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ENSC2601  A Critical Theory of Technological Development
EDUC1104  A World of Mobile Learning
ANTH2902  Aboriginal Art and Society
INDG1150  Aboriginal Encounters: Strangers in our Backyard
AHEA1101  Aboriginal Health
AHEA5755  Aboriginal Health
AHEA2201  Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
AHEA3200  Aboriginal Health Community Organisation Placement
AHEA2202  Aboriginal Health Context and Application
AHEA4440  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 1
AHEA4441  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 2
AHEA4442  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 3
AHEA4443  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 4
AHEA5801  Aboriginal Health Research and Ethics
AHEA3300  Aboriginal Health Research Project
AHEA5880  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (full-time)
AHEA5881  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (part-time)
AHEA3301  Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing
AACE4000  Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE)
AACE1000  Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE)
PROF5000  Academic Development Workshop
COMM5706  Accountability and Responsibility in the Media
ACCT5602  Accounting
ENRL8560  Accounting (Public Sector) 567 [5706 Curtin]
ENRL5587  Accounting (Public Sector) [ANZSOG]
ACCT5633  Accounting for Planning and Control
ACCT2242  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT5532  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT4462  Accounting, Organisations and Society
EDUC5662  Action Research and Curriculum Innovation
SSEH1104  Active Leadership 1: Developing Leadership Skills
PATH5563  Acute Leukaemia
LAWS5102  Administrative Law
PSYC3314  Adult Psychopathology
PSYC2214  Adult Psychopathology
ANHB5452  Adult Sleep Science
EDUC5606  Advance Course in Rasch Measurement Theory
ACCT4471  Advanced Accounting Research
APHB5510  Advanced Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
PUBH5802  Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data
PATH5132  Advanced Anatomical Pathology
APHB5511  Advanced Art and Life Manipulation
LAWS5236  Advanced Australian Corporate Taxation
LAWS5237  Advanced Australian International Taxation
BIOC5001  Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Techniques
SSEH4633  Advanced Biomechanical Methods
AGRI5501  Advanced Breeding and Biotechnology in Action
LAWS5231  Advanced Capital Gains Tax
CHEM3003  Advanced Chemical Synthesis
PSYC5535  Advanced Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology
SWSP5620  Advanced Child Protection Practice
PHYL5615  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5611  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 2
PATH5122  Advanced Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5142  Advanced Clinical Immunology
PATH5172  Advanced Clinical Microbiology
ELEC5501  Advanced Communications
SWSP5605  Advanced Community Practice
ANHB5457  Advanced Competencies in Sleep Science
ANHB5535  Advanced Competency in Dental Sleep Medicine
SSEH4654  Advanced Concepts in Motor Control and Learning
MKTG5409  Advanced Contemporary Topics in Marketing
ACCT3202  Advanced Corporate Accounting
FINA4482  Advanced Corporate Finance
ACCT5521  Advanced Corporate Financial Accounting
LAWS5217  Advanced Criminology
ASIA5003  Advanced Critical Thinking in Asian Studies
AGRI4401  Advanced Crop Production Science
STAT3401  Advanced Data Analysis
CITS5508  Advanced Data Mining
FINA4463  Advanced Derivatives
IDES3010  Advanced Design Thinking
ECON4408  Advanced Development Economics
ECON4503  Advanced Economic Analysis
GENG4407  Advanced Engineering Mathematics
MUSC3543  Advanced Ensemble
PHIL4101  Advanced Ethical Theory
LAWS5117  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS6327  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS3327  Advanced Evidence and Proof
SSEH4644  Advanced Exercise Physiology
FNSC5624  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5634  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
ENRL8545  Advanced Field Training [EA5027 JCU]
FREN4103  Advanced French Cultural Studies
GENE5001  Advanced Genomics Techniques
ENVT5511  Advanced Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Management
GRMN4103  Advanced German Cultural Studies
GEOG3301  Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing
GEOG5005  Advanced GIS in the Social Sciences
PATH5162  Advanced Haematology
PHYL5610  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 1
PHYL5617  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 2
AHEA2203  Advanced Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA2204  Advanced Human Biological Sciences II
GEOS5501  Advanced Hydrogeology
INDG2200  Advanced Indigenous Legal Studies
MICR3350  Advanced Infectious Diseases
ECON4450  Advanced International Trade
FINA4481  Advanced Investments
ENVT4401  Advanced Land Use and Management
TRNS5106  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 1
TRNS5107  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 2
LAWS5509  Advanced Legal Research (by Invitation) Part 1
LAWS5510  Advanced Legal Research (by Invitation) Part 2
LAWS6979  Advanced Legal Theory and Research Methodology
PHIL3007  Advanced Logic
ECON5508  Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
VISA3051  Advanced Major Project
MGMT5509  Advanced Management
MATH4403  Advanced Mathematics 1
MATH5540  Advanced Mathematics 2
MATH3023  Advanced Mathematics Applications
ECON3372  Advanced Mathematics for Economists
PHIL4104  Advanced Metaphysics
ECON5509  Advanced Microeceonomic Theory
PATH5152  Advanced Molecular Pathology
NEUR3301  Advanced Neuroscience 1
NEUR3302  Advanced Neuroscience 2
MING5504  Advanced Ore Deposits
GEOS5503  Advanced Petroleum Geoscience
PODI5511  Advanced Podiatric Medicine I
PODI5512  Advanced Podiatric Medicine II
PODI5513  Advanced Podiatric Surgery
LAWS5526  Advanced Practice and Procedure
DENT4206  Advanced Prosthodontics
SSEH5475  Advanced Psychology of Sport
SOCS5002  Advanced Qualitative Methods: Ethnography
ANTH4101  Advanced Qualitative Methods: Interviews and Focus Groups
ECON4504  Advanced Quantitative Economics
CHPR5501  Advanced Reaction Engineering and Catalysts
SWSP9901  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9907  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 2
MGMT6796  Advanced Research Seminar I
MGMT6797  Advanced Research Seminar II
MGMT6798  Advanced Research Seminar III
MGMT6799  Advanced Research Seminar IV
EURO4101  Advanced Research Skills
APHB5500  Advanced Research Techniques
SHPC5001  Advanced Scientific Computation
IMED5831  Advanced Simulation in Health Professional Education
ANHB5530  Advanced Sleep Disorders and Anatomy of Sleep
ANHB5454  Advanced Sleep Scoring
ANHB5453  Advanced Sleep Technology and Laboratory Management
LAWS5216  Advanced Socio-legal Studies
ENVT5508  Advanced Spatial Analytics
SWSP5615  Advanced Statutory Practice: Mental Health
BIOC4001  Advanced Studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
CHEM4001  Advanced Studies in Chemistry
ENVT5002  Advanced Studies in Environmental Biotechnology
GENE4001  Advanced Studies in Genetics and Genomics
PLNG5510  Advanced Studies in Geography and Planning
APHB5505  Advanced Studies in Physiology
SWSP9902  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9908  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 2
VISA3050  Advanced Studio
ENRL8546  Advanced Techniques in Mining and Exploration Geology [EA5028 JCU]
MSCI4006  Advanced Techniques in Molecular Sciences
APHB5504  Advanced Techniques in Physiology
SWSP9903  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9909  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 2
CHPR4404  Advanced Thermodynamics
PHYS5513  Advanced Topics in Astrophysics
BMEG5001  Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering
PSYC9905  Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology 1
PSYC9906  Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology 2
EMPL5450  Advanced Topics in Employment Relations
PHYS5020  Advanced Topics in Experimental Physics
INMT5410  Advanced Topics in Information Management
MGMT5616  Advanced Topics in Management
COMM4106  Advanced Topics in Media and Communication
PHYS5510  Advanced Topics in Physics I
PHYS5511  Advanced Topics in Physics II
PHYS5512  Advanced Topics in Physics III
MATH4033  Advanced Topics in Pure Mathematics
LING4104  Advanced Topics in Semantics and Pragmatics
PHYS5010  Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics
LAWS5533  Advanced Torts Law
MECH5501  Advanced Vibration and Sound
COMM5609  Advanced Writing and Broadcasting
ITAL4104  Advanced Writing Skills
FREN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
GRMN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
MKTG2238  Advertising and Promotion
VISA2214  Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
PHIL3002  Aesthetics
HIST3005  African American History: Freedom Struggles from Plantation to Prison and Beyond
CITS3403  Agile Web Development
CITS5505  Agile Web Development
AGRI4402  Agribusiness
AGRI5402  Agribusiness
ECON3300  Agricultural Economics and Marketing
AGRI5560  Agricultural Economics Literature Review and Research Proposal
AGRI5517  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5533  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5534  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5518  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5535  Agricultural Economics Project Part 3
AGRI5536  Agricultural Economics Project Part 4
AGRI5561  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 1
AGRI5562  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 2
AGRI5563  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 3
AGRI5551  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
AGRI5552  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
AGRI5553  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
AGRI5554  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 4
AGRI5510  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Presentation
AGRI5509  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Project Development
ECON4001  Agricultural Trade and Commodity Markets
ECON5002  Agriculture and Economic Development
AGRI5541  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 1
AGRI5542  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 2
AGRI5543  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 3
AGRI5544  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 4
AGRI4512  Agriculture Honours Research Presentation
AGRI4511  Agriculture Honours Research Project Development
CLAN3004  Alexander the Great
MATH4031  Algebra
MATH3031  Algebraic Structures and Symmetry
CITS3001  Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence
ENGL2703  American Literature: the Search for Justice
HIST1002  An Age of Violence: the Making of the Modern World, 1789-2010
ELEC5502  Analogue Electronics
EDUC5778  Analysing the Curriculum
MECH5502  Analysis and Design of Machine Components
MATH3032  Analysis and Geometry
HUMA5801  Analysis and Interpretation in the Humanities
ENVT4402  Analysis for Natural Resource Management
STAT2401  Analysis of Experiments
STAT2402  Analysis of Observations
PHIL4106  Analytic Philosophy
CHEM3319  Analytical Chemistry and Occupational Health and Safety
CHEM8801  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 1
CHEM8803  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 2
CHEM8804  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 3
CHEM8805  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 4
GEOS5507  Analytical Techniques for the Geosciences
PATH5131  Anatomical Pathology
PATH5135  Anatomical Pathology Practicum
PATH5530  Anatomical Pathology Research Project
ANHB5443  Anatomical Sciences Dissertation Part 2
ANHB9505  Anatomy and Human Biology Thesis
DENT4102  Anatomy and Physiology for Dentistry
DENT4101  Anatomy Physiology and Cell Biology
CLAN3001  Ancient Epic
CLAN4103  Ancient Greek Language and Literature
PODI5303  Anesthesia and General Surgery
ANIM2208  Animal Ethics and Welfare
ANIM2207  Animal Function and Structure
ANIM3361  Animal Populations
AGRI5513  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5525  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5526  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5514  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5527  Animal Production Project Part 3
AGRI5528  Animal Production Project Part 4
AGRI5503  Animal Production Systems
AGRI4403  Animal Reproduction
MICR5833  Antimicrobial Agents
ECON5513  Applied Advanced Econometrics
ECON4413  Applied Advanced Econometrics
SSEH1102  Applied Anatomy and Athletic Performance
ANHB5455  Applied Anatomy for Ergonomics
MICR3310  Applied and Environmental Microbiology
BUSN0003  Applied Business Communication
PAED5713  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology I
PAED5714  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology II
DENT5651  Applied Dental Science
ECON4401  Applied Econometrics and Research Methods
MECH4429  Applied Engineering Thermodynamics
FINA3326  Applied Financial Management
CIVL4401  Applied Geomechanics
GEOS4415  Applied Geoscience Topics
PUBH8717  Applied Health Economics
MGMT3304  Applied International Business Strategy
ECON3303  Applied Macroeconomics
MKTG5465  Applied Marketing Research
ECON3302  Applied Microeconomics
PTMT5502  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5602  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
GEOS5510  Applied Palynology
PHCY5603  Applied Pharmacotherapy
PHCY5620  Applied Pharmacy Practice 1
PHCY5621  Applied Pharmacy Practice 2
PHYS1021  Applied Physics A
PHYS1022  Applied Physics B
STAT4064  Applied Predictive Modelling
MGMT5610  Applied Professional Business Communications
MGMT5660  Applied Project Management
PSYC5530  Applied Research Methods
STAT4067  Applied Statistics and Data Visualisation
STAT3406  Applied Statistics and Data Visualisation
MING5501  Applied Structural Geology
EDUC5631  Approaches to Research
EDUC5494  Approaches to Student Assessment
LAWS5306  Arbitration: Practice and Skills
ARCY3002  Archaeological Field Methods
ARCY3003  Archaeological Laboratory Methods
ARCY3008  Archaeological Method and Theory
ARCY4101  Archaeological Theory
ARCY2002  Archaeology of Colonisation and Contact
ARCY3007  Archaeology of East and Southeast Asia: Origins to Civilisation
ARCY3010  Archaeology of Europe: Neanderthals to Homer
ARCY3005  Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ARCY2004  Archaeology of Rock Art
ARCY1002  Archaeology Today: Principles and Themes
ARCT5001  Architectural Design 5a
ARCT5002  Architectural Design 5b
ARCT5003  Architectural Design 5c
ARCT5004  Architectural Design 5d
ARCT4461  Architectural Practice
ARCT4470  Architectural Research Seminar
ARCT5590  Architectural Studies
ARCT5005  Architectural Studio 5e
ARCT5512  Architectural Technical Resolution
ARCT4430  Architectural Technology, Structures and Services
ARCT5517  Architecture and the Posthumanist Subject
ARCT5589  Architecture of Furniture
ARCT1001  Architecture Studio 1
ARCT2000  Architecture Studio 2
ARCT3000  Architecture Studio 3
ARCT3001  Architecture Studio 4
HART3310  Art and Games: from Dada to Data
VISA2249  Art and Life Manipulation
HART2202  Art as Politics: The Rise of Realism in the Nineteenth Century
EDUC5445  Art Curriculum I
EDUC5446  Art Curriculum II
VISA1051  Art in the Environment
VISA1054  Art of Drawing
VISA2273  Art of Drawing—Advanced
VISA1052  Art of Expression
VISA2260  Art of Human Anatomy
VISA2272  Art of the Graphic Novel
VISA1050  Art of Visualisation and Recording
HART3330  Art Theory
HART1001  Art, Technology and Society
ARCY5103  Artefact Analysis
CITS4404  Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Systems
HUMA2901  Arts Practicum
PSYC5523  ASD Practicum Placement
ASIA1002  Asia from colonial to modern
ECON2106  Asia in the World Economy
ECON3203  Asia in the World Economy
ASIA1001  Asian Societies and Cultures
EDUC5513  Assessment and Feedback for Learning
PSYC5531  Assessment and Intervention—Adult Complex Disorders
PSYC5674  Assessment and Intervention—Childhood Disorders
PSYC5675  Assessment and Intervention—Emotional Disorders
EDUC5636  Assessment and Measurement
PSYC5514  Assessment and Selection
EDUC5736  Assessment, Measurement and Learning
GENG5802  Asset Failures
EDUC5414  Assistant Teacher Practicum
PHYS3003  Astrophysics and Space Science
PHYL5501  Audiological Instrumentation Part 1
PHYL5511  Audiological Instrumentation Part 2
PHYL5613  Audiology Practice Management
PHYL5616  Audiology Research Project Part 1
PHYL5614  Audiology Research Project Part 2
ACCT3322  Auditing
ASIA2002  Australia and Asia
ENGL2701  Australia and Home
GEOS4410  Australia's Geological Evolution
AUST2901  Australia: Myths and Realities
HART3666  Australian and Aboriginal Art
ARCT5586  Australian Architecture in a global setting
ECON1141  Australian Economic History
EMPL1102  Australian Employment Relations
EMPL2202  Australian Employment Relations
LAWS5176  Australian Financial Transactions Law and Regulation
POLS3313  Australian Foreign Policy
DENT5404  Australian Indigenous, Rural and Remote Oral Health 1
DENT5408  Australian Indigenous, Rural and Remote Oral Health 2
LACH4421  Australian Landscapes
LAWS1120  Australian Legal Principles and Institutions
ENGL4107  Australian Literary Studies
ENGL3300  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
ENGL2702  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
LAWS6589  Australian Oil and Gas Law
LAWS5589  Australian Oil and Gas Law
POLS2202  Australian Politics: Institutions, Campaigning and Spin
ANTH2407  Australian Society
ENGL5501  Australian Textual Cultures
PLNT3306  Australian Vegetation
PSYC5522  Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) Training
ENGL3501  Autobiographical Writing
PATH5547  Autoimmunity
LAWS5230  Aviation Law

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