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ARCT5516  Daguerre to Digital
SSEH7603  Data Analysis
SSEH4603  Data Analysis
MGMT5504  Data Analysis and Decision Making
ENSC3012  Data Collection and Analysis
MGMT5513  Data Driven Decision Making
SCIE4402  Data Management and Analysis in the Natural Sciences
CITS5011  Data Science Research Project Part 1
CITS5012  Data Science Research Project Part 2
CITS5013  Data Science Research Project Part 3
CITS2200  Data Structures and Algorithms
SCIE4401  Data Use in the Natural Sciences
CITS3401  Data Warehousing
CITS5504  Data Warehousing
ACCT1113  De-mystifying Accounting
HERI5101  Debates in Contemporary Heritage Studies
INMT3231  Decision Making
GENG5804  Decision Making Under Risk
ENRL5583  Decision Making Under Uncertainty [ANZSOG]
ENVT5513  Decision Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation
SCIE3367  Decision Tools for Natural Resource Management
OCEN5003  Decommissioning Offshore Infrastructure
MECH4428  Degradation of Materials
ARCT5528  Delivering Good Design
ENRL5580  Delivering Public Value [ANZSOG]
ASIA3005  Democratisation in Asia
MGMT5514  Demonstrating Social Impact
DENT8605  Dental Curriculum Development and Assessment
DENT5630  Dental Epidemiology
DENT5609  Dental Research
DENT5603  Dental Research Methodology
ANHB5534  Dental Sleep Medicine in Practice
DENT5635  Dento-Alveolar Surgery
FINA2204  Derivative Products and Markets
FINA3306  Derivative Strategies and Pricing
MECH5504  Design and Failure Analysis of Materials
IDES2001  Design Communication
LACH4424  Design Studio—Complexity
ARLA2001  Design Studio—Future Making
LACH4422  Design Studio—Making
COMM3003  Designing Play
ENRL5582  Designing Public Policies and Programs [ANZSOG]
HRMT5530  Developing a Professional HR Career
EDUC5506  Developing and Managing the Infant and Early Childhood Learning Environment
MEDC5801  Development and Communication of Research
ECON3220  Development Economics
EDUC5485  Development, Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice
APHB5501  Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
DENT5613  Diagnosis and Radiology in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery I
DENT5623  Diagnosis and Radiology in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery II
PTMT5557  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PTMT5701  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PSYC5521  Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
MICR5832  Diagnostic Medical Microbiology
PATH5561  Diagnostics Methods I—Cellular Analysis
EDUC5514  Differentiating the Curriculum
SOCS5200  Digital Advocacy
ELEC4403  Digital and Embedded Systems
MUSC3521  Digital Audio
ARCT5595  Digital Design Journal
ENSC3020  Digital Embedded Systems
MKTG5502  Digital Marketing
COMM2002  Digital Media
COMM5702  Digital Media: Theory and Practice
ELEC5503  Digital Microelectronics System Design
BLDG5200  Digital Site
EDUC5708  Digital Technologies for Learning
GEOG1104  Disasters!
ARCY1001  Discoveries in Archaeology
EART1104  Discovering Earth
CITS2211  Discrete Structures
PUBH2204  Disease Prevention and Control
PUBH5751  Disease Prevention in Population Health
LAWS5109  Dispute Resolution
SWSP4536  Dissertation
ACCT4486  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 1
ACCT4487  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 2
ACCT4488  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 3
ACCT4489  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 4
ANTH4140  Dissertation (Anthropology and Sociology) 1
ANTH4141  Dissertation (Anthropology and Sociology) 2
ARCY4140  Dissertation (Archaeology) 1
ARCY4141  Dissertation (Archaeology) 2
ASIA4140  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 1
ASIA4141  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 2
LAWS4203  Dissertation (Business Law) Part 1
LAWS4204  Dissertation (Business Law) Part 2
CLAN4140  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 1
CLAN4141  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 2
COMM4140  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 1
COMM4141  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 2
ECON4486  Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON4487  Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON4488  Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON4489  Dissertation (Economics) Part 4
EMPL4481  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 1
EMPL4482  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 2
EMPL4483  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 3
EMPL4484  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 4
ENGL4140  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 1
ENGL4141  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 2
EURO4140  Dissertation (European Studies) 1
EURO4141  Dissertation (European Studies) 2
FINA4486  Dissertation (Finance) Part 1
FINA4487  Dissertation (Finance) Part 2
FINA4488  Dissertation (Finance) Part 3
FINA4489  Dissertation (Finance) Part 4
FREN4140  Dissertation (French Studies) 1
FREN4141  Dissertation (French Studies) 2
PUBH5712  Dissertation (full-time)
COMM5620  Dissertation (full-time)
DENT5639  Dissertation (full-time)
IMED5812  Dissertation (full-time)
NURS8801  Dissertation (full-time)
GRMN4140  Dissertation (German Studies) 1
GRMN4141  Dissertation (German Studies) 2
HIST4140  Dissertation (History) 1
HIST4141  Dissertation (History) 2
MATH7215  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7225  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 2
STAT7515  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 1
STAT7525  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 2
MATH7115  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 1
MATH7125  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 2
STAT7415  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 1
STAT7425  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 2
MATH7315  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7325  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 2
HRMT4485  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 1
HRMT4486  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 2
HRMT4487  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 3
HRMT4488  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 4
ITAL4140  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 1
ITAL4141  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 2
LAWS4201  Dissertation (Law and Society) Part 1
LAWS4202  Dissertation (Law and Society) Part 2
LING4140  Dissertation (Linguistics) 1
LING4141  Dissertation (Linguistics) 2
MGMT4485  Dissertation (Management) Part 1
MGMT4486  Dissertation (Management) Part 2
MGMT4487  Dissertation (Management) Part 3
MGMT4488  Dissertation (Management) Part 4
MKTG4486  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 1
MKTG4487  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 2
MKTG4488  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 3
MKTG4489  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 4
MEMS4140  Dissertation (MEMS) 1
MEMS4141  Dissertation (MEMS) 2
COMM5621  Dissertation (part-time)
PUBH5714  Dissertation (part-time)
DENT5641  Dissertation (part-time)
NURS8802  Dissertation (part-time)
IMED5814  Dissertation (part-time)
PHYS7400  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 1
PHYS7401  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 2
POLS4140  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 1
POLS4141  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 2
COMM4142  Dissertation 1
COMM4143  Dissertation 2
PHYS4001  Dissertation in Physics Part 1
PHYS4002  Dissertation in Physics Part 2
PHYS4003  Dissertation in Physics Part 3
PHYS4004  Dissertation in Physics Part 4
ASST8730  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 1
ASST8731  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 2
ASST8732  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 3
ELEC8370  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 1
ELEC8371  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 2
ELEC8372  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 3
ELEC8347  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 1
ELEC8348  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 2
ELEC8349  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 3
HART4404  Dissertation Part 1
HART4405  Dissertation Part 2
MEMS5409  Dissertation Part 2
MEMS5410  Dissertation Part 3
MEMS5411  Dissertation Part 4
HRMT5501  Diversity and Inclusion
SWSP9905  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (full-time)
SWSP9906  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (part-time)
EDUC9972  Doctoral Research Project Design
EDUC9970  Doctoral Research Project Plan
EDUC9971  Doctoral Research Scoping Project
LAWS6980  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
PHCY9901  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
EDUC9985  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
MGMT6800  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
LAWS6981  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)
PHCY9902  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)
MGMT6801  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)
EDUC9986  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)
SOCS5004  Doing Gendered Research
LAWS5232  Double Tax Agreements and International Tax Law
MUSC3332  Drama through Music: Studies in Opera
ARCT1010  Drawing History
ARCT5594  Drawing Out, Drawing In
ARCT5520  Drawing Resilience
OGEG5805  Drilling Engineering
PHAR3303  Drugs and Disease A
PATH3304  Drugs and Disease B
PHAR1101  Drugs that Changed the World
MATH4021  Dynamical Systems
MATH3021  Dynamics and Control
MECH4426  Dynamics, Vibration and Sound

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