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Units: Management (UWA Business School)

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ABUS2290  Cultural Foundations of Asian Business
ABUS3204  Models of Asian Business


BUSN1102  Changing the World: Social Innovation, Finance and Enterprise
BUSN5000  Leading Self and Others: Leadership Challenge


FINA5631  International Financial Analysis


INMT5507  Information Management and Logistics Careers


MGMT1135  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT1136  Management and Organisations
MGMT2235  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT2236  Management and Organisations
MGMT2311  Organisational Learning and Innovation
MGMT2341  International Management
MGMT3302  Leadership and Performance
MGMT3304  Applied International Business Strategy
MGMT3308  Supply Chain Management
MGMT3335  Enterprise Systems
MGMT3342  Entrepreneurship
MGMT3346  Managing Organisational Change
MGMT3347  Strategic Management
MGMT4485  Dissertation (Management) Part 1
MGMT4486  Dissertation (Management) Part 2
MGMT4487  Dissertation (Management) Part 3
MGMT4488  Dissertation (Management) Part 4
MGMT5501  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT5502  Strategic Analysis and Consulting Project
MGMT5504  Data Analysis and Decision Making
MGMT5505  International Management
MGMT5506  Ethics and Sustainability Management
MGMT5507  Management and Organisations
MGMT5508  Organisational Behaviour and Leadership
MGMT5509  Advanced Management
MGMT5510  Strategic Capabilities and Organisational Success
MGMT5511  Introduction to Global Business
MGMT5513  Data Driven Decision Making
MGMT5514  Demonstrating Social Impact
MGMT5515  Managing Organisational Knowledge and Innovation
MGMT5516  Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation
MGMT5517  Leadership for Social Impact
MGMT5518  Social Investment and Philanthropy
MGMT5520  Legal Principles for Management
MGMT5521  Operations and Strategic Supply Chain Management
MGMT5522  Leading Global Collaborations
MGMT5523  Becoming a Leader: Perspectives on Leadership Development
MGMT5524  Strategic Management of Resource Companies
MGMT5526  Principles for Responsible Management
MGMT5528  Leading Self and Leading Others
MGMT5570  Organisational Change and Transformation
MGMT5601  Small Business Management
MGMT5605  Professional Business Communications
MGMT5606  Intercultural Professional Business Communications
MGMT5608  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MGMT5610  Applied Professional Business Communications
MGMT5613  Professional Business Research Practice
MGMT5615  Selected Topics in Management
MGMT5616  Advanced Topics in Management
MGMT5618  International Study Program
MGMT5623  Leadership Effectiveness
MGMT5625  New Venture Creations
MGMT5626  Corporate Entrepreneurship
MGMT5627  Managing Strategic Networks
MGMT5638  Small Business Excellence
MGMT5639  Commercialisation Management Project
MGMT5647  Negotiation Behaviour
MGMT5660  Applied Project Management
MGMT5665  Project Management
MGMT5700  Strategic Management
MGMT5782  Management Case Study
MGMT5783  Business Research Report
MGMT6791  Business Research: Principles and Processes
MGMT6792  Quantitative Methods in Business Research
MGMT6793  Qualitative Methods in Business Research
MGMT6794  Literature Review and Criticism
MGMT6795  Research Proposal and Defence
MGMT6796  Advanced Research Seminar I
MGMT6797  Advanced Research Seminar II
MGMT6798  Advanced Research Seminar III
MGMT6799  Advanced Research Seminar IV
MGMT6800  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
MGMT6801  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)

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