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BIOL5503  Sampling Techniques in Wildlife Research
BIOL3360  Saving Endangered Species
EDUC5469  School Psychology I
EDUC5478  School Psychology II
EDUC5405  School Psychology Professional Practice I
EDUC5406  School Psychology Professional Practice II
IMED6601  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 1
IMED6602  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 2
SCOM3321  Science and the Media
SCOM5703  Science and the Media
SCOM5810  Science Communication Dissertation Part 1
SCOM5811  Science Communication Dissertation Part 2
SCOM5812  Science Communication Dissertation Part 3
SCOM5813  Science Communication Dissertation Part 4
SCOM5814  Science Communication Dissertation Part 5
SCOM5815  Science Communication Dissertation Part 6
SCOM4402  Science Communication Literature Review
SCOM5304  Science Communication Practicum
SCOM3318  Science Communication Practicum
SCOM4705  Science Communication Research Proposal
EDUC5465  Science Curriculum I
EDUC5475  Science Curriculum II
ENVT4472  Science of Water
SCOM3322  Science Performance
SCOM2205  Science Presentations
SCOM4403  Science Presentations
SCIE4501  Science Research Dissertation Part 1
SCIE4502  Science Research Dissertation Part 2
SCIE4503  Science Research Dissertation Part 3
SCIE4504  Science Research Dissertation Part 4
APHB5521  Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5511  Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5512  Science Research Project Part 2
APHB5522  Science Research Project Part 2
SCIE5513  Science Research Project Part 3
APHB5523  Science Research Project Part 3
SCIE5501  Science Technology Dissertation
SCIE5502  Science Technology Dissertation Part 1
SCIE5503  Science Technology Dissertation Part 2
SCIE2205  Science Work Placement
SCOM2208  Science Writing
SCIE1104  Science, Society and Data Analysis
MATH3022  Scientific and Industrial Modelling
CITS4008  Scientific Communication
APHB4001  Scientific Communication Part 1
APHB4008  Scientific Communication Part 2
FNSC5622  Scientific Expert Testimony
DENT5610  Scientific Foundations of Dentistry
VISA2255  Sculpture: Time and Space
PTMT5503  Secondary Consequences of Adult-onset Acquired Neurological Dysfunction
MUSC4631  Secondary Music Curriculum 1
MUSC4632  Secondary Music Curriculum 2
POLS5685  Security and Crisis in the Asia-Pacific
GEOS5509  Sedimentary Basin Field Excursion
MGMT5615  Selected Topics in Management
LING3005  Semantics: Meaning in Language
ELEC5508  Semiconductor Nanoelectronics
MEMS5405  Seminar 1
MEMS5406  Seminar 2
MEMS5407  Seminar 3
MSCI4007  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation
MSCI4098  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation Part 1
MSCI4099  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation Part 2
PTMT5505  Sequelae of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neurological Impairment in Children
SAHE4222  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE5312  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 2
SAHE5322  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5412  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 4
SVLG2003  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers I
SVLG2004  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers II
SVLG4003  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers III
SVLG4004  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers IV
SMED4222  Service Learning Unit 1
SMED5312  Service Learning Unit 2
SMED5322  Service Learning Unit 3
SMED5412  Service Learning Unit 4
MKTG3311  Services Marketing
BIOL5504  Sex in the Sea
GEND2901  Sex, Bodies and Spaces
ANTH2405  Sex, Gender and Social Life
COMM4102  Sexuality, Media, Culture
ENGL2602  Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
ENGL3602  Shakespeare: Text to Stage and Screen
INDG3700  Sharing Space
ASIA2217  Shifting Identities in Japan
ELEC4404  Signal Processing
ENSC3015  Signals and Systems
IMED5806  Simulation and Interprofessional Learning in Health Professions Education
LACH2030  Site Manipulation
PTMT5561  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
PTMT5706  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
SSEH2296  Skilled Movement Instruction
ANHB5434  Sleep Biology in Practice
ANHB5433  Sleep Technology in Practice
MGMT5638  Small Business Excellence
MGMT5601  Small Business Management
MKTG2301  Small Business Management
GEOG2206  Social Geography and Planning
MGMT5516  Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation
EDUC5503  Social Interaction and the Developing Child
MGMT5518  Social Investment and Philanthropy
ASIA3003  Social Issues in Contemporary China
ANTH3413  Social Meaning of Money
LAWS3317  Social Media and the Law
POLS3335  Social Movements and the Politics of Change
ENRL8562  Social Policy 501—Social Policy in Australia [301843 Curtin]
ENRL8563  Social Policy 505—Theoretical Perspectives on Social Policy [301846 Curtin]
ENRL8564  Social Policy 507—Economic Foundations of Social Policy [301847 Curtin]
ENRL8565  Social Policy 602—Social Policy Practice [301848 Curtin]
EMPL2206  Social Psychology of Work
EMPL1206  Social Psychology of Work
SOCS5005  Social Research Ethics
SCIE2100  Social Responsibility in Action
SOCS5101  Social Sciences Professional Placement 1
SOCS5102  Social Sciences Professional Placement 2
SOCS5103  Social Sciences Professional Placement 3
SOCS5104  Social Sciences Professional Placement 4
ASIA4103  Social Theory 1—Grand Narratives
ASIA4104  Social Theory 2—Critical Approaches
ANTH2001  Social Thought
SWSP5634  Social Work and Mental Health Practice
SWSP5404  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 1
SWSP5405  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 2
SWSP5301  Social Work Knowledges, Theory and Values
HIST1003  Society and Culture in Pre-modern Europe
ANTH2406  Society, Law and Politics
ITAL3814  Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Italy
CITS5551  Software Engineering Design Project 1
CITS5552  Software Engineering Design Project 2
CITS5502  Software Processes
CITS4401  Software Requirements and Design
CITS5501  Software Testing and Quality Assurance
ENVT5510  Soil Dynamics
ENVT2236  Soil Science
AGRI5515  Soil Science Project Part 1
AGRI5516  Soil Science Project Part 2
ENVT3060  Soil–Plant Interactions
ENSC3004  Solid Mechanics
MUSC3334  Soundscapes of Australia
POLS3302  South Asia and the Middle East: Foreign Relations and Politics
SPAN1401  Spanish Studies 1
SPAN1402  Spanish Studies 2
ENGL4108  Special Author Studies
EDUC5468  Special Education Curriculum I
DENT5305  Special Needs Dentistry and Orofacial Pain
DENT5656  Special Research Project Part 1
DENT5660  Special Research Project Part 2
MEMS4103  Special Topic in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
PHYS4418  Special Topics in Astrophysics
EMED5503  Special Topics in Emergency Medicine Research
EMPL4401  Special Topics in Employment Relations Seminar
PHYS4020  Special Topics in Experimental Physics
HRMT4401  Special Topics in Human Resource Management Seminar
MGMT4401  Special Topics in Management Seminar
MKTG5405  Special Topics in Marketing
MATH4011  Special Topics in Mathematics
OGEG4590  Special Topics in Oil and Gas Engineering
PHYS4415  Special Topics in Physics I
PHYS4416  Special Topics in Physics II
PHYS4417  Special Topics in Physics III
PHYS7441  Special Topics in Physics IV
PUBH5771  Special Topics in Public Health
PUBH5784  Special Topics in Public Health
RMED5806  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Clinical
RMED5805  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Communication
PHYS4010  Special Topics in Theoretical Physics
APHB5597  Special unit: Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
SCIE3398  Special unit: Research in protein expression
SCIE3389  Special unit: Research in Threatened Species; Arachnids
ITAL4105  Special unit: Advanced Language Skills 2
PHIL3194  Special unit: Advanced Metaphysics
EART5598  Special unit: Advanced Mineralology and Fluids I -IV
AGRI2298  Special unit: Agricultural exchange to Indonesia
FINA3000  Special unit: BPhil Research Project (Finance)
GEOG3000  Special unit: BPhil Research Project (Geography)
CHEM3392  Special unit: Chemistry Research Part 2
LAWS5398  Special unit: Construction Law
HUMA5000  Special unit: Dissertation
IMED5594  Special unit: Dissertation in Cardiology
ASIA5094  Special unit: Gender and Power in Asia
PSYC5593  Special unit: Healthy Ageing Research Project
ANHB5999  Special unit: Human Neurobiology
ANIM2297  Special unit: Human-wildlife conflict in Sri Lanka
GEOG3204  Special unit: International Field Work in Geography
BIOL5597  Special unit: International Research Disseration
PHYS5599  Special unit: Masters Dissertation – Physics Part 6
ENVT5550  Special unit: Masters Research Project
IMED5332  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 2
IMED5333  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 3
IMED5434  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 4
IMED5393  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity Research Unit
IMED4231  Special unit: MBBS-Scholarly Activity 1
SVLG5002  Special unit: McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship (12 credit points)
MATH4024  Special unit: Modern Methods of Theoretical Modelling
ASIA3902  Special unit: NCP Mobility Mitsui Immersion Program
SCIE3397  Special unit: Physiological response of coral and coralline algae
PLNG5405  Special unit: Principles of Urban and Regional Economics
PUBH2291  Special unit: Public Health Field Studies in Nepal
BIOL5596  Special unit: Research Mini-Project
SCIE3390  Special unit: Research Mitochondrial Protein Transporters
BIOL5595  Special unit: Research Rock Lobsters
MICR3345  Special unit: Research Topics in Infection and Immunity
SCIE2206  Special unit: Schools Science Engagement
SVLG5900  Special unit: Service Learning Postgraduate Research Internship
APHB5598  Special unit: Special Topic Unit: Master of Biological Arts
SVLG1007  Special unit: Student Leader Internship
GEOG3011  Special unit: Sustainable Community Development Practicum
COMM5901  Special unit: Television and Video Production
PHCY5002  Special unit: UWA-ZJU Pharmacy Research Project
TRNS5108  Specialised Translation
TRNS5508  Specialised Translation 1: French
TRNS5708  Specialised Translation 1: German
TRNS5608  Specialised Translation 1: Italian
TRNS5509  Specialised Translation 2: French
TRNS5709  Specialised Translation 2: German
TRNS5609  Specialised Translation 2: Italian
FREN3813  Specialist French Studies 13
FREN3814  Specialist French Studies 14
FREN2001  Specialist French Studies 3A
PSYC5661  Specialist Topics
PHYL5513  Speech, Language and Communication
SSEH5678  Sport and Recreation Management
SSEH5677  Sport and Recreation Marketing
SSEH3365  Sport Physiology
SSEH5021  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 1
SSEH5022  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 2
SSEH5023  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 3
SSEH9714  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 1
SSEH9715  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 2
SSEH9716  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 3
PTMT5404  Sports Rehabilitation and Clinical Anatomy
HRMT3344  Staffing Organisations
POLS3342  States, Welfare and Environmental Policy
STAT4062  Statistical Modelling and Inference
STAT3062  Statistical Science
STAT1400  Statistics for Science
PLNG4404  Statutory Planning
MGMT5502  Strategic Analysis and Consulting Project
MGMT5510  Strategic Capabilities and Organisational Success
COMM5701  Strategic Communications in a Digital Era
FINA5602  Strategic Corporate Finance
HRMT5518  Strategic Human Resource Management
OCEN4003  Strategic Leadership for the Blue Economy
MGMT5700  Strategic Management
MGMT3347  Strategic Management
ACCT3323  Strategic Management Accounting
MGMT5524  Strategic Management of Resource Companies
MKTG3306  Strategic Marketing
EMPL5501  Strategic Workplace Relations
POLS2214  Strategy, Diplomacy and Conflict
ENSC3008  Structural Analysis
GEOS5506  Structural Analysis for Petroleum Geoscience
BIOC3002  Structural and Functional Biochemistry
CIVL4403  Structural Concrete
CIVL5501  Structural Dynamics
EART3343  Structural Geology and Tectonics
GEOS4417  Structural Geology for Exploration
CIVL4404  Structural Steel
CHEM2210  Structure Determination and Physical Chemistry
ARCT1030  Structures and Natural Systems
HART4402  Studies in Art History 1
HART4403  Studies in Art History 2
ARCT5533  Studies in Complex Structures
ENGL4103  Studies in Creative Writing
IDES1000  Studio Fundamentals
MUSC4711  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 1
MUSC4712  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 2
GRMN3802  Stuttgart Program
GRMN2801  Stuttgart Program
OGEG5807  Subsea Technology
ARCT5531  Suburban Cultures
LAWS5187  Succession Law
LAWS5512  Supervised Research
LAWS3347  Supervised Research I
LAWS4345  Supervised Research II Part 1
LAWS4346  Supervised Research II Part 2
MGMT3308  Supply Chain Management
MINE4503  Surface Mining
IMED6681  Surgery Part 1
IMED6682  Surgery Part 2
PATH5532  Surgical Anatomy, Grossing Techniques and Histology
PATH5533  Surgical Pathology 1—Genitourinary and Dermatopathology
PATH5534  Surgical Pathology 2—Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatic
PATH5535  Surgical Pathology 3—Breast and Respiratory
PATH5536  Surgical Pathology 4—Haematolymphoid and Endocrine
PATH5537  Surgical Pathology 5—Soft Tissue and Bone
PATH5538  Surgical Pathology 6—Neuropathology, Head and Neck
SURG5851  Surgical Specialty Advanced Skills
SURG5850  Surgical Specialty Core Skills
VISA2268  Surrealism
AGRI5508  Sustainable Grazing Systems
OCEN4004  Sustainable Marine Management and Planning
APHB5512  SymbioticA Project Preparation
APHB5513  SymbioticA Project Research
MUSC5010  Synthesis of Research and Music Pedagogy
CHEM2211  Synthetic and Materials Chemistry
CHEM3004  Synthetic Applications
MEDC5802  Systematic Reviews
PHAR3320  Systems Pharmacology
PHAR3321  Systems Pharmacology Methods
CITS2002  Systems Programming
IMED4121  Systems-based Learning 1
IMED4211  Systems-based Learning 2

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