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HIST3012  Early Modern France 1500–1789
PAED3301  Early Origins of Health and Disease
EART2231  Earth Materials
EART2234  Earth Processes
ENVE4405  Ecological Engineering
BIOL4409  Ecological Field Methods
ENVT3363  Ecological Processes
LACH4423  Ecological Systems
ENVT2250  Ecology
ECON3371  Econometrics
ECON5540  Economic Analysis and Policy
STAT1520  Economic and Business Statistics
PUBH5801  Economic Evaluation of Health Care
ECON5515  Economic Growth and Institutions
ECON5503  Economic Management and Strategy
ECON3395  Economic Policy
ECON5514  Economic Research and Evaluation Methods
ENRL8567  Economics (Public Finance) 568 [10978 Curtin]
ECON5541  Economics for Business: Applications and Policy
ECON5518  Economics of Global Health and Policy
ENVT5512  Ecosystem Biogeochemistry
ENVT3360  Ecosystem Restoration
ENVT5507  Ecotourism in Practice
ENVT5580  Ecotourism Research Project Part 1
ENVT5581  Ecotourism Research Project Part 2
ENVT5582  Ecotourism Research Project Part 3
ENVT5583  Ecotourism Research Project Part 4
EDUC1103  Education for a Global Knowledge Society
EDUC5416  Education in Rural Australia
EDUC5523  Education Law
EDUC5658  Education Policy Trends: Global to Local
EDUC5661  Education Studies
EDUC5761  Education Studies
EDUC5760  Education Studies
EDUC5660  Education Studies
EDUC5415  Educational Leadership and Management
EDUC5404  Educational Linguistics
DENT8604  Effective Dental Teaching and Learning
POLS3323  Elections, Mass Media and Politics
IMED6603  Elective Placement (International)
IMED6605  Elective Placement (Rural)
IMED6604  Elective Placement (Urban)
IMED5417  Elective Remediation Unit
ELEC5551  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 1
ELEC5552  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 2
PHYS3002  Electrodynamics and Relativity
PATH5525  Electrolytes , Renal Function and Calculi
EBUS5504  Electronic Business
ENSC3014  Electronic Materials and Devices
MUSC2274  Electronic Music: Experimental Investigations
MUSC2275  Electronic Music: Interactive Systems
MUSC1055  Electronic Music: Methods and Means
IMED6651  Emergency Medicine Part 1
IMED6652  Emergency Medicine Part 2
ENGL4106  Emotions in the Theatre
LAWS5555  Employee Relations Law
LAWS8755  Employee Relations Law
LAWS3360  Employment Law
LAWS6360  Employment Law
LAWS5360  Employment Law
EMPL5412  Employment Relations
PATH5527  Endocrine System 1
PATH5528  Endocrine System 2
DENT5632  Endodontics
DENT4201  Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics
DENT6807  Endodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6808  Endodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6809  Endodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6810  Endodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6811  Endodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6812  Endodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6851  Endodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6801  Endodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6802  Endodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6803  Endodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6804  Endodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6805  Endodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6806  Endodontics Theory III Part 2
ENSC2002  Energy
ANTH3401  Engaged Anthropology
LAWS5228  Engagement Tour of China
SOCS5001  Engaging Cultural Difference
GENG5801  Engineering Asset Management
GENG5011  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 1
GENG5012  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 2
MECH3402  Engineering Project 1
MECH3406  Engineering Project 2
GENG5511  Engineering Research Project Part 1
GENG5512  Engineering Research Project Part 2
ENSC4011  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 1
ENSC4012  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 2
EDUC5460  English Curriculum I
EDUC5470  English Curriculum II
HUMA1901  English Language and Academic Communication I
HUMA1902  English Language and Academic Communication II
EDUC5411  Enhancing Teaching through Understanding Contemporary Education
INMT5501  Enterprise Information Systems
MGMT3335  Enterprise Systems
MGMT3342  Entrepreneurship
MGMT5608  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ANTH3701  Environment, Landscape and Place
ANTH2702  Environment, Power and Disasters in Asia
PUBH5743  Environmental and Occupational Health
ECON4410  Environmental and Resource Economics
ENVT3361  Environmental Assessment
GEOG3304  Environmental Change
ARCT2050  Environmental Design
ENVT3362  Environmental Dynamics
ECON1120  Environmental Economics 1
ECON2224  Environmental Economics 2
ENVE5551  Environmental Engineering Design Project 1
ENVE5552  Environmental Engineering Design Project 2
GEOS4413  Environmental Geoscience
GENG5502  Environmental Geotechnics
HIST1901  Environmental History
LAWS3302  Environmental Law
LAWS5183  Environmental Law
ENVT5521  Environmental Management Project Part 1
ENVT5522  Environmental Management Project Part 2
ANIM3363  Environmental Physiology
ENVT4404  Environmental Planning and Management
GEOG3303  Environmental Policy and Planning
LAWS6713  Environmental Protection Law
LAWS5540  Environmental Protection Law
ENVT1104  Environmental Science and Technology
ENSC3013  Environmental Systems
PUBH5761  Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases
MICR5814  Epidemiology and Infection
PUBH4403  Epidemiology I
PUBH5759  Epidemiology II
LAWS5103  Equity and Trusts
CHEM3001  Essential Chemical Skills
DENT5643  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 1
DENT5644  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 2
DENT5645  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 3
DENT5646  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 4
IMED2003  Essentials of Research in the Health and Medical Sciences
FNSC5611  Ethics and Research Methods in Forensic Science
MGMT5506  Ethics and Sustainability Management
ENRL8556  Ethics, Public Values and Policy 500 [308349 Curtin]
ANTH3001  Ethnography: Methodological Perspectives
HIST2004  Europe: Crusades to Black Death
SCOM5307  Evaluating Science Engagement
SOCS5501  Evaluation
LAWS3310  Evidence
LAWS5107  Evidence
FNSC5501  Evidence in Investigations 1
FNSC5502  Evidence in Investigations 2
EMED5502  Evidence-based Emergency Medicine
PAED4409  Evidence-based Medicine
NURS5813  Evidence-based Nursing Practice
PHYL5514  Evoked Responses in Clinical Diagnosis
GENE3350  Evolution and Development
ANIM5501  Evolution and Development
ASIA4101  Evolution of Asian Studies
ASIA4105  Evolution of Asian Studies A
LAWS2224  Evolution of Human Rights
ANIM5502  Evolutionary Biology
ANIM3362  Evolutionary Processes
EXCH0913  Exchange Special Unit (Foreign Languages)
SSEH4664  Exercise and Health Psychology
SSEH2260  Exercise Physiology
SSEH3301  Exercise Prescription and Nutrition for Health and Fitness
SSEH4401  Exercise Prescription for Healthy Populations
SSEH3389  Exercise Rehabilitation
SSEH5646  Exercise Rehabilitation for Chronic and Complex Conditions
SCOM3319  Exhibitions and Interpretation
SCOM5702  Exhibitions and Interpretation
DENT4208  Exodontics and General Medicine
BIOL4404  Experimental Zoology
FNSC5621  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5631  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
ENRL8535  Exploration in Brownfield Terrains [KEA710 UTAS]
GEOP4001  Exploration Seismology
MING5502  Exploration Targeting
PHIL2005  Exploring the Nature of Science
PODI6541  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6542  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PSYC5664  External Practicum
PSYC5540  External Practicum
PSYC5565  External Practicum
PSYC5663  External Practicum
GENG4403  Extractive Metallurgy
HIST3016  Eyewitness to the Past: Photography and History

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