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Units: Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Arts)

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ENGL3003  The Arthurian Legend


MEMS2001  Classical Traditions and Transformations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
MEMS4101  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1: Reading the Pre-modern World
MEMS4102  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2: Interpreting the Pre-modern World
MEMS4103  Special Topic in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
MEMS4140  Dissertation (MEMS) 1
MEMS4141  Dissertation (MEMS) 2
MEMS5401  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1
MEMS5402  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2
MEMS5403  Research Project
MEMS5404  Individual Reading Contract
MEMS5405  Seminar 1
MEMS5406  Seminar 2
MEMS5407  Seminar 3
MEMS5409  Dissertation Part 2
MEMS5410  Dissertation Part 3
MEMS5411  Dissertation Part 4

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards a Medieval and Early Modern Studies major


CLAN1101  Latin 1
CLAN2102  Latin 2
CLAN2103  Latin 3
CLAN3104  Latin 4


ENGL2601  Narrative and Culture in Pre-modern England
ENGL2602  Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
ENGL3601  Reading the Middle Ages
ENGL3602  Shakespeare: Text to Stage and Screen
ENGL3603  Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700


HIST2004  Europe: Crusades to Black Death
HIST2011  From 'Glorious Revolution' to Industrial Revolution: Making Britain, 1688–1888
HIST2012  Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
HIST3007  Crime and Punishment in Britain 1600–1900
HIST3011  The Vikings
HIST3012  Early Modern France 1500–1789

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