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Units: Human Resources and Employment Relations (UWA Business School)

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EMPL1101  Introduction to Employment Relations
EMPL1102  Australian Employment Relations
EMPL1206  Social Psychology of Work
EMPL2201  Foundations of Employment Relations
EMPL2202  Australian Employment Relations
EMPL2206  Social Psychology of Work
EMPL3208  Managing Diversity
EMPL3241  International Employment Relations
EMPL3270  Negotiation: Theory and Practice
EMPL3301  Globalisation and Work
EMPL4401  Special Topics in Employment Relations Seminar
EMPL4481  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 1
EMPL4482  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 2
EMPL4483  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 3
EMPL4484  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 4
EMPL5412  Employment Relations
EMPL5415  Globalisation and Organisational Change
EMPL5501  Strategic Workplace Relations
EMPL5511  International Employment Relations
EMPL5514  Negotiation and Dispute Resolution


HRMT2237  Human Resource Management
HRMT3344  Staffing Organisations
HRMT3345  Managing Jobs, Performance and Wellbeing
HRMT4485  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 1
HRMT4486  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 2
HRMT4487  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 3
HRMT4488  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 4
HRMT5501  Diversity and Inclusion
HRMT5502  Human Resource Analytics
HRMT5504  Introduction to Human Resource Management
HRMT5518  Strategic Human Resource Management
HRMT5530  Developing a Professional HR Career

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards an Employment Relations major


HRMT2237  Human Resource Management

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