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Units: Education

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EDUC1102  Learning Effectively: Improving Your Learning and Teaching
EDUC1103  Education for a Global Knowledge Society
EDUC1104  A World of Mobile Learning
EDUC3001  Teaching in Asia Project
EDUC5000  National Literacy and Numeracy Test
EDUC5400  GradDipEdSt Major Paper (full-time)
EDUC5401  GradDipEdSt Major Paper (part-time)
EDUC5404  Educational Linguistics
EDUC5405  School Psychology Professional Practice I
EDUC5406  School Psychology Professional Practice II
EDUC5410  Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum
EDUC5411  Enhancing Teaching through Understanding Contemporary Education
EDUC5414  Assistant Teacher Practicum
EDUC5415  Educational Leadership and Management
EDUC5416  Education in Rural Australia
EDUC5429  Perspectives in Aboriginal Education
EDUC5445  Art Curriculum I
EDUC5446  Art Curriculum II
EDUC5454  Learning Difficulties
EDUC5460  English Curriculum I
EDUC5461  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum I
EDUC5462  Mathematics Curriculum I
EDUC5463  Career Development Curriculum I
EDUC5464  Information and Communication Technology Curriculum I
EDUC5465  Science Curriculum I
EDUC5466  Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum I
EDUC5467  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Curriculum I
EDUC5468  Special Education Curriculum I
EDUC5469  School Psychology I
EDUC5470  English Curriculum II
EDUC5471  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum II
EDUC5472  Mathematics Curriculum II
EDUC5474  Information and Communication Technology Curriculum II
EDUC5475  Science Curriculum II
EDUC5476  Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum II
EDUC5477  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Curriculum II
EDUC5478  School Psychology II
EDUC5481  Professional Practice I
EDUC5482  Professional Practice II
EDUC5485  Development, Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice
EDUC5492  Understanding and Managing Disruptive Behaviour Disorders
EDUC5494  Approaches to Student Assessment
EDUC5500  Professional Practice B
EDUC5501  Integrated Studies: The Humanities and Social Sciences
EDUC5502  Teaching Mathematics in the Early Years
EDUC5503  Social Interaction and the Developing Child
EDUC5504  Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
EDUC5505  Teaching Mathematics in Middle and Upper Primary
EDUC5506  Developing and Managing the Infant and Early Childhood Learning Environment
EDUC5508  Integrated Studies: Science
EDUC5509  Interventions for Learning
EDUC5510  Professional Practice A
EDUC5514  Differentiating the Curriculum
EDUC5515  Interventions for Learning in Years 7-12
EDUC5516  Literacy Across the Curriculum
EDUC5517  Introduction to Catholic Education in Western Australia
EDUC5520  The Artistic and Expressive Child
EDUC5523  Education Law
EDUC5524  Teaching and Researching with Mobile Technologies
EDUC5546  Teaching Contexts
EDUC5547  Music Teaching and Learning: Philosophies and Pedagogies
EDUC5548  Music Teaching and Learning in Context
EDUC5601  Curriculum Differentiation in Mathematics Classrooms
EDUC5602  Current Issues in Mathematics Pedagogy
EDUC5606  Advance Course in Rasch Measurement Theory
EDUC5608  Integrating Pedagogy and Technology
EDUC5610  Human Resource Development in Education
EDUC5612  Leadership for Learning
EDUC5614  Critical and Creative Thinking in Mathematics
EDUC5616  International and Comparative Education
EDUC5618  Teaching and Learning with ICTs
EDUC5620  Master's Dissertation
EDUC5631  Approaches to Research
EDUC5633  Quantitative Inquiry
EDUC5634  Qualitative Inquiry
EDUC5636  Assessment and Measurement
EDUC5637  Measurement and Evaluation
EDUC5638  Introduction to Classical and Rasch Measurement Theories
EDUC5639  Childhood and Adolescent Developmental Psychopathology
EDUC5641  History of Education
EDUC5642  Leading Teaching and Learning
EDUC5643  Leading Assessment and Accountability
EDUC5644  Leading the Aligned School
EDUC5645  Leading Curriculum Innovation
EDUC5646  Teaching in New Learning Spaces
EDUC5658  Education Policy Trends: Global to Local
EDUC5660  Education Studies
EDUC5661  Education Studies
EDUC5662  Action Research and Curriculum Innovation
EDUC5678  Improving Learning and Teaching in the Curriculum
EDUC5708  Digital Technologies for Learning
EDUC5709  Pedagogy in Tertiary Teaching
EDUC5720  Master's Thesis (full-time)
EDUC5721  Master's Thesis (part-time)
EDUC5736  Assessment, Measurement and Learning
EDUC5760  Education Studies
EDUC5761  Education Studies
EDUC5778  Analysing the Curriculum
EDUC9823  MEd Thesis (full-time)
EDUC9827  MEd Thesis (part-time)
EDUC9970  Doctoral Research Project Plan
EDUC9971  Doctoral Research Scoping Project
EDUC9972  Doctoral Research Project Design
EDUC9973  Research Paradigms: Doctoral Project Report
EDUC9985  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
EDUC9986  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)

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