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PHYS5402  Radiation Biology and Protection
PHYS5404  Radiation Physics
PHYS5405  Radiation Safety
PHYS5403  Radiotherapy Physics
STAT3061  Random Processes and their Applications
CHPR4406  Reaction Engineering
HIST5502  Reading and Questioning the Evidence
ENGL1902  Reading Bodies
ENGL1501  Reading Creatively/Writing Creatively
GEOG2202  Reading Landscapes: People and Processes
ENGL2801  Reading Popular Culture
ENGL3601  Reading the Middle Ages
HART4401  Readings in Contemporary Theory
KORE2811  Readings in Korean Culture
DENT8607  Reflective Dental Teaching
ANTH2801  Refugees, Human Rights, Violence and Fear
GEOG3306  Regional Development and Planning
PLNG5512  Regional Planning
ENGL3701  Regionalism in Australian Literature
POLS5505  Regulation and Governance
LAWS5215  Regulation: Theory and Practice
PTMT5703  Rehabilitation Science
PTMT5559  Rehabilitation Science
MUSC5007  Rehearsal and Classroom Music Pedagogy
CITS1402  Relational Database Management Systems
CITS4405  Relational Database Management Systems
SOCS4001  Religion and Development
ANTH2901  Religion and Globalisation
ANTH2402  Religion in Society
POLS5611  Religion, Global Identities and World Politics
ENVT5503  Remediation of Soils and Groundwater
LAWS5105  Remedies
ENVT4409  Remote Sensing of the Environment
DENT5633  Removable Prosthodontics
HIST2012  Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
GENG5506  Renewable Energy
ARCY5107  Reporting Archaeology
COMM5705  Representation and Promotion
SAHE4221  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE5321  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5411  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 4
NURS5840  Research and Enquiry
PTMT6563  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy
PTMT5704  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy
PTMT5556  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Rehabilitation
MUSC5008  Research and Literature Review
DENT5401  Research and Professional Development 1
DENT5405  Research and Professional Development 2
SSEH5694  Research Colloquium
PATH5114  Research Communication
PHAR4403  Research Communication in Pharmacology
PAED4401  Research Conduct and Ethics
SOCS5003  Research Design
GEOG5550  Research Design
SCIE5550  Research Design
APHB4002  Research Design and Analysis Part 1
APHB4003  Research Design and Analysis Part 2
EMED5501  Research Design in Emergency Medicine
DENT5302  Research Design, Statistics and Dental Public Health
SMED4221  Research Foundations Unit
NEUR4001  Research in Context—Neuroscience Literature Review
LING4101  Research in Linguistics
MUSC5009  Research Literacy
LACH4506  Research Methodologies: New Directions in Landscape Architecture
MSCI4001  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 1
MSCI4002  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 2
MSCI4003  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 3
MSCI4004  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 4
SWSP5407  Research Methods
PODI4208  Research Methods
SWSP5602  Research Methods
SSEH7602  Research Methods
SSEH4602  Research Methods
RMED5804  Research Methods for Rural Medicine
FINA4590  Research Methods in Accounting and Finance
PSYC5513  Research Methods in Applied Settings
DENT5629  Research Methods in Dental Public and Primary Health
POLS4105  Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations
LAWS5694  Research Paper I
LAWS6750  Research Paper I
LAWS6751  Research Paper II
LAWS5695  Research Paper II
LAWS6752  Research Paper III Part 1
LAWS5696  Research Paper III Part 1
LAWS6753  Research Paper III Part 2
LAWS5697  Research Paper III Part 2
SOCS5007  Research Paradigms
SWSP9904  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 1
SWSP9910  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 2
EDUC9973  Research Paradigms: Doctoral Project Report
PHYS3046  Research Placement
MEMS5403  Research Project
SMED5311  Research Project 1
SMED5321  Research Project 2
SMED5411  Research Project 3
MSCI4005  Research Project Development and Communication
MICR5838  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5841  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 2
MICR5843  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 3
MICR5844  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 4
PATH5117  Research Project Part 1
PATH5115  Research Project Part 1
PATH5118  Research Project Part 2
PATH5116  Research Project Part 2
PATH5113  Research Project Proposal
MGMT6795  Research Proposal and Defence
ENVT3330  Research Residency in Albany
HUMA3330  Research Residency in Albany Part A
HUMA3331  Research Residency in Albany Part B
PSYC9912  Research Thesis 2 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Part 1
PSYC9902  Research Thesis 2 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Part 2
ARCY4104  Research Training
ARCY4103  Research Training 1
RSDT0001  Research Training Unit for International Students
CLAN4101  Researching the Classical World 1—Problems and Resources
CLAN4102  Researching the Classical World 2—the Research Seminar in Practice
SOCS5301  Researching the Past
OGEG5803  Reservoir Engineering
PETR8522  Reservoir Simulation
PETR4511  Reservoir Simulation
ENRL8541  Resource Cost and Capital 602 [313412 Curtin]
ENSC3011  Resource Extraction Technologies
ENRL8542  Resource Sector Finance [ECON6013 Curtin]
LAWS5239  Resource Taxation
POLS5682  Responding to International Crises
HIST2001  Restaging the Past: Cinema and the Practice of History
ECON2105  Rise of the Global Economy
FINA5520  Risk Management and Financial Instruments
GENG5507  Risk, Reliability and Safety
GENG5508  Robotics
ARCY2005  Rock Art Field Unit
MINE4404  Rock Mechanics
CLAN3005  Roman Archaeology
CLAN3008  Roman Britain
ENGL2604  Romanticism and Change in the Long Nineteenth Century
HART2283  Rome
DENT5648  Rural and Remote Dentistry and Research
RMED5801  Rural Clinical Education Practice
IMED5414  Rural Elective Placement
IMED6631  Rural General Practice Part 1
IMED6632  Rural General Practice Part 2
RMED5816  Rural Health Nursing
SRUR4221  Rural Specialisation—Research Foundations Unit
SRUR5311  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 1
SRUR5321  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 2
SRUR5411  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 3
SRUR4222  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Foundations Unit
SRUR5312  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 2
SRUR5322  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 3
SRUR5412  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 4
HIST3002  Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century

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