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Units: English and Cultural Studies (Arts)

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ENGL1000  Global Literatures
ENGL1002  Literary Classics
ENGL1401  Page and Screen: Fiction in the Digital Age
ENGL1501  Reading Creatively/Writing Creatively
ENGL1902  Reading Bodies
ENGL2215  Modernism
ENGL2401  Meaning and the Moving Image
ENGL2501  Creative Writing: Theory and Practice
ENGL2502  World Theatre: Cultures and Contexts
ENGL2601  Narrative and Culture in Pre-modern England
ENGL2602  Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
ENGL2604  Romanticism and Change in the Long Nineteenth Century
ENGL2605  Twentieth-century Narratives: Making it New
ENGL2701  Australia and Home
ENGL2702  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
ENGL2703  American Literature: the Search for Justice
ENGL2704  Transcultural Literatures
ENGL2801  Reading Popular Culture
ENGL3001  Poetry and Poetics
ENGL3300  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
ENGL3401  Transnational Cinema
ENGL3501  Autobiographical Writing
ENGL3502  Making Theatre and Performance
ENGL3601  Reading the Middle Ages
ENGL3602  Shakespeare: Text to Stage and Screen
ENGL3603  Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700
ENGL3604  Victorian Dreams and the Technological World
ENGL3701  Regionalism in Australian Literature
ENGL3704  Texting the Global
ENGL3801  Interpretations: Literary Theory
ENGL4102  Methodologies
ENGL4103  Studies in Creative Writing
ENGL4104  Cinema and Cultural Studies
ENGL4105  Case Studies in Modern Literature
ENGL4106  Emotions in the Theatre
ENGL4107  Australian Literary Studies
ENGL4108  Special Author Studies
ENGL4140  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 1
ENGL4141  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 2
ENGL5501  Australian Textual Cultures
ENGL5502  Contemporary Writing
ENGL5503  Critical Paradigms


HUMA5801  Analysis and Interpretation in the Humanities

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards an English major


GEND2901  Sex, Bodies and Spaces


MEMS2001  Classical Traditions and Transformations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

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