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Units: Pathology (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

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PATH2210  Fundamentals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
PATH2211  Molecular Medicine
PATH2220  Introduction to Human Disease
PATH3304  Drugs and Disease B
PATH3305  Medical Genetics
PATH3307  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine I
PATH3308  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine II
PATH3309  Cancer Pathology
PATH5113  Research Project Proposal
PATH5114  Research Communication
PATH5115  Research Project Part 1
PATH5116  Research Project Part 2
PATH5117  Research Project Part 1
PATH5118  Research Project Part 2
PATH5121  Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5122  Advanced Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5125  Clinical Biochemistry Practicum
PATH5131  Anatomical Pathology
PATH5132  Advanced Anatomical Pathology
PATH5135  Anatomical Pathology Practicum
PATH5141  Clinical Immunology
PATH5142  Advanced Clinical Immunology
PATH5145  Clinical Immunology Practicum
PATH5151  Molecular Pathology
PATH5152  Advanced Molecular Pathology
PATH5155  Molecular Pathology Practicum
PATH5161  Haematology
PATH5162  Advanced Haematology
PATH5165  Haematology Practicum
PATH5172  Advanced Clinical Microbiology
PATH5175  Clinical Microbiology Practicum
PATH5511  Clinical Laboratory Skills 1
PATH5513  Biochemistry Research Project
PATH5514  Clinical Laboratory Skills 2
PATH5520  Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Markers and Iron
PATH5521  Pharmacogenetics, Drug Monitoring and Toxicology
PATH5522  Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Newborn Screening and Paediatric Biochemistry
PATH5524  Liver Function
PATH5525  Electrolytes , Renal Function and Calculi
PATH5526  Clinical Enzymology, Tumour Markers and Proteins
PATH5527  Endocrine System 1
PATH5528  Endocrine System 2
PATH5529  Potassium and Acid-base Balance
PATH5530  Anatomical Pathology Research Project
PATH5531  Foundations of Surgical Pathology
PATH5532  Surgical Anatomy, Grossing Techniques and Histology
PATH5533  Surgical Pathology 1—Genitourinary and Dermatopathology
PATH5534  Surgical Pathology 2—Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatic
PATH5535  Surgical Pathology 3—Breast and Respiratory
PATH5536  Surgical Pathology 4—Haematolymphoid and Endocrine
PATH5537  Surgical Pathology 5—Soft Tissue and Bone
PATH5538  Surgical Pathology 6—Neuropathology, Head and Neck
PATH5543  Principles of Human Immunology
PATH5544  Immunodeficiency
PATH5545  Infectious Disease and Tumour Immunology
PATH5546  Hypersensitivity and Allergy
PATH5547  Autoimmunity
PATH5548  Immunogenetics
PATH5549  Transplantation Immunology
PATH5550  Clinical Immunology Research Project
PATH5553  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Theory
PATH5554  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Practicum
PATH5555  Mutation Detection—Laboratory Analytical Methods
PATH5556  Molecular Genetics Theory
PATH5557  Molecular Genetics Practicum 1
PATH5558  Molecular Genetics Practicum 2
PATH5559  Immunogenetics
PATH5560  Clinical Genetics Research Project
PATH5561  Diagnostics Methods I—Cellular Analysis
PATH5563  Acute Leukaemia
PATH5564  Lymphoproliferative Disorders
PATH5565  Mature Plasma Cell Neoplasms
PATH5566  Myeloproliferative and Myelodysplastic Disorders
PATH5567  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Transfusion
PATH5568  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Coagulation
PATH5569  Haematological Transplantation
PATH5570  Haematology Research Project
PATH5571  Multiresistant Organisms
PATH5572  Molecular Microbiology
PATH5573  Microbiology Research Project

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