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SCOM1101 Communicating Science
SCOM2205 Science Presentations
SCOM2208 Science Writing
SCOM3318 Science Communication Practicum
SCOM3319 Exhibitions and Interpretation
SCOM3320 Communication Strategies for Change
SCOM3321 Science and the Media
SCOM3322 Science Performance
SCOM4402 Science Communication Literature Review
SCOM4403 Science Presentations
SCOM4705 Science Communication Research Proposal
SCOM5302 Contemporary Issues in Science Communication
SCOM5303 Communication Strategies for Change
SCOM5304 Science Communication Practicum
SCOM5306 Informal Science Education Practicum
SCOM5307 Evaluating Science Engagement
SCOM5308 Peer Review
SCOM5702 Exhibitions and Interpretation
SCOM5703 Science and the Media
SCOM5704 Learning Technologies
SCOM5810 Science Communication Dissertation Part 1
SCOM5811 Science Communication Dissertation Part 2
SCOM5812 Science Communication Dissertation Part 3
SCOM5813 Science Communication Dissertation Part 4
SCOM5814 Science Communication Dissertation Part 5
SCOM5815 Science Communication Dissertation Part 6

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