UWA Handbook 2017


Summer session units

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Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts

ARCT3000  Architecture Studio 3
ARCT5001  Architectural Design 5a
ARCT5002  Architectural Design 5b
ARCT5003  Architectural Design 5c
ARCT5004  Architectural Design 5d
ARCT5005  Architectural Studio 5e
HART2042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
HART3042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
IDES3000  Integrated Design Studio 3—Complex
VISA2270  International Studio for Arts and Culture

Faculty of Arts

COMM5603  Print and Digital
FREN1402  French Studies 2
GRMN1402  German Studies 2
HERI5109  Heritage Special Topic
HUMA2901  Arts Practicum
INDO2802  Indonesian Field Study
ITAL1401  Italian Studies 1
ITAL1402  Italian Studies 2
LAWS5230  Aviation Law
PHIL2002  Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning
SOCS5101  Social Sciences Professional Placement 1
SOCS5102  Social Sciences Professional Placement 2
SOCS5103  Social Sciences Professional Placement 3
SOCS5104  Social Sciences Professional Placement 4
SOCS5200  Digital Advocacy
SPAN1401  Spanish Studies 1
TRNS5111  Translation Studies Professional Placement

Faculty of Education

EDUC5507  Cultural and Historical Perspectives of the Mathematics Curriculum
EDUC5511  Learning with Young Adult Fiction
EDUC5517  Introduction to Catholic Education in Western Australia

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

FINA3000  Special unit: BPhil Research Project (Finance)
SVLG1002  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship
SVLG5001  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship

Faculty of Law

LAWS2301  Company Law
LAWS5174  Legal Internship

School of Indigenous Studies

INDG5101  Indigenous Heritage Professional Placement

Faculty of Science

ANIM2297  Special unit: Human-wildlife conflict in Sri Lanka
PHYS3044  Overseas Research Placement
PHYS3046  Research Placement
SSEH1103  Physical Fitness and Health

UWA Business School

ECON2271  Business Econometrics
HRMT2237  Human Resource Management
MGMT3342  Entrepreneurship
MKTG2238  Advertising and Promotion

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