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Units: Physics (Science)

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PHYS1001  Physics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYS1002  Modern Physics
PHYS1021  Applied Physics A
PHYS1022  Applied Physics B
PHYS1030  Physics Bridging Unit
PHYS2001  Quantum Mechanics 1 and Electromagnetism
PHYS2002  The Physics of Particles
PHYS3001  Quantum Mechanics 2 and Atomic Physics
PHYS3002  Electrodynamics and Relativity
PHYS3003  Astrophysics and Space Science
PHYS3011  Mathematical Physics
PHYS3012  Frontiers in Modern Physics
PHYS3044  Overseas Research Placement
PHYS3046  Research Placement
PHYS3340  Physics Vacation Project I
PHYS3341  Physics Vacation Project II
PHYS4001  Dissertation in Physics Part 1
PHYS4002  Dissertation in Physics Part 2
PHYS4003  Dissertation in Physics Part 3
PHYS4004  Dissertation in Physics Part 4
PHYS4010  Special Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYS4020  Special Topics in Experimental Physics
PHYS4415  Special Topics in Physics I
PHYS4416  Special Topics in Physics II
PHYS4417  Special Topics in Physics III
PHYS4418  Special Topics in Astrophysics
PHYS5001  Physics Research Project Development
PHYS5002  Physics Research Presentation
PHYS5010  Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYS5011  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 1
PHYS5012  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 2
PHYS5013  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 3
PHYS5014  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 4
PHYS5015  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 5
PHYS5016  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 6
PHYS5017  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 7
PHYS5018  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 8
PHYS5020  Advanced Topics in Experimental Physics
PHYS5021  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 1
PHYS5022  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 2
PHYS5023  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 3
PHYS5024  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 4
PHYS5025  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 5
PHYS5026  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 6
PHYS5027  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 7
PHYS5028  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 8
PHYS5031  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 1
PHYS5032  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 2
PHYS5033  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 3
PHYS5034  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 4
PHYS5035  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 5
PHYS5036  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 6
PHYS5037  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 7
PHYS5038  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 8
PHYS5401  Medical Imaging Physics
PHYS5402  Radiation Biology and Protection
PHYS5403  Radiotherapy Physics
PHYS5404  Radiation Physics
PHYS5405  Radiation Safety
PHYS5411  Medical Physics Thesis Part 1
PHYS5412  Medical Physics Thesis Part 2
PHYS5413  Medical Physics Thesis Part 3
PHYS5414  Medical Physics Thesis Part 4
PHYS5422  Medical Physics Thesis Part 2
PHYS5423  Medical Physics Thesis Part 3
PHYS5424  Medical Physics Thesis Part 4
PHYS5431  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 1
PHYS5432  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 2
PHYS5433  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 3
PHYS5434  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 4
PHYS5435  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 5
PHYS5436  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 6
PHYS5437  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 7
PHYS5438  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 8
PHYS5510  Advanced Topics in Physics I
PHYS5511  Advanced Topics in Physics II
PHYS5512  Advanced Topics in Physics III
PHYS5513  Advanced Topics in Astrophysics
PHYS5558  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 1
PHYS5559  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 2
PHYS5560  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 3
PHYS5561  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 4
PHYS5562  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 5
PHYS5563  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 6
PHYS5564  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 7
PHYS5565  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 8
PHYS7400  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 1
PHYS7401  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 2
PHYS7441  Special Topics in Physics IV


SCIE1121  Our Universe
SCIE1122  Our Solar System

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