  Latin 4
CLAN3203  Greek 3
CLAN3204  Greek 4
CLAN4101  Researching the Classical World 1—Problems and Resources
CLAN4102  Researching the Classical World 2—the Research Seminar in Practice
CLAN4103  Ancient Greek Language and Literature
CLAN4104  Latin Language and Literature
CLAN4105  Literature, Narrative, History
CLAN4106  Material Culture
CLAN4140  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 1
CLAN4141  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 2

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards an Ancient History major


ARCY3002  Archaeological Field Methods
ARCY3003  Archaeological Laboratory Methods

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