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LAWS5240  Tax Dispute Resolution
ACCT2331  Taxation
LAWS2206  Taxation Law
LAWS5235  Taxation Law of a Foreign State
LAWS5234  Taxation of Trusts
EDUC5618  Teaching and Learning with ICTs
EDUC5524  Teaching and Researching with Mobile Technologies
EDUC5546  Teaching Contexts
EDUC5467  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Curriculum I
EDUC5477  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Curriculum II
EDUC3001  Teaching in Asia Project
EDUC5646  Teaching in New Learning Spaces
EDUC5505  Teaching Mathematics in Middle and Upper Primary
EDUC5502  Teaching Mathematics in the Early Years
SCIE4404  Techniques in Molecular Sciences
IDES1040  Techniques of Visualisation
COMM3901  Television and Video Production
ENGL3704  Texting the Global
ARCT5593  The Architecture of Furniture in Production
HART3301  The Art of Manet and His Circle
HART2201  The Art of Modern Life
HART2041  The Art of Photography
ENGL3003  The Arthurian Legend
EDUC5520  The Artistic and Expressive Child
HERI5103  The Business of Sustainable Heritage
CHEM3007  The Chemistry of Reactions
HIST2014  The City in History
ENVT2220  The Climate System
SCIE4403  The Conduct, Ethics and Communication of Science
POLS1102  The Contemporary International System
LACH1020  The Culture of Nature
ANIM1001  The Darwinian Revolution
HART3361  The Dutch Golden Age and the Art of Exploration
EART1105  The Dynamic Planet
ECON5506  The Economics of Financial Markets
ECON5516  The Economics of Public Policy
CLAN3002  The Emergence of Greece
ARCY2001  The Emerging Human
TRNS5011  The Ethics of Translation
ENGL3301  The European Individual
POLS2207  The Evolution of International Order
POLS5688  The Evolution of International Society
IMED1002  The Facts of Life
URBD5807  The Forces that Shape Cities
CLAN2002  The Foundation of the Roman Empire
LAWS5297  The Global Lawyer
CLAN2001  The Golden Age of Athens
HART4406  The History of Art History
OGEG5810  The Hydrocarbon Economy
OCEN4005  The Indian Ocean Environment
POLS3334  The International Politics of Africa
CITS5506  The Internet of Things
DENT5657  The Law
DENT5652  The Law and Law Enforcement
LAWS5229  The Law Relating to Conflict - Technology and Future Challenges
POLS1101  The Liberal Democratic State
ENRL8550  The Machinery of Government 500 [308350 Curtin]
CLAN3007  The Majesty of the Roman Empire
CHEM3008  The Molecules of Life
SSEH1101  The Musculoskeletal System and Movement
HART3371  The Northern Renaissance
SCIE4001  The Objectives and Applications of Genomics
PHYS2002  The Physics of Particles
POLS2204  The Politics of Gender
POLS3343  The Politics of Representation: Australia in Comparative Perspective
HIST2002  The Rise and Fall of European Fascism
COMM5612  The Role of the Correspondent
CLAN3006  The Roman Revolution
ITAL2812  The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
ARCT5530  The Single Family House as a Bourgeois Manifesto
ANTH3602  The Social Worlds of the Indo-Pacific
HIST3011  The Vikings
HIST4102  Themes in History and Historiography
MATH4022  Theoretical Mechanics
POLS4106  Theories and Concepts in Political Science and International Relations
LAWS5223  Theories of Justice and Punishment
FREN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching French as a Foreign Language
GRMN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching German as a Foreign Language
ITAL4103  Theory and Practice of Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language
SWSP5619  Theory and Practice: Child Protection
SWSP5614  Theory and Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5601  Theory for Practice
LAWS5225  Theory, Method and Contemporary Issues of International Law
PHCY3301  Therapeutic Product Formulation
PHIL4140  Thesis 1
PHIL4141  Thesis 2
PSYC5681  Thesis Proposal
MEDC5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
NURS5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
IMED5816  Thesis Research (full-time)
SURG5852  Thesis Research (full-time)
RMED5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
NURS5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
RMED5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
MEDC5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
IMED5818  Thesis Research (part-time)
SURG5853  Thesis Research (part-time)
HIST2007  Thinking History
ARCT5592  Timber in Architecture
ECON5006  Topics in Agricultural Economics
HIST4103  Topics in Australian History
FINA5529  Topics in Finance
HIST4104  Topics in Global History
LING3006  Topics in Linguistic Theory
HIST4105  Topics in Medieval and Early Modern European History
HIST4106  Topics in Modern European History
PSYC5665  Topics in Neuropsychology
MUSC3544  Topics in Performance Practice
PHIL4102  Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL4105  Topics in the History of Philosophy
LAWS4106  Torts
FINA5524  Trading and Markets
FINA3307  Trading in Securities Markets
ENGL2704  Transcultural Literatures
SVLG5003  Transdisciplinary Service Learning and Design
LAWS5233  Transfer Pricing
CHIN2004  Translation for Beginners: Chinese to English
CHIN2003  Translation for Beginners: English to Chinese
TRNS5004  Translation Localisation
TRNS5007  Translation Project
TRNS5020  Translation Studies Dissertation 1
TRNS5021  Translation Studies Dissertation 2
TRNS5111  Translation Studies Professional Placement
ENGL3401  Transnational Cinema
PATH5549  Transplantation Immunology
PAED5504  Transport Medicine
CHPR4407  Transport Phenomena
CIVL5502  Transportation Engineering
FINA5528  Treasury Management
ENVT3309  Tropical Marine Fieldwork
MICR5834  Tropical, Travel and Remote Area Infectious Diseases
HIST3004  Twentieth-century Britain
ENGL2605  Twentieth-century Narratives: Making it New
HART3375  Twenty-first-century Art

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