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ENVE5502  Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery
ENVT5573  Water and Agricultural Landscapes
ENVT4474  Water Governance and Policy
ENVT5572  Water Planning and Economics
LAWS5590  Water Resources Law
LAWS6590  Water Resources Law
ENVT4473  Water, Sustainability and Development
HART1003  Ways of Seeing: Themes and Theories in Art
MUSC2331  Western Art Music 1 (Renaissance and Baroque)
MUSC2332  Western Art Music 2 (Classical and Romantic)
MUSC3331  Western Art Music 3 (Modernist and Postmodernist)
HIST3003  Western Australia: History and Heritage
HIST2008  White Supremacy
ANIM3353  Wildlife Conservation and Management
LAWS2309  Work and the Law
SSEH5685  Work Site Health Promotion
ENRL8557  Work-based Project 500 [310075 Curtin]
ENRL5586  Work-based Project [ANZSOG]
LAWS5210  Working with China: Business in a Socio-legal Context
OCEN4006  Working with Multiple Disciplines
ARCY5104  Working with Stakeholders
LAWS5222  Working with the Written Law
SSEH5645  Workplace Injury Prevention and Management
AGRI2001  World Food Production Systems
POLS5612  World Politics: Muslims in the West
ENGL2502  World Theatre: Cultures and Contexts
ENGL2100  Writing China in Country
LAWS6254  WTO Law
LAWS5254  WTO Law

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