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Units: Music (Arts)

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MUSC1055  Electronic Music: Methods and Means
MUSC1310  Communication Skills in Music
MUSC1321  Music Language 1
MUSC1322  Music Language 2
MUSC1341  Practical Music 1
MUSC1342  Practical Music 2
MUSC1350  Popular Music in Global Perspective
MUSC1981  Music Ensemble 1
MUSC1982  Music Ensemble 2
MUSC2274  Electronic Music: Experimental Investigations
MUSC2331  Western Art Music 1 (Renaissance and Baroque)
MUSC2332  Western Art Music 2 (Classical and Romantic)
MUSC2350  Music in World Cultures
MUSC2355  Chamber Music
MUSC2520  Music Language 3
MUSC2525  Music Language 4
MUSC2541  Practical Music 3
MUSC2542  Practical Music 4
MUSC2981  Music Ensemble 3
MUSC2982  Music Ensemble 4
MUSC3331  Western Art Music 3 (Modernist and Postmodernist)
MUSC3332  Drama through Music: Studies in Opera
MUSC3334  Soundscapes of Australia
MUSC3351  Gongs, Punks and Shadow Plays
MUSC3352  Music, Identity and Place
MUSC3353  Music in the Community
MUSC3354  Music, Mind and Medicine
MUSC3401  Practical Studies 5
MUSC3402  Practical Studies 6
MUSC3521  Digital Audio
MUSC3522  Music Analysis in Theory and Practice
MUSC3541  Practical Music 5
MUSC3542  Practical Music 6
MUSC3543  Advanced Ensemble
MUSC3544  Topics in Performance Practice
MUSC3560  Music Education in Research and Practice
MUSC4101  Contemporary Debates in Music
MUSC4103  Introduction to Music Research
MUSC4104  Music Research Project
MUSC4105  Music, Aesthetics and Criticism
MUSC4140  Music Honours Research 1
MUSC4141  Music Honours Research 2
MUSC4401  Practical Studies 7
MUSC4402  Practical Studies 8
MUSC4631  Secondary Music Curriculum 1
MUSC4632  Secondary Music Curriculum 2
MUSC4711  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 1
MUSC4712  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 2
MUSC5001  Curriculum and Practice: Creativity in the Classroom
MUSC5002  Curriculum Foundations
MUSC5003  Foundations in Music Pedagogy
MUSC5004  Instructional Design
MUSC5005  International Music Methodologies
MUSC5006  Music Education: A Catalyst for Social Change
MUSC5007  Rehearsal and Classroom Music Pedagogy
MUSC5008  Research and Literature Review
MUSC5009  Research Literacy
MUSC5010  Synthesis of Research and Music Pedagogy
MUSC5011  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 1
MUSC5012  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 2

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