UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Agricultural and Resource Economics (Science)

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AGRI4402  Agribusiness
AGRI5402  Agribusiness
AGRI5517  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5518  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5533  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5534  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5535  Agricultural Economics Project Part 3
AGRI5536  Agricultural Economics Project Part 4


ECON1120  Environmental Economics 1
ECON2224  Environmental Economics 2
ECON3300  Agricultural Economics and Marketing
ECON3323  Business and the Environment
ECON4002  Core Concepts in Agricultural and Applied Economics
ECON4410  Environmental and Resource Economics
ECON5002  Agriculture and Economic Development
ECON5003  Fundamental Microeconomics for Agriculture and Policy
ECON5004  Microeconometric Models for Agriculture and Natural Resources
ECON5005  Production Economics and Efficiency Analysis
ECON5006  Topics in Agricultural Economics
ECON5510  Consumer Behaviour and Demand Analysis
ECON5511  Climate, Energy and Water Economics


ENVT4402  Analysis for Natural Resource Management


SCIE1104  Science, Society and Data Analysis
SCIE3366  Project and Risk Management
SCIE3367  Decision Tools for Natural Resource Management
SCIE4401  Data Use in the Natural Sciences
SCIE4402  Data Management and Analysis in the Natural Sciences
SCIE5001  Farming Systems Analysis

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