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PATH3309  Cancer Pathology
FINA5525  Capital Markets
FINA4491  Capital Markets Research
HART2207  Caravaggio and the Baroque
SSEH5643  Cardiac Rehabilitation
PTMT5608  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Dysfunction in Children
PTMT5604  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Injury
BMEG4003  Cardiovascular Biomechanics
EDUC5463  Career Development Curriculum I
AGRI5502  Case Studies in Breeding and Biotechnology
COMM3001  Case Studies in Communication
GEOG5002  Case Studies in Development Practice
EURO4103  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 1
EURO4104  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 2
ENGL4105  Case Studies in Modern Literature
URBD5808  Case Studies in Urban Design
FNSC8604  Case Study Part 1
FNSC8605  Case Study Part 2
ENVT5571  Catchment and Aquatic Ecosystem Health
ENVT4406  Catchment and River Processes
IMED1003  Cell Survival and Communication
ANHB3323  Cells, Tissues and Development
BIOC3005  Cellular Biochemistry
MUSC2355  Chamber Music
BUSN1102  Changing the World: Social Innovation, Finance and Enterprise
CHEM5851  Chemical and Physical Food Hazards
CHPR5551  Chemical Engineering Design Project 1
CHPR5552  Chemical Engineering Design Project 2
CHEM3002  Chemical Explorations
ENSC3006  Chemical Process Thermodynamics
CHEM3005  Chemical Spectroscopy and Structure
CHEM2003  Chemical Synthesis
CHEM3006  Chemistry Beyond the Laboratory
CHEM5850  Chemistry for Food Science
CHEM7403  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
CHEM7402  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
CHEM7400  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
CHEM7401  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
CHEM3312  Chemistry of Drug Design and Discovery
CHEM3391  Chemistry Research Part 1
CHEM1001  Chemistry—Properties and Energetics
CHEM1002  Chemistry—Structure and Reactivity
PSYC5534  Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology
DENT5304  Child and Adolescent Comprehensive Oral Care 1 and Orthodontics
DENT5308  Child and Adolescent Comprehensive Oral Care 2 and Research
DENT4203  Child and Adolescent Oral Health 1
DENT4207  Child and Adolescent Oral Health 2
SWSP5621  Child and Family-centred Practice: Child Protection
PAED4402  Child Health Honours Research Process I
PAED4403  Child Health Honours Research Process II
PAED4404  Child Health Honours Research Project I
PAED4405  Child Health Honours Research Project II
EDUC5639  Childhood and Adolescent Developmental Psychopathology
POLS5684  China and the World
CHIN2801  China Field Study
LAWS5212  China–Australia Relations: Trade, Finance and Law
CHIN1401  Chinese 1
CHIN3410  Chinese 10
CHIN1402  Chinese 2
CHIN2403  Chinese 3
CHIN1403  Chinese 3
CHIN2001  Chinese 3A
CHIN1001  Chinese 3A
CHIN2404  Chinese 4
CHIN1404  Chinese 4
CHIN3405  Chinese 5
CHIN2405  Chinese 5
CHIN1405  Chinese 5
CHIN3406  Chinese 6
CHIN2406  Chinese 6
CHIN1406  Chinese 6
CHIN3407  Chinese 7
CHIN2407  Chinese 7
CHIN3408  Chinese 8
CHIN2408  Chinese 8
CHIN3409  Chinese 9
CHIN5001  Chinese for Professionals 1
CHIN5002  Chinese for Professionals 2
CHIN2802  Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Program (Taiwan)
PTMT5708  Chronic Disease Management in Manual Therapy
ENGL4104  Cinema and Cultural Studies
ELEC4401  Circuits and Electronic Systems
ENSC3017  Circuits and Electronics
ENSC3021  Circuits and Electronics
ARCT5585  City as Site
CIVL5551  Civil Engineering Design Project 1
CIVL5552  Civil Engineering Design Project 2
CIVL4402  Civil Hydraulics
HIST2202  Civilisation and Barbarism in European Cultural History
MEMS2001  Classical Traditions and Transformations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
ANIM3306  Clean, Green and Ethical Animal Production
MKTG5578  Client Management
LAWS5521  Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
LAWS6521  Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
PLNG5511  Climate Change Policy and Planning
ECON5511  Climate, Energy and Water Economics
PAED5711  Clinical Applications of Respiratory Responses
PAED5707  Clinical Applications of Sleep Responses
PATH5121  Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5125  Clinical Biochemistry Practicum
DENT5608  Clinical Dentistry
MICR5503  Clinical Diagnostic Microbiology
PATH5526  Clinical Enzymology, Tumour Markers and Proteins
PUBH5757  Clinical Epidemiology
PATH5560  Clinical Genetics Research Project
PATH5141  Clinical Immunology
PATH5145  Clinical Immunology Practicum
PATH5550  Clinical Immunology Research Project
PSYC9907  Clinical Internship Part 1
PSYC9908  Clinical Internship Part 2
PATH5554  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Practicum
PATH5553  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Theory
PATH5511  Clinical Laboratory Skills 1
PATH5514  Clinical Laboratory Skills 2
PATH5175  Clinical Microbiology Practicum
NURS5820  Clinical Nursing Practicum
DENT5612  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Practical) I
DENT5622  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Practical) II
DENT5611  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Theory) I
DENT5621  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Theory) II
DENT8601  Clinical Oral Pathology I
DENT5615  Clinical Oral Pathology I
DENT5625  Clinical Oral Pathology II
DENT8602  Clinical Oral Pathology II
PHAR5501  Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Year 1) Part 1
PHAR5502  Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Year 1) Part 2
PSYC5533  Clinical Psychology and Health
PSYC5532  Clinical Psychology and Health 1
PSYC9919  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 1 Part 1
PSYC9909  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 1 Part 2
PSYC9922  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 2 Part 1
PSYC9910  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 2 Part 2
PSYC6601  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 1
PSYC6602  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 2
PSYC6603  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 3
PSYC6604  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 4
PSYC6605  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 5
PSYC6606  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 6
PTMT5501  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5601  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
ANHB5456  Clinical Research and Biostatistics
PHCY5605  Clinical Science for Pharmacy I
PHCY5617  Clinical Science for Pharmacy II
IMED5804  Clinical Teaching and Supervision
CITS5503  Cloud Computing
LAWS5184  Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED)
SSEH3376  Coaching Psychology
ENVT4403  Coastal and Estuarine Processes
GENG5501  Coastal and Offshore Engineering
ENVT3306  Coastal Conservation and Management
GEOG3307  Coastal Environments
PSYC3317  Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC2217  Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC3315  Cognitive Psychology
PSYC2215  Cognitive Psychology
ENVT5574  Collaborative Planning
CHPR5520  Combustion Science and Technology
LAWS5508  Commercial and Company Law
LAWS4030  Commercial Practice
LAWS5108  Commercial Practice
MGMT5639  Commercialisation Management Project
HIST5501  Communicating History
SCOM1101  Communicating Science
COMM2001  Communication and Mass Media
STAT3402  Communication and Problem Solving with Statistics
PUBH2216  Communication and Project Planning in Health
AHEA1102  Communication and Research Methods
CARS1000  Communication and Research Skills
COMM1901  Communication in Practice
MUSC1310  Communication Skills in Music
SCOM3320  Communication Strategies for Change
SCOM5303  Communication Strategies for Change
ANHB3328  Communication Systems in the Human Body
COMM5703  Communication, Innovation and Project Management
ELEC4402  Communications Systems
PHYL5612  Community and Workplace Audiology
SSEH3339  Community and Worksite Health Promotion
SVLG2001  Community Impact Studies
LAWS2301  Company Law
LAWS6167  Comparative Law
LAWS5167  Comparative Law
ANIM3320  Comparative Neurobiology
DENT5303  Complex Oral Rehabilitation 1
DENT5307  Complex Oral Rehabilitation 2
PATH5568  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Coagulation
PATH5567  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Transfusion
CITS4403  Computational Modelling
STAT4063  Computationally Intensive Methods in Statistics
CITS2401  Computer Analysis and Visualisation
CITS8201  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 1
CITS8202  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 2
CITS4001  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 1
CITS4002  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 2
CITS4402  Computer Vision
COMM4101  Concepts in Communication
PAED5712  Conducting Respiratory Studies
PAED5708  Conducting Sleep Studies
LAWS5503  Conflict of Laws
PHIL4103  Consciousness
BIOL2261  Conservation Biology
BIOL5542  Conservation Genetics
ARCT5505  Conservation in Cultural Landscapes, Historic Towns and Urban Precincts
ARCT5506  Conservation Planning in Practice
ARCT5507  Conservation Planning—Developed Research Project on Adaptive Reuse
SOCS5502  Conservation, Development and Sustainability
DENT4205  Conservative Dentistry and Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
PODI5302  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 1
PODI5306  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 2
LAWS5101  Constitutional Law
ANTH2401  Constructing Cultures Through Media
ARCT3030  Construction
MKTG2204  Consumer Behaviour
MKTG1204  Consumer Behaviour
ECON5510  Consumer Behaviour and Demand Analysis
LAWS3370  Consumer Law
LAWS5128  Consumer Law
MKTG1107  Consumers Around the World
ENVE4401  Contaminant Fate and Transport
HART2222  Contemporary Art
MUSC4101  Contemporary Debates in Music
HIST1102  Contemporary European Culture in Historical Perspective
POLS4101  Contemporary International Politics
ACCT5501  Contemporary Issues in Accounting
ECON5001  Contemporary Issues in Economic Development
FNSC5507  Contemporary Issues in Investigation Management
SCOM5302  Contemporary Issues in Science Communication
ASIA3006  Contemporary Korean Society
ACCT3203  Contemporary Managerial Accounting
MKTG3307  Contemporary Marketing Issues
NURS5838  Contemporary Nursing
POLS3327  Contemporary Political Theory
EDUC5519  Contemporary Reforms in Early Childhood Education and Care
ANTH3402  Contemporary Social Thought
URBD5805  Contemporary Urbanism (Twentieth and Twenty-first Century)
ENGL5502  Contemporary Writing
PHIL3005  Continental Philosophy
MATH4032  Continuous Geometry and Analysis
LAWS4103  Contract
GENG4402  Control Engineering
CHEM2001  Core Chemical Concepts and Techniques
ECON4002  Core Concepts in Agricultural and Applied Economics
ENVT5506  Core Principles of Ecotourism
ACCT2201  Corporate Accounting
MGMT5626  Corporate Entrepreneurship
FINA5635  Corporate Finance
LAWS5541  Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
LAWS6710  Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
FINA2222  Corporate Financial Policy
LAWS5111  Corporate Governance for Resources Companies
LAWS5104  Corporations Law
LAWS3322  Corporations Law
TRNS5003  Corpus-based Translation Studies
SWSP5633  Counselling and Ethics
LAWS3221  Creative Expression and the Law
ENGL2501  Creative Writing: Theory and Practice
HIST3007  Crime and Punishment in Britain 1600–1900
LAWS1110  Crime and Society
FNSC5506  Crime in the Digital Environment
LAWS3374  Crime, Justice and Public Policy
LAWS2223  Criminal Justice System
LAWS4102  Criminal Law
LAWS5186  Criminal Procedure: the Trial Process
HIST2003  Crises and Controversies in Australian History
EDUC5614  Critical and Creative Thinking in Mathematics
ASIA5002  Critical Cultural Engagement with Asia
ENGL5503  Critical Paradigms
POLS5672  Critical Perspectives in International Development
LACH4505  Critical Theory: 'isms and 'ologies in Landscape Architecture
BUSN0002  Critical Thinking and Reasoning
MKTG4401  Critiquing Marketing Research
SCIE3314  Crops and Cropping Systems
EDUC5507  Cultural and Historical Perspectives of the Mathematics Curriculum
ABUS2290  Cultural Foundations of Asian Business
ASIA2001  Culture, Society and the State in Asia
COMM1002  Cultures, New Media and Communications
VISA2051  Curatorial Practices
ANHB5437  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5448  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 2
DENT5614  Current Concepts in Oral Health Diseases
PHCY5609  Current Developments in Nutrition, Health and Biotechnology
EDUC5602  Current Issues in Mathematics Pedagogy
MUSC5001  Curriculum and Practice: Creativity in the Classroom
EDUC5512  Curriculum Design for Learning
EDUC5601  Curriculum Differentiation in Mathematics Classrooms
MUSC5002  Curriculum Foundations
CITS3004  Cybersecurity

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