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MICR3330  Bacteria and Bacterial Disease
LAWS5126  Banking Law
LAWS6126  Banking Law
FINA3304  Banking: Theory and Practice
PHYL5502  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5512  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 2
DENT5649  Basic Dental Science
EART3344  Basin Analysis
GEOS4418  Basin Analysis Techniques
STAT4066  Bayesian Computing and Statistics
MGMT5523  Becoming a Leader: Perspectives on Leadership Development
ACCT4451  Behavioural Accounting
ANIM3365  Behavioural Ecology
ANTH1001  Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
BLDG5000  BIM Authors
BLDG5100  BIM Dimensions
BLDG5050  BIM Dynamo
BLDG5700  BIM Manager
BLDG5500  BIM Network Teams
BLDG5300  BIM Sustainability
ARCT5518  BIM Workflows
FNSC4497  Bio-Archaeology Fieldschool
BIOC2202  Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function
BIOC2002  Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function
MSCI5560  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Literature Review and Research Proposal
BIOC2001  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Cell
MSCI5561  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 1
MSCI5562  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 2
MSCI5563  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 3
BIOC3004  Biochemistry in Health and Disease
BIOC2201  Biochemistry of the Cell
PATH5513  Biochemistry Research Project
ENVT5505  Biodiversity and Landscapes
ENVT3310  Biodiversity on Country
SSEH3366  Bioenergetics in Exercise, Nutrition and Energy Balance
PHIL2001  Bioethics
SCIE4002  Bioinformatics and Data Analysis for Genomics
CHEM2221  Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
ANHB3321  Biological Anthropology: Genes and Society
ANHB2215  Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
APHB5519  Biological Art Integration Studies I
APHB5518  Biological Art Integration Studies II
CHEM3305  Biological Chemistry
CHEM1004  Biological Chemistry
BMEG4002  Biomaterials
SSEH3355  Biomechanical Principles
SSEH2250  Biomechanics in Sport and Exercise
ENSC3023  Biomedical Engineering
BMEG5551  Biomedical Engineering Design Project 1
BMEG5552  Biomedical Engineering Design Project 2
BMEG4001  Biomedical Instrumentation
SCIE5510  Biomedical Science Research in Context—Literature Review
PUBH4401  Biostatistics I
PUBH5769  Biostatistics II
GEOS4419  Biostratigraphy
MKTG5604  Biotechnology Commercialisation
ENVT5001  Biotechnology in the Natural Environment
BTEC5501  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
BTEC5502  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
BTEC5503  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
BTEC5504  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4
BTEC5505  Biotechnology Masters Research Presentation
BTEC5506  Biotechnology Masters Research Project Development
LAWS2220  Birth, Life, Death and the Law
IMED2002  Blood and Drugs
IMED2001  Body Defences
IMED3001  Body Systems and Disease I
IMED3002  Body Systems and Disease II
IMED3003  Body Systems and Disease III
IMED3004  Body Systems and Disease IV
INDG1160  Boodjar Moort Katitjin: Introduction to Indigenous Heritage and Knowledge
FNSC8563  Botanical Evidence
PLNT4503  Botany Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT4504  Botany Research Dissertation Part 4
HART3040  Breaking Art
AGRI4404  Breeding and Animal Biotechnology
AGRI4405  Breeding and Plant Biotechnology
COMM5608  Broadcast and Digital
ARCT5588  Building Pictures
ARCT5503  Built Work: Architecture in Construction
FINA2207  Business Analysis and Valuation
ENRL8544  Business and Financial Management in the Minerals Industry [EA5024 JCU]
ECON3323  Business and the Environment
ECON2271  Business Econometrics
ECON2245  Business Economics
INMT5526  Business Intelligence
BUSN0001  Business Literacy
BUSN3348  Business Practicum
INMT5504  Business Process Management
BUSN4403  Business Research Methodology
BUSN5506  Business Research Project
MGMT5783  Business Research Report
MGMT6791  Business Research: Principles and Processes
MKTG5406  Buyer Behaviour and Decision Making

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