UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Office (Arts)

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ASIA3902  Special unit: NCP Mobility Mitsui Immersion Program


EXCH0913  Exchange Special Unit (Foreign Languages)


HUMA1901  English Language and Academic Communication I
HUMA1902  English Language and Academic Communication II
HUMA2901  Arts Practicum
HUMA4001  Feeling the Past: Emotions in History, 1100–1800


SOCS2901  Mining the Landscape


TRNS5001  Introduction to Translation Studies
TRNS5002  Interdisciplinary Translation Studies
TRNS5003  Corpus-based Translation Studies
TRNS5004  Translation Localisation
TRNS5006  General Interpreting
TRNS5007  Translation Project
TRNS5011  The Ethics of Translation
TRNS5020  Translation Studies Dissertation 1
TRNS5021  Translation Studies Dissertation 2
TRNS5106  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 1
TRNS5107  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 2
TRNS5108  Specialised Translation
TRNS5109  General Translation
TRNS5111  Translation Studies Professional Placement
TRNS5501  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 1
TRNS5502  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 2
TRNS5503  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 3
TRNS5508  Specialised Translation 1: French
TRNS5509  Specialised Translation 2: French
TRNS5608  Specialised Translation 1: Italian
TRNS5609  Specialised Translation 2: Italian
TRNS5708  Specialised Translation 1: German
TRNS5709  Specialised Translation 2: German

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