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Units: Political Science and International Relations (Arts)

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POLS1101  The Liberal Democratic State
POLS1102  The Contemporary International System
POLS2201  Foundations of Public Policy
POLS2202  Australian Politics: Institutions, Campaigning and Spin
POLS2204  The Politics of Gender
POLS2207  The Evolution of International Order
POLS2211  History of Political Ideas
POLS2214  Strategy, Diplomacy and Conflict
POLS2216  Politics in the USA
POLS2220  Foundations of Global Political Economy
POLS2231  Politics of the Mass Media
POLS2232  Global Governance
POLS2233  International Relations in East Asia
POLS3302  South Asia and the Middle East: Foreign Relations and Politics
POLS3308  Politics in Greater China
POLS3313  Australian Foreign Policy
POLS3317  Politics of New Europe
POLS3323  Elections, Mass Media and Politics
POLS3324  Islam and World Politics
POLS3326  Political Science Internship
POLS3327  Contemporary Political Theory
POLS3334  The International Politics of Africa
POLS3335  Social Movements and the Politics of Change
POLS3342  States, Welfare and Environmental Policy
POLS3343  The Politics of Representation: Australia in Comparative Perspective
POLS4101  Contemporary International Politics
POLS4105  Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations
POLS4106  Theories and Concepts in Political Science and International Relations
POLS4107  Politics and Policy
POLS4140  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 1
POLS4141  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 2
POLS5503  Public Administration
POLS5504  Public Sector Leadership in Practice
POLS5611  Religion, Global Identities and World Politics
POLS5612  World Politics: Muslims in the West
POLS5631  International Relations of the Asia–Pacific
POLS5641  International Security
POLS5651  Global Political Economy
POLS5661  Foundations of International Relations
POLS5671  Peace and Security in Africa
POLS5672  Critical Perspectives in International Development
POLS5681  Governance in the International System
POLS5682  Responding to International Crises
POLS5683  US Foreign Policy
POLS5684  China and the World
POLS5685  Security and Crisis in the Asia-Pacific
POLS5686  International Norms, Ethics and Human Rights
POLS5687  Global Social Movements
POLS5688  The Evolution of International Society
POLS5701  Master's Dissertation Part 1
POLS5702  Master's Dissertation Part 2


SOCS5551  Master's Dissertation 1
SOCS5552  Master's Dissertation 2
SOCS5553  Master's Dissertation 3

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards a Political Science and International Relations major


ASIA3005  Democratisation in Asia

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