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ELEC9310  ICT Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
ELEC9311  ICT Doctoral Thesis (part-time)
COMM4103  iGeneration
HIST3302  Imagining the Nation in European Cultural History
HART2243  Imagist Avant-Garde Film
MICR3340  Immunity and Infection
MICR3305  Immunobiology and Immune Diseases
PATH5544  Immunodeficiency
PATH5559  Immunogenetics
PATH5548  Immunogenetics
DENT4202  Immunology, Pathology and Periodontics
HIST2006  Imperial America—1845 to Present
EDUC5678  Improving Learning and Teaching in the Curriculum
PATH5522  Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Newborn Screening and Paediatric Biochemistry
LAWS3362  Income Taxation Law
LAWS5132  Income Taxation Law
ARCT5519  Independent Design Development
ARCT5502  Independent Design Research
ARCT5012  Independent Research by Dissertation
ARCT5010  Independent Research Part 1
ARCT5011  Independent Research Part 2
LACH5510  Independent Thesis by Design Part 1
LACH5511  Independent Thesis by Design Part 2
LACH5503  Independent Thesis by Dissertation Part 1
LACH5504  Independent Thesis by Dissertation Part 2
ANTH3601  Indigenous Australia
INDG3600  Indigenous Design Studio
INDG5110  Indigenous Heritage Dissertation (or Approved Equivalent) Part 1
INDG5111  Indigenous Heritage Dissertation (or Approved Equivalent) Part 2
INDG5101  Indigenous Heritage Professional Placement
INDG5108  Indigenous Heritage Special Topic
INDG5109  Indigenous Heritage Study Tour
INDG2300  Indigenous Knowledge: Mind, Body and Spirit
INDG3400  Indigenous People and Global Issues
SWSP5306  Indigenous People and Social Work
LAWS2225  Indigenous Peoples and the Law
LAWS5182  Indigenous Peoples in International and Comparative Law
SWSP5611  Indigenous Policy and Practice
INDG2600  Indigenous Representation
INDG3300  Indigenous Research
INDG1000  Indigenous Studies Essentials
INDG1800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 1 (Introductory)
INDG2800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 2 (Intermediate)
INDG3800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 3 (Advanced)
MEMS5404  Individual Reading Contract
INDO1401  Indonesian 1
INDO1402  Indonesian 2
INDO2403  Indonesian 3
INDO1403  Indonesian 3
INDO2001  Indonesian 3A
INDO1001  Indonesian 3A
INDO2404  Indonesian 4
INDO1404  Indonesian 4
INDO3405  Indonesian 5
INDO1405  Indonesian 5
INDO2405  Indonesian 5
INDO3406  Indonesian 6
INDO2406  Indonesian 6
INDO1406  Indonesian 6
INDO3407  Indonesian 7
INDO2407  Indonesian 7
INDO2408  Indonesian 8
INDO3408  Indonesian 8
INDO2802  Indonesian Field Study
INDO5001  Indonesian for Professionals 1
INDO5002  Indonesian for Professionals 2
INDO2801  Indonesian In-country 5
INDO3802  Indonesian In-country 6
ASIA3001  Indonesian Politics and Culture
PSYC3309  Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSYC2209  Industrial and Organisational Psychology
LAWS8577  Industrial Relations Law
SSEH5691  Industry Practicum I
SSEH5692  Industry Practicum II
MICR3308  Infection and Immunity Part 1
MICR3309  Infection and Immunity Part 2
PATH5545  Infectious Disease and Tumour Immunology
SCOM5306  Informal Science Education Practicum
EDUC5464  Information and Communication Technology Curriculum I
EDUC5474  Information and Communication Technology Curriculum II
INMT5507  Information Management and Logistics Careers
INMT5506  Information Management Research
INMT3234  Information Systems Management
IMED5805  Innovation and Contemporary Issues in Health Professions Education
MKTG5503  Innovation and Enterprise
BUSN3020  Innovation and Startup Practice
ARCT5534  Innovations in Thermal Performance and Natural Ventilation Systems in Complex Buildings
SOCS5009  Innovative Social Research Methods
LAWS5177  Insolvency Law
MUSC5004  Instructional Design
LAWS5135  Insurance Law
LAWS3383  Insurance Law
LAWS6504  Insurance Law
HERI5104  Intangible Heritage
DENT5402  Integrated Dental Practice 1
DENT5403  Integrated Dental Practice 2
DENT5406  Integrated Dental Practice 3
DENT5407  Integrated Dental Practice 4
IDES2000  Integrated Design Studio 2—Making
IDES3000  Integrated Design Studio 3—Complex
MKTG5501  Integrated Marketing Communications
IMED4221  Integrated Medical Practice 1
IMED5311  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 1
IMED5312  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 2
IMED5411  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 1
IMED5412  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 2
AGRI4406  Integrated Pest Management
AGRI5506  Integrated Pest Management
RMED5311  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1
RMED5312  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1 - Notre Dame
RMED5321  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2
RMED5322  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2 - Notre Dame
EDUC5508  Integrated Studies: Science
EDUC5501  Integrated Studies: The Humanities and Social Sciences
GENE4002  Integrated Topics in Genetics I
GENE4003  Integrated Topics in Genetics II
ENVT5585  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 1
ENVT5586  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 2
ENVT5587  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 3
ENVT5588  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 4
EDUC5608  Integrating Pedagogy and Technology
LAWS5211  Intellectual Property and China's Innovation-based Economy
LAWS5150  Intellectual Property Law
MGMT5606  Intercultural Professional Business Communications
MEMS5401  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1
MEMS4101  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1: Reading the Pre-modern World
MEMS5402  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2
MEMS4102  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2: Interpreting the Pre-modern World
GENG5515  Interdisciplinary Design Project
SSEH7701  Interdisciplinary Studies
TRNS5002  Interdisciplinary Translation Studies
ACCT5511  Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting
ECON3272  Intermediate Mathematics for Economists
PODI6531  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6532  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PODI6533  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum III
PODI6534  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum IV
PSYC5662  Internal Practicum Part 2
AGRI5545  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Agricultural Economics)
AGRI5546  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Crop and Livestock Farming Systems)
AGRI5547  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Genetics and Breeding)
AGRI5548  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Soil Science and Plant Nutrition)
EDUC5616  International and Comparative Education
SOCS5105  International Collaborative Study Experience
LAWS3307  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS5576  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS6576  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS5178  International Commercial Law
LAWS3328  International Commercial Law
LAWS5113  International Commercial Mediation- Law and Practice
LAWS5219  International Criminal Law
IMED5415  International Elective Placement
EMPL3241  International Employment Relations
EMPL5511  International Employment Relations
LAWS5114  International Environmental Law
GEOG2204  International Field Work in Geography
ECON3236  International Finance
ECON5502  International Finance and Markets
ECON4415  International Finance and Markets
FINA5631  International Financial Analysis
ENRL8566  International Health and Primary Health Care 600 [301948 Curtin]
LAWS5226  International Human Rights Law
LAWS5220  International Humanitarian Law
LAWS2226  International Legal Institutions
MGMT5505  International Management
MGMT2341  International Management
MKTG3310  International Marketing
MUSC5005  International Music Methodologies
LAWS5110  International Negotiation Practice and Skills
POLS5686  International Norms, Ethics and Human Rights
LAWS5507  International Oil and Gas Law
MUSC5011  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 1
MUSC5012  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 2
POLS2233  International Relations in East Asia
POLS5631  International Relations of the Asia–Pacific
LAWS6251  International Sales Law
LAWS5251  International Sales Law
POLS5641  International Security
LAWS5253  International Shipping Law
LAWS6253  International Shipping Law
VISA2270  International Studio for Arts and Culture
MGMT5618  International Study Program
ECON3235  International Trade
LAWS6252  International Trade Financing
LAWS5252  International Trade Financing
ENGL3801  Interpretations: Literary Theory
TRNS5501  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 1
TRNS5502  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 2
TRNS5503  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 3
IMED5832  Interprofessional Education
EDUC5509  Interventions for Learning
EDUC5515  Interventions for Learning in Years 7-12
HIST3014  Intimate Strangers: Journeys in Australian History
HIST3010  Introduction to African History
MATH2021  Introduction to Applied Mathematics
ARCT5583  Introduction to Architectural Conservation
PSYC5520  Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
STAT3405  Introduction to Bayesian Computing and Statistics
GENG4408  Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
DENT4105  Introduction to Cariology
EDUC5517  Introduction to Catholic Education in Western Australia
EDUC5638  Introduction to Classical and Rasch Measurement Theories
DENT4103  Introduction to Clinical Dentistry
PODI4102  Introduction to Clinical Practice 1
PODI4106  Introduction to Clinical Practice 2
PHIL1002  Introduction to Critical Thinking
CITS4009  Introduction to Data Science
DENT5306  Introduction to Dental Practice, Maxillofacial Infections and Trauma
CIVL5505  Introduction to Design of Offshore Systems
EMPL1101  Introduction to Employment Relations
FINA1221  Introduction to Finance
FINA2221  Introduction to Finance
FINA5432  Introduction to Finance
MICR5847  Introduction to Food Microbiology
SCIE5850  Introduction to Food Safety
FNSC5613  Introduction to Forensic Chemistry
FNSC5508  Introduction to Forensic Science
MGMT5511  Introduction to Global Business
AHEA1103  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA1104  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences II
PATH2220  Introduction to Human Disease
HRMT5504  Introduction to Human Resource Management
MICR2209  Introduction to Infectious Diseases and Immunology
LAWS3338  Introduction to Intellectual Property
LAWS1104  Introduction to Law
HART2274  Introduction to Museum and Curatorial Studies
MUSC4103  Introduction to Music Research
OGEG5802  Introduction to Offshore Engineering
OGEG5801  Introduction to Oil and Gas Engineering
DENT4106  Introduction to Operative Dentistry
DENT4107  Introduction to Pain Control
PHCY5601  Introduction to Pharmacy Practice
SWSP5630  Introduction to Psychosocial Theory
MATH2031  Introduction to Pure Mathematics
DENT4108  Introduction to Removable Prosthodontics
DENT4104  Introduction to Research and Preventive Dentistry
IMED5803  Introduction to Research in Health Professions Education
DENT5647  Introduction to Rural and Remote Dentistry and Research
SWSP5631  Introduction to Social Work Methods
PSYC5512  Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling
TRNS5001  Introduction to Translation Studies
PAED4411  Introduction to Transport Medicine
URBD1000  Introduction to Urban Design
SSEH5688  Introduction to Work Health and Safety
PUBH5785  Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data
CHEM1003  Introductory Chemistry
ACCT5432  Introductory Financial Accounting
MICR2203  Introductory Immunology
BUSN0004  Introductory Mathematics
MICR2204  Introductory Microbiology
MICR2208  Introductory Microbiology
BIOL4405  Invertebrate Zoology
LAWS3341  Investigating Law and Society
FINA3324  Investment Analysis
GENG5803  Investment Management for Field Development
FINA5632  Investments
POLS3324  Islam and World Politics
GEOS5508  Isotope Geochemistry
COMM5605  Issues in Contemporary Global Journalism
ASIA3002  Issues in Japanese Society and Culture
ASIA4102  Issues in Researching Asia
ASIA4106  Issues in Researching Asia A
IMED1108  Issues in Women's Health Across the Lifespan
IMED2208  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Major Diseases and Health Problems
IMED3301  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Research and Evidence-based Practice
ITAL3813  Italian and Migration
ITAL2811  Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento
HART2275  Italian Renaissance Art Now
ITAL1401  Italian Studies 1
ITAL3410  Italian Studies 10
ITAL1402  Italian Studies 2
ITAL2403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL1403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL2404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL1404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL2405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL1405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL3405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL1406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL3406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL3407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL2407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL3408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL2408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL3409  Italian Studies 9

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