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ECON4418  Macroeconomic Theory
ECON1102  Macroeconomics: Money and Finance
ECON2234  Macroeconomics: Policy and Applications
POLS5632  Major Issues and Regional Organisations in the Asia–Pacific
ANHB8540  Major Project and Dissertation Part 1
ANHB8541  Major Project and Dissertation Part 2
ANHB8542  Major Project and Dissertation Part 3
ANHB8543  Major Project and Dissertation Part 4
ENGL1002  Making Form/Breaking Form: Literature Production and Genre
HIST3001  Making History
ENGL3502  Making Theatre and Performance
ACCT1112  Management Accounting
ACCT2112  Management Accounting
ACCT4440  Management Accounting: Issues and Perspectives
COMM5610  Management and Editorial
DENT5628  Management and Financing of Oral Health Services
MGMT2236  Management and Organisations
MGMT1136  Management and Organisations
MGMT5507  Management and Organisations
MGMT5782  Management Case Study
SSEH3377  Management in Sport, Health and Recreation
INMT5620  Management of Information Systems
MKTG5603  Management of Technology and Innovation
FINA5530  Managerial Finance
ENRL8558  Managerial Leadership 561 [5248 Curtin]
EMPL3208  Managing Diversity
ENRL8553  Managing in the Public Sector 500 [308353 Curtin]
HRMT3345  Managing Jobs, Performance and Wellbeing
MGMT3346  Managing Organisational Change
MGMT5515  Managing Organisational Knowledge and Innovation
MGMT5627  Managing Strategic Networks
HRMT5501  Managing Workplace Diversity
FINA1109  Managing Your Personal Finance
PTMT5402  Manual Therapy for the Lower Quarter
PTMT5403  Manual Therapy for the Spine and Pelvis
PTMT5401  Manual Therapy for the Upper Quarter
PTMT5558  Manual Therapy Practice
PTMT5702  Manual Therapy Practice
ENVT5525  Marine and Coastal Management Project
ENVT5538  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 1
ENVT5539  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 2
ENVT5540  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 3
ENVT5541  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 4
ENVT5502  Marine and Coastal Planning and Management
BIOL5515  Marine Biology Project
BIOL5528  Marine Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5529  Marine Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5530  Marine Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5531  Marine Biology Project Part 4
BIOL4407  Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management
BIOL4408  Marine Ecology
BIOL5505  Marine Neuroecology and Behaviour
SCIE2204  Marine Systems
MKTG5408  Marketing Analysis and Planning
MKTG5505  Marketing and Society
MKTG3301  Marketing Applications
MKTG1203  Marketing Management
MKTG2203  Marketing Management
MKTG5561  Marketing Management
MKTG5463  Marketing of Services
MKTG5550  Marketing Principles
MKTG2305  Marketing Research
LAWS3308  Marketing, Management and the Law
ENRL8552  Markets and Government 500 [308352 Curtin]
ENSC3005  Mass and Energy Balances
SCIE5721  Master of Science Thesis (full-time)
SCIE5722  Master of Science Thesis (part-time)
SOCS5006  Master of Social Science Research Methods Dissertation
MUSC5952  Master's Dissertation
EDUC5620  Master's Dissertation
ECON5881  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON5882  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON5883  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON5884  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 4
POLS5700  Master's Dissertation (full-time)
POLS5701  Master's Dissertation (part-time) Part 1
POLS5702  Master's Dissertation (part-time) Part 2
PHYS5558  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 1
PHYS5559  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 2
PHYS5560  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 3
PHYS5561  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 4
PHYS5562  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 5
PHYS5563  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 6
PHYS5564  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 7
PHYS5565  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 8
PHYS5031  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 1
PHYS5032  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 2
PHYS5033  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 3
PHYS5034  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 4
PHYS5035  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 5
PHYS5036  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 6
PHYS5037  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 7
PHYS5038  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 8
PHYS5021  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 1
PHYS5022  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 2
PHYS5023  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 3
PHYS5024  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 4
PHYS5025  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 5
PHYS5026  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 6
PHYS5027  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 7
PHYS5028  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 8
PHYS5431  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 1
PHYS5432  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 2
PHYS5433  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 3
PHYS5434  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 4
PHYS5435  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 5
PHYS5436  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 6
PHYS5437  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 7
PHYS5438  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 8
PHYS5550  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 1
PHYS5551  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 2
PHYS5552  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 3
PHYS5553  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 4
PHYS5554  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 5
PHYS5555  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 6
PHYS5556  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 7
PHYS5557  Master's Dissertation—Physics Part 8
PHYS5011  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 1
PHYS5012  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 2
PHYS5014  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 4
PHYS5015  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 5
PHYS5016  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 6
PHYS5017  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 7
PHYS5018  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 8
EDUC5720  Master's Thesis (full-time)
EDUC5721  Master's Thesis (part-time)
URBD9901  Master's Thesis in Urban Design A (full-time)
URBD9902  Master's Thesis in Urban Design A (part-time)
URBD9903  Master's Thesis in Urban Design B (full-time)
URBD9904  Master's Thesis in Urban Design B (part-time)
ENSC1002  Material Behaviour from Atoms to Bridges
CLAN4106  Material Culture
VISA3340  Materialist Avant-Garde Film
ENSC3002  Materials and Manufacturing
ARCT2030  Materials and Small Constructions
MATE4411  Materials Engineering Project Part 1
MATE4412  Materials Engineering Project Part 2
PUBH8767  Maternal and Child Health
NURS5817  Maternal and Child Health Nursing
MATH1001  Mathematical Methods 1
MATH1002  Mathematical Methods 2
MATH2501  Mathematical Methods 3
MATH4023  Mathematical Optimisation
PHYS3011  Mathematical Physics
MATH4001  Mathematics and Statistics Research Project Part 1
MATH4002  Mathematics and Statistics Research Project Part 2
EDUC5462  Mathematics Curriculum I
EDUC5472  Mathematics Curriculum II
MATH1721  Mathematics Foundations: Methods
MATH1722  Mathematics Foundations: Specialist
MATH1720  Mathematics Fundamentals
MATH1601  Mathematics, Culture and Everyday Life
PATH5565  Mature Plasma Cell Neoplasms
PAED5901  MChHRes Thesis Research (full-time)
PAED5902  MChHRes Thesis Research (part-time)
ENGL1401  Meaning and Medium
ENGL2401  Meaning and the Moving Image
PHIL3004  Meaning, Truth and Language
EDUC5637  Measurement and Evaluation
MECH4424  Measurement and Noise
MECH3403  Mechanical Design
MECH5551  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1
MECH5552  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 2
MECH4401  Mechanical Engineering Project Part 1
MECH4402  Mechanical Engineering Project Part 2
ENSC3001  Mechanisms and Machines
MCTX3420  Mechatronics Design
MCTX4421  Mechatronics Engineering Project Part 1
MCTX4422  Mechatronics Engineering Project Part 2
EDUC9823  MEd Thesis (full-time)
EDUC9827  MEd Thesis (part-time)
SSEH9601  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 1
SSEH9600  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 2
COMM2207  Media and Culture Industries in Hong Kong
COMM5604  Media Law and Ethics
PATH3305  Medical Genetics
PHYS5401  Medical Imaging Physics
PHYS5411  Medical Physics Thesis Part 1
PHYS5412  Medical Physics Thesis Part 2
PHYS5413  Medical Physics Thesis Part 3
PHYS5414  Medical Physics Thesis Part 4
IMED4405  Medical Research Communication
PHAR4407  Medical Research Design, Protocols and Analysis
PHAR4408  Medical Research Ethics and Clinical Rationale
IMED4409  Medical Research Literature Review
IMED4406  Medical Research Project Part 1
IMED4416  Medical Research Project Part 2
IMED4426  Medical Research Project Part 3
IMED4436  Medical Research Project Part 4
PHCY5619  Medicinal Chemistry for Pharmacy
PHCY5611  Medicinal Product Formulation
LAWS3324  Medicine and the Law
LAWS5324  Medicine and the Law
LAWS6324  Medicine and the Law
IMED6661  Medicine Part 1
IMED5561  Medicine Part 1
IMED4461  Medicine Part 1
IMED5562  Medicine Part 2
IMED6662  Medicine Part 2
IMED4462  Medicine Part 2
IMED4491  Medicine Specialties Part 1
IMED4492  Medicine Specialties Part 2
HIST2013  Medieval and Early Modern Women
GEND2902  Men and Masculinities in History
NURS5818  Mental Health Nursing
SWSP5616  Mental Health Policy and Practice
IMED2200  Mental Wellbeing for Today's World
FINA5603  Mergers and Acquisitions
PHIL4101  Metaethics
CHEM3307  Metals in Biological Chemistry
PHIL3001  Metaphysics: a User's Guide to Time Travel
ENGL4102  Methodologies
PAED5710  Methods in Respiratory Measurement
PAED5706  Methods in Sleep Measurement
LING4103  Methods in Sociolinguistic Research
MICR5850  Microbiological Food Hazards
MICR5810  Microbiology Part 1
MICR5811  Microbiology Part 2
PATH5573  Microbiology Research Project
DENT5301  Microbiology, Oral Pathology and Temporomandibular Disorders
ECON4402  Microeconomic Theory
ECON2233  Microeconomics: Policy and Applications
ECON1101  Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
FINA4401  Microstructure of Financial Markets
MINE4161  Mine Design
MING5505  Mineral Exploration Data Analysis
ENRL8549  Mineral Finance and Project Evaluation 601 [312811 Curtin]
MINE4405  Mineral Resources
GEOS4411  Mineralising Systems
MING5521  Minerals Geoscience Project Part 1
MING5522  Minerals Geoscience Project Part 2
MING5523  Minerals Geoscience Project Part 3
MING5524  Minerals Geoscience Project Part 4
LAWS5144  Mining and Energy Law
LAWS3371  Mining and Energy Law
GEOG5003  Mining and Regional Development
MINE5551  Mining Engineering Design Project 1
MINE5552  Mining Engineering Design Project 2
MINE4111  Mining Engineering Project Part 1
MINE4112  Mining Engineering Project Part 2
GEOS5504  Mining Hydrogeology
LAWS6726  Mining Law
LAWS5517  Mining Law
MINE5501  Mining Management
SOCS2901  Mining the Landscape
CITS4419  Mobile and Wireless Computing
ABUS3204  Models of Asian Business
GENG5503  Modern Control Systems
EURO4102  Modern European Literary and Cultural Theory
PHYS1002  Modern Physics
NEUR4010  Modern Research Tools in Neuroscience
ENGL3605  Modernism
VISA2223  Modernism and the Visual Arts
IHST5806  Modes of Inquiry in Integrated Human Studies
MICR5831  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 1
MICR5846  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 2
BIOC3353  Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Part 1
BIOC3354  Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Part 2
BIOC3001  Molecular Biology
SCIE2225  Molecular Biology
SCIE1106  Molecular Biology of the Cell
SCIE3326  Molecular Biology Part 1
SCIE3327  Molecular Biology Part 2
GENE3331  Molecular Genetics and Genomics Part 1
GENE3332  Molecular Genetics and Genomics Part 2
GENE2230  Molecular Genetics I
GENE3340  Molecular Genetics II
PATH5557  Molecular Genetics Practicum 1
PATH5558  Molecular Genetics Practicum 2
PATH5556  Molecular Genetics Theory
PATH2211  Molecular Medicine
PATH5572  Molecular Microbiology
FNSC8515  Molecular Osteology
PATH5151  Molecular Pathology
PATH5155  Molecular Pathology Practicum
PHAR3310  Molecular Pharmacology
PHAR3311  Molecular Pharmacology Methods
ECON3210  Monetary Economics
ECON3350  Money, Banking and Financial Markets
PHIL3003  Moral Theory
LING3001  Morphology: the Structure of Words
ENSC2001  Motion
SSEH3385  Motor Development and Dysfunction
SSEH2240  Motor Learning and Control
PSYC5583  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 1
PSYC5584  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 2
PSYC5585  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 3
PSYC5586  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 4
RMED5312  Multidisciplinary Rural Practice
PATH5571  Multiresistant Organisms
GEOS5505  Multiscale Tectonic Systems
SSEH5651  Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
MUSC3522  Music Analysis in Theory and Practice
MUSC5941  Music as a Social Science A
MUSC5942  Music as a Social Science B
MUSC3560  Music Education in Research and Practice
MUSC1981  Music Ensemble 1
MUSC1982  Music Ensemble 2
MUSC2981  Music Ensemble 3
MUSC2982  Music Ensemble 4
MUSC4140  Music Honours Research 1
MUSC4141  Music Honours Research 2
MUSC3353  Music in the Community
MUSC2350  Music in World Cultures
MUSC1321  Music Language 1
MUSC1322  Music Language 2
MUSC2520  Music Language 3
MUSC2525  Music Language 4
MUSC4104  Music Research Project
EDUC5548  Music Teaching and Learning in Context
EDUC5547  Music Teaching and Learning: Philosophies and Pedagogies
MUSC4105  Music, Aesthetics and Criticism
MUSC3333  Music, Aesthetics and Criticism
MUSC3352  Music, Identity and Place
MUSC3354  Music, Mind and Medicine
PATH5555  Mutation Detection—Laboratory Analytical Methods
PATH5566  Myeloproliferative and Myelodysplastic Disorders
PODI8520  Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction in the Lower Limb
FNSC2200  Mysteries of Forensic Science
HIST3009  Mythistory: Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Historical Imagination
CLAN1001  Myths of the Greeks and Romans: Story, History and Reinvention

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