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ECON3301  Game Theory and Strategic Thinking
CHPR5521  Gas Processing 1—Flow Assurance and Gathering
CHPR5522  Gas Processing 2—Treating and LNG Production
ASIA3004  Gender and Power in Asia
LAWS3330  Gender and the Law
GEND1901  Gender in Australia
SOCS5013  Gender in Development: Approaches and Issues
TRNS5006  General Interpreting
PODI4203  General Medicine and Pathology
DENT4204  General Medicine and Surgery, Pain Control and Exodontics
TRNS5109  General Translation
ARCT5535  Generative Fabrication
GENE3380  Genetic Origins of Health and Disease
AGRI5519  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5537  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5538  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5520  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5539  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 3
AGRI5540  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 4
GENE7401  Genetics Honours Major Research Project Part 1
GENE7402  Genetics Honours Major Research Project Part 2
GENE7400  Genetics Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
GENE7403  Genetics Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
GENE3370  Genomics
EART3342  Geochemistry and Petrology
GEOG2201  Geographic Information Systems
ENVT4411  Geographic Information Systems Applications
GEOG3302  Geographic, Environment and Planning Fieldwork
GEOG1103  Geographies of a Global City
GEOG2205  Geographies of Economic Development
PLNG5410  Geography and Planning Practicum
PLNG4410  Geography and Planning Practicum
EART3353  Geological Mapping
ENSC3009  Geomechanics
ENRL8529  Geometallurgy [KEA711 UTAS]
GEOP4002  Geophysical Data Acquisition and Analysis
POLS5613  Geopolitics in the Indian Ocean Region
GEOS5596  Geoscience Internship
GEOS5521  Geoscience Project Part 1
GEOS5522  Geoscience Project Part 2
MINE4406  Geotechnology of Mine Waste
GRMN1401  German Studies 1
GRMN2410  German Studies 10
GRMN3410  German Studies 10
GRMN2812  German Studies 12
GRMN3813  German Studies 13
GRMN1402  German Studies 2
GRMN2403  German Studies 3
GRMN1403  German Studies 3
GRMN1002  German Studies 3B
GRMN2002  German Studies 3B
GRMN1404  German Studies 4
GRMN2404  German Studies 4
GRMN2405  German Studies 5
GRMN1405  German Studies 5
GRMN3405  German Studies 5
GRMN3406  German Studies 6
GRMN2406  German Studies 6
GRMN1406  German Studies 6
GRMN2407  German Studies 7
GRMN3407  German Studies 7
GRMN3408  German Studies 8
GRMN2408  German Studies 8
GRMN2409  German Studies 9
GRMN3409  German Studies 9
ENVT5504  GIS and the Built Environment
ENVT4408  GIS Programming
SCIE5515  Global Challenges in Biomedical Science
ENSC2011  Global Challenges in Engineering
ENSC1001  Global Challenges in Engineering
GCRL1000  Global Challenges, Research and Leadership
SCIE5505  Global Change and the Marine Environment
ANTH1002  Global Change, Local Responses
ENVT2221  Global Climate Change and Biodiversity
ENVT5509  Global Ecological Challenges
ECON5504  Global Energy and Mineral Markets
ENSC3022  Global Energy Production: Challenges and Opportunities
POLS2232  Global Governance
ENGL1000  Global Literatures
MKTG5462  Global Marketing Strategy
COMM4704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
COMM5704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
POLS5651  Global Political Economy
POLS5687  Global Social Movements
EMPL5415  Globalisation and Organisational Change
EMPL3301  Globalisation and Work
CLAN1002  Glory and Grandeur
PHIL1003  God, Mind and Knowledge
MUSC3351  Gongs, Punks and Shadow Plays
SCIE4481  Good, Bogus and Corrupted Science
LAWS5238  Goods and Services Taxation
POLS5681  Governance in the International System
ENRL5584  Governing by the Rules [ANZSOG]
LAWS5378  Government Accountability—Law and Practice
ENRL5581  Government in a Market Economy [ANZSOG]
EDUC5400  GradDipEdSt Major Paper (full-time)
EDUC5401  GradDipEdSt Major Paper (part-time)
SVLG5007  Graduate Student Leader Internship
ARCT5555  Graduating Portfolio
LING2001  Grammatical Theory: the Structure of Sentences
CITS3003  Graphics and Animation
HART1000  Great Moments in Art
CLAN2201  Greek 1
CLAN2202  Greek 2
CLAN3203  Greek 3
CLAN3204  Greek 4
CLAN3003  Greek Theatre
SWSP5608  Group Work

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