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Units: Population Health (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

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AHEA5755  Aboriginal Health


HSMD2216  Health Science Professional Practice
HSMD3316  Health Industry Practicum


IMED2205  Health Research Design


NURS5810  Professional Nursing Issues
NURS5811  Nursing Research Proposal
NURS5812  Nursing and the Healthcare System
NURS5813  Evidence-based Nursing Practice
NURS5817  Maternal and Child Health Nursing
NURS5818  Mental Health Nursing
NURS5819  Nursing Research
NURS5820  Clinical Nursing Practicum
NURS5823  Nursing Practice 3
NURS5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
NURS5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
NURS8801  Dissertation (full-time)
NURS8802  Dissertation (part-time)


PHCY5608  Health Systems and Pharmacoeconomics


PUBH1101  Health and Illness in Human Populations
PUBH1102  Health and Globalisation
PUBH2203  Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
PUBH2204  Disease Prevention and Control
PUBH2208  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
PUBH2209  Plagues, Pox and Pandemics: the History of Death and Disease
PUBH2211  Population Health Field Trip
PUBH2216  Communication and Project Planning in Health
PUBH3301  Health Leadership
PUBH3302  Health Promotion
PUBH3305  Health Research Design and Methods
PUBH3307  Health Systems and Policy
PUBH3308  Population Health Practicum
PUBH4401  Biostatistics I
PUBH4402  Honours Research Process
PUBH4403  Epidemiology I
PUBH4404  Population Health Honours Project Part 1
PUBH4405  Population Health Honours Project Part 2
PUBH5701  Public Health Project (full-time)
PUBH5703  Public Health Project (part-time)
PUBH5712  Dissertation (full-time)
PUBH5714  Dissertation (part-time)
PUBH5742  Fundamentals of Genetic Epidemiology
PUBH5743  Environmental and Occupational Health
PUBH5749  Foundations of Public Health
PUBH5751  Disease Prevention in Population Health
PUBH5752  Health Systems and Economics
PUBH5754  Health Promotion I
PUBH5757  Clinical Epidemiology
PUBH5758  Public Health Practicum
PUBH5759  Epidemiology II
PUBH5761  Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases
PUBH5763  Leadership and Management of Health Services
PUBH5765  Health Promotion II
PUBH5766  Health Survey Research Methods
PUBH5769  Biostatistics II
PUBH5771  Special Topics in Public Health
PUBH5783  Health in an Era of Environmental Change
PUBH5784  Special Topics in Public Health
PUBH5785  Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data
PUBH5801  Economic Evaluation of Health Care
PUBH5802  Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data
PUBH5804  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
PUBH5805  Qualitative Research Methods in Health
PUBH7401  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 1
PUBH7402  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 2
PUBH7411  Population Health Honours Program Part 1
PUBH7412  Population Health Honours Program Part 2
PUBH8717  Applied Health Economics
PUBH8767  Maternal and Child Health
PUBH8776  Underlying Issues in Aboriginal Health


RMED5816  Rural Health Nursing


SWSP4429  Field Education II
SWSP4536  Dissertation
SWSP5301  Social Work Knowledges, Theory and Values
SWSP5306  Indigenous People and Social Work
SWSP5309  Field Education 1: First Placement
SWSP5404  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 1
SWSP5405  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 2
SWSP5406  Policy and Community
SWSP5407  Research Methods
SWSP5429  Field Education 2: Final Placement
SWSP5601  Theory for Practice
SWSP5602  Research Methods
SWSP5605  Advanced Community Practice
SWSP5607  Professional Supervision
SWSP5608  Group Work
SWSP5611  Indigenous Policy and Practice
SWSP5613  Health and Human Development
SWSP5614  Theory and Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5615  Advanced Statutory Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5616  Mental Health Policy and Practice
SWSP5617  Family-centred Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5618  Professional Supervision and Management: Child Protection
SWSP5619  Theory and Practice: Child Protection
SWSP5620  Advanced Child Protection Practice
SWSP5621  Child and Family-centred Practice: Child Protection
SWSP5630  Introduction to Psychosocial Theory
SWSP5631  Introduction to Social Work Methods
SWSP5632  Organisational Practice and Law
SWSP5633  Counselling and Ethics
SWSP5634  Social Work and Mental Health Practice
SWSP5635  Organisational Practice, Law and Research
SWSP9901  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9902  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9903  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9904  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 1
SWSP9905  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (full-time)
SWSP9906  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (part-time)
SWSP9907  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9908  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9909  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9910  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 2

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