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Units: Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts

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ARCT1001  Architecture Studio 1
ARCT1010  Drawing History
ARCT1030  Structures and Natural Systems
ARCT2000  Architecture Studio 2
ARCT2010  Parallel Modernities in Art and Architecture
ARCT2030  Materials and Small Constructions
ARCT2050  Environmental Design
ARCT3000  Architecture Studio 3
ARCT3010  History and Theories of the Built Environment
ARCT3030  Construction
ARCT4430  Architectural Technology, Structures and Services
ARCT4440  Project Implementation and Documentation
ARCT4461  Architectural Practice
ARCT4470  Architectural Research Seminar
ARCT5001  Architectural Design 5a
ARCT5002  Architectural Design 5b
ARCT5003  Architectural Design 5c
ARCT5004  Architectural Design 5d
ARCT5005  Architectural Studio 5e
ARCT5010  Independent Research Part 1
ARCT5011  Independent Research Part 2
ARCT5012  Independent Research by Dissertation
ARCT5502  Independent Design Research
ARCT5503  Built Work: Architecture in Construction
ARCT5505  Conservation in Cultural Landscapes, Historic Towns and Urban Precincts
ARCT5506  Conservation Planning in Practice
ARCT5507  Conservation Planning—Developed Research Project on Adaptive Reuse
ARCT5508  Practical Building Conservation
ARCT5509  Practical Building Conservation—Developed Research Project on a Building Construction System
ARCT5510  Housing
ARCT5511  Utopia/Disaster and Imagining the City
ARCT5512  Architectural Technical Resolution
ARCT5513  Operating Systems for a New Architectural Era
ARCT5514  Practical and Theoretical Problems in Global Design Practice (B): History/Theory Stream
ARCT5515  High Density: the Urban Model
ARCT5516  Daguerre to Digital
ARCT5517  Architecture and the Posthumanist Subject
ARCT5518  BIM Workflows
ARCT5519  Independent Design Development
ARCT5520  Drawing Resilience
ARCT5528  Delivering Good Design
ARCT5529  Forensic Architecture
ARCT5530  The Single Family House as a Bourgeois Manifesto
ARCT5531  Suburban Cultures
ARCT5532  Practical and Theoretical Problems in Global Design Practice (A): Professional and Technical Stream
ARCT5533  Studies in Complex Structures
ARCT5534  Innovations in Thermal Performance and Natural Ventilation Systems in Complex Buildings
ARCT5535  Generative Fabrication
ARCT5536  Photo Real Rendering
ARCT5580  Key Texts—Virtual
ARCT5581  Key Texts
ARCT5583  Introduction to Architectural Conservation
ARCT5584  Publications
ARCT5585  City as Site
ARCT5586  Australian Architecture in a global setting
ARCT5587  Urban Design
ARCT5589  Architecture of Furniture
ARCT5590  Architectural Studies
ARCT5592  Timber in Architecture
ARCT5593  The Architecture of Furniture in Production
ARCT5595  Digital Design Journal


BLDG5000  BIM Authors
BLDG5100  BIM Dimensions
BLDG5200  Digital Site
BLDG5300  BIM Sustainability
BLDG5500  BIM Network Teams
BLDG5700  BIM Manager
BLDG5800  Major Project


HART1000  Great Moments in Art
HART1001  Art, Technology and Society
HART1003  Ways of Seeing: Themes and Theories in Art
HART2041  The Art of Photography
HART2042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
HART2043  Looking East: Envisioning the Orient in Western Art
HART2201  The Art of Modern Life
HART2202  Art as Politics: The Rise of Realism in the Nineteenth Century
HART2207  Caravaggio and the Baroque
HART2222  Contemporary Art
HART2223  Modernism and the Visual Arts
HART2234  Film Noir to the New Wave
HART2237  Nineteenth-Century British Art
HART2243  Imagist Avant-Garde Film
HART2274  Introduction to Museum and Curatorial Studies
HART2275  Italian Renaissance Art Now
HART2276  Prints from Dürer to Toulouse-Lautrec
HART2283  Rome
HART3040  Breaking Art
HART3042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
HART3276  Prints from Dürer to Toulouse-Lautrec
HART3301  The Art of Manet and His Circle
HART3302  Michelangelo
HART3310  Art and Games: from Dada to Data
HART3330  Art Theory
HART3331  Visual Culture and Art in America: 1900–2000
HART3333  Picturing the Self: Portraiture in Nineteenth-century Europe
HART3340  Materialist Avant-Garde Film
HART3361  The Dutch Golden Age and the Art of Exploration
HART3371  The Northern Renaissance
HART3375  Twenty-first-century Art
HART3666  Australian and Aboriginal Art
HART4401  Readings in Contemporary Theory
HART4402  Studies in Art History 1
HART4403  Studies in Art History 2
HART4404  Dissertation Part 1
HART4405  Dissertation Part 2
HART4406  The History of Art History


IDES1000  Studio Fundamentals
IDES1040  Techniques of Visualisation
IDES2000  Integrated Design Studio 2—Making
IDES2001  Design Communication
IDES2040  Future Making
IDES3000  Integrated Design Studio 3—Complex
IDES3010  Advanced Design Thinking


LACH1000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Groundings
LACH1010  History and Theory of Landscape Architecture
LACH1020  The Culture of Nature
LACH2000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Considerations
LACH2001  Landscape Architecture Studio—Speculations
LACH2030  Site Manipulation
LACH3000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Expansions
LACH3001  Landscape Architecture Studio—Resolutions
LACH3030  Plants and Landscape Systems
LACH4414  Landscape Professional Documents
LACH4421  Australian Landscapes
LACH4422  Design Studio—Making
LACH4423  Ecological Systems
LACH4424  Design Studio—Complexity
LACH4460  Landscape Practice
LACH4505  Critical Theory: 'isms and 'ologies in Landscape Architecture
LACH4506  Research Methodologies: New Directions in Landscape Architecture
LACH5414  Landscape Professional Documents
LACH5460  Landscape Professional Practice
LACH5503  Independent Thesis by Dissertation Part 1
LACH5504  Independent Thesis by Dissertation Part 2
LACH5510  Independent Thesis by Design Part 1
LACH5511  Independent Thesis by Design Part 2


URBD1000  Introduction to Urban Design
URBD5802  Urban Design Studio
URBD5804  Urban Design Workshop
URBD5805  Contemporary Urbanism (Twentieth and Twenty-first Century)
URBD5807  The Forces that Shape Cities
URBD5808  Case Studies in Urban Design
URBD5820  Urban Design Research Methods
URBD5821  Urban Design Research (full-time)
URBD5822  Urban Design Research (part-time)


VISA1050  Art of Visualisation and Recording
VISA1051  Art in the Environment
VISA1052  Art of Expression
VISA1053  Video Art: Methods and Means
VISA1054  Art of Drawing
VISA2050  Video Art: Experimental Investigations
VISA2051  Curatorial Practices
VISA2215  Painting Now
VISA2255  Sculpture: Time and Space
VISA2260  Art of Human Anatomy
VISA2268  Surrealism
VISA2270  International Studio for Arts and Culture
VISA2272  Art of the Graphic Novel
VISA2273  Art of Drawing—Advanced
VISA3050  Advanced Studio
VISA3051  Advanced Major Project
VISA4001  Fine Arts Honours Seminar 1: Survey and Situate
VISA4002  Fine Arts Honours Seminar 2: Critical Thought
VISA4003  Fine Arts Honours Dissertation
VISA4004  Fine Arts Honours Project Part 1
VISA4005  Fine Arts Honours Project Part 2

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