UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Communication Studies (Arts)

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COMM1001  Power, Participation and Meaning
COMM1002  Cultures, New Media and Communications
COMM1901  Communication in Practice
COMM2001  Communication and Mass Media
COMM2002  Digital Media
COMM2207  Media and Culture Industries in Hong Kong
COMM3001  Case Studies in Communication
COMM3002  Media Production Project
COMM3003  Designing Play
COMM3004  Journalism in Practice
COMM3901  Television and Video Production
COMM4101  Concepts in Communication
COMM4102  Sexuality, Media, Culture
COMM4103  iGeneration
COMM4104  Public Communication
COMM4140  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 1
COMM4141  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 2
COMM4142  Dissertation 1
COMM4143  Dissertation 2
COMM4604  Media Law and Ethics
COMM4704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
COMM5601  History of Journalism
COMM5602  Online Journalism
COMM5603  Print and Digital
COMM5604  Media Governance
COMM5605  Issues in Contemporary Global Journalism
COMM5607  News Gathering: Technique and Timing
COMM5608  Broadcast and Digital
COMM5609  Advanced Writing and Broadcasting
COMM5610  Management and Editorial
COMM5611  Politics, Business and the Economy
COMM5612  The Role of the Correspondent
COMM5613  Practicum 3: Website Editor
COMM5620  Dissertation (full-time)
COMM5621  Dissertation (part-time)
COMM5701  Strategic Communications in a Digital Era
COMM5702  Digital Media: Theory and Practice
COMM5703  Communication, Innovation and Project Management
COMM5704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
COMM5705  Representation and Promotion
COMM5901  Special unit: Television and Video Production

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