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ITAL1401 Italian Studies 1
ITAL1402 Italian Studies 2
ITAL1403 Italian Studies 3
ITAL1404 Italian Studies 4
ITAL1405 Italian Studies 5
ITAL1406 Italian Studies 6
ITAL2403 Italian Studies 3
ITAL2404 Italian Studies 4
ITAL2405 Italian Studies 5
ITAL2406 Italian Studies 6
ITAL2407 Italian Studies 7
ITAL2408 Italian Studies 8
ITAL2811 Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento
ITAL2812 The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
ITAL3405 Italian Studies 5
ITAL3406 Italian Studies 6
ITAL3407 Italian Studies 7
ITAL3408 Italian Studies 8
ITAL3409 Italian Studies 9
ITAL3410 Italian Studies 10
ITAL3813 Italian and Migration
ITAL3814 Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Italy
ITAL4102 National and Local in Italian Language and Culture
ITAL4103 Theory and Practice of Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language
ITAL4104 Advanced Writing Skills
ITAL4105 Special unit: Advanced Language Skills 2
ITAL4140 Dissertation (Italian Studies) 1
ITAL4141 Dissertation (Italian Studies) 2

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