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Units: European Languages and Studies (Arts)

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FREN4103  Advanced French Cultural Studies
GRMN4103  Advanced German Cultural Studies
EURO4101  Advanced Research Skills
FREN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
ITAL4104  Advanced Writing Skills
GRMN4104  Advanced Writing Skills


EURO4103  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 1
EURO4104  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 2
HIST2202  Civilisation and Barbarism in European Cultural History
HIST1102  Contemporary European Culture in Historical Perspective


EURO4140  Dissertation (European Studies) 1
EURO4141  Dissertation (European Studies) 2
FREN4140  Dissertation (French Studies) 1
FREN4141  Dissertation (French Studies) 2
GRMN4140  Dissertation (German Studies) 1
GRMN4141  Dissertation (German Studies) 2
ITAL4140  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 1
ITAL4141  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 2


FREN1401  French Studies 1
FREN2812  French Studies 12
FREN1402  French Studies 2
FREN1403  French Studies 3
FREN2403  French Studies 3
FREN2404  French Studies 4
FREN1404  French Studies 4
FREN3405  French Studies 5
FREN2405  French Studies 5
FREN1405  French Studies 5
FREN1406  French Studies 6
FREN2406  French Studies 6
FREN3406  French Studies 6
FREN3407  French Studies 7
FREN2407  French Studies 7
FREN2408  French Studies 8
FREN3408  French Studies 8
FREN3409  French Studies 9


GRMN1401  German Studies 1
GRMN3410  German Studies 10
GRMN2410  German Studies 10
GRMN2812  German Studies 12
GRMN3813  German Studies 13
GRMN1402  German Studies 2
GRMN1403  German Studies 3
GRMN2403  German Studies 3
GRMN1002  German Studies 3B
GRMN2002  German Studies 3B
GRMN1404  German Studies 4
GRMN2404  German Studies 4
GRMN2405  German Studies 5
GRMN3405  German Studies 5
GRMN1405  German Studies 5
GRMN3406  German Studies 6
GRMN2406  German Studies 6
GRMN1406  German Studies 6
GRMN2407  German Studies 7
GRMN3407  German Studies 7
GRMN2408  German Studies 8
GRMN3408  German Studies 8
GRMN2409  German Studies 9
GRMN3409  German Studies 9


HIST3302  Imagining the Nation in European Cultural History
ITAL3813  Italian and Migration
ITAL2811  Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento
ITAL1401  Italian Studies 1
ITAL3410  Italian Studies 10
ITAL1402  Italian Studies 2
ITAL1403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL2403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL1404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL2404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL1405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL2405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL3405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL3406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL1406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL3407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL2408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL3408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL3409  Italian Studies 9


EURO4102  Modern European Literary and Cultural Theory


ITAL4102  National and Local in Italian Language and Culture


ITAL3814  Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Italy
SPAN1401  Spanish Studies 1
SPAN1402  Spanish Studies 2
FREN3813  Specialist French Studies 13
FREN3814  Specialist French Studies 14
FREN2001  Specialist French Studies 3A
GRMN2801  Stuttgart Program
GRMN3802  Stuttgart Program


ENGL3301  The European Individual
ITAL2812  The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
FREN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching French as a Foreign Language
GRMN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching German as a Foreign Language
ITAL4103  Theory and Practice of Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language


ENGL2209  Utopia, Imagination and Modernity in European Culture

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards an European Studies major


POLS2211  History of Political Ideas


ENGL3603  Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700


HIST3009  Mythistory: Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Historical Imagination


POLS3317  Politics of New Europe


HIST2012  Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
ENGL2604  Romanticism and Change in the Long Nineteenth Century
HIST3002  Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century


ENGL2602  Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
ENGL3602  Shakespeare: Text to Stage and Screen


HIST2002  The Rise and Fall of European Fascism


ENGL2502  World Theatre: Cultures and Contexts

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