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Units: Asian Studies (Arts)

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ASIA1001  Asian Societies and Cultures
ASIA1002  Asia from colonial to modern
ASIA2001  Culture, Society and the State in Asia
ASIA2002  Australia and Asia
ASIA2004  Popular Culture in Asia
ASIA2214  Japan in Changing Asia
ASIA2217  Shifting Identities in Japan
ASIA3001  Indonesian Politics and Culture
ASIA3002  Issues in Japanese Society and Culture
ASIA3003  Social Issues in Contemporary China
ASIA3004  Gender and Power in Asia
ASIA3005  Democratisation in Asia
ASIA3006  Contemporary Korean Society
ASIA4101  Evolution of Asian Studies
ASIA4102  Issues in Researching Asia
ASIA4103  Social Theory 1—Grand Narratives
ASIA4104  Social Theory 2—Critical Approaches
ASIA4105  Evolution of Asian Studies A
ASIA4106  Issues in Researching Asia A
ASIA4140  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 1
ASIA4141  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 2
ASIA5001  Key Debates in the Asian Region
ASIA5002  Critical Cultural Engagement with Asia
ASIA5003  Advanced Critical Thinking in Asian Studies
ASIA5094  Special unit: Gender and Power in Asia


AUST2901  Australia: Myths and Realities


CHIN1001  Chinese 3A
CHIN1401  Chinese 1
CHIN1402  Chinese 2
CHIN1403  Chinese 3
CHIN1404  Chinese 4
CHIN1405  Chinese 5
CHIN1406  Chinese 6
CHIN2001  Chinese 3A
CHIN2003  Translation for Beginners: English to Chinese
CHIN2004  Translation for Beginners: Chinese to English
CHIN2403  Chinese 3
CHIN2404  Chinese 4
CHIN2405  Chinese 5
CHIN2406  Chinese 6
CHIN2407  Chinese 7
CHIN2408  Chinese 8
CHIN2801  China Field Study
CHIN2802  Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Program (Taiwan)
CHIN3405  Chinese 5
CHIN3406  Chinese 6
CHIN3407  Chinese 7
CHIN3408  Chinese 8
CHIN3409  Chinese 9
CHIN3410  Chinese 10
CHIN5001  Chinese for Professionals 1


INDO1001  Indonesian 3A
INDO1401  Indonesian 1
INDO1402  Indonesian 2
INDO1403  Indonesian 3
INDO1404  Indonesian 4
INDO1405  Indonesian 5
INDO1406  Indonesian 6
INDO2001  Indonesian 3A
INDO2403  Indonesian 3
INDO2404  Indonesian 4
INDO2405  Indonesian 5
INDO2406  Indonesian 6
INDO2407  Indonesian 7
INDO2408  Indonesian 8
INDO2801  Indonesian In-country 5
INDO2802  Indonesian Field Study
INDO3405  Indonesian 5
INDO3406  Indonesian 6
INDO3407  Indonesian 7
INDO3408  Indonesian 8
INDO3802  Indonesian In-country 6
INDO5001  Indonesian for Professionals 1


JAPN1001  Japanese 3A
JAPN1401  Japanese 1
JAPN1402  Japanese 2
JAPN1403  Japanese 3
JAPN1404  Japanese 4
JAPN1405  Japanese 5
JAPN1406  Japanese 6
JAPN2001  Japanese 3A
JAPN2403  Japanese 3
JAPN2404  Japanese 4
JAPN2405  Japanese 5
JAPN2406  Japanese 6
JAPN2407  Japanese 7
JAPN2408  Japanese 8
JAPN3405  Japanese 5
JAPN3406  Japanese 6
JAPN3407  Japanese 7
JAPN3408  Japanese 8
JAPN5001  Japanese for Professionals 1


KORE1401  Korean 1
KORE1402  Korean 2
KORE1405  Korean 5
KORE1406  Korean 6
KORE2403  Korean 3
KORE2404  Korean 4
KORE2811  Readings in Korean Culture
KORE3405  Korean 5
KORE3406  Korean 6
KORE5001  Korean for Professionals 1


POLS5505  Regulation and Governance

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards an Asian Studies major


ANTH2702  Environment, Power and Disasters in Asia

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