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AACE1000  Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE)
AACE4000  Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE)


ABUS2290  Cultural Foundations of Asian Business
ABUS3204  Models of Asian Business


ACCT1101  Financial Accounting
ACCT1112  Management Accounting
ACCT1113  De-mystifying Accounting
ACCT2112  Management Accounting
ACCT2201  Corporate Accounting
ACCT2242  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT2331  Taxation
ACCT3202  Advanced Corporate Accounting
ACCT3203  Contemporary Managerial Accounting
ACCT3206  Performance Measurement and Evaluation
ACCT3302  Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT3321  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT3322  Auditing
ACCT3323  Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT4440  Management Accounting: Issues and Perspectives
ACCT4451  Behavioural Accounting
ACCT4462  Accounting, Organisations and Society
ACCT4471  Advanced Accounting Research
ACCT4486  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 1
ACCT4487  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 2
ACCT4488  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 3
ACCT4489  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 4
ACCT5432  Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT5501  Contemporary Issues in Accounting
ACCT5511  Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting
ACCT5521  Advanced Corporate Financial Accounting
ACCT5522  Principles of Auditing
ACCT5531  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT5532  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT5602  Accounting
ACCT5633  Accounting for Planning and Control
ACCT5637  Principles of Taxation


AGRI2001  World Food Production Systems
AGRI2201  Pasture and Livestock Systems
AGRI2298  Special unit: Agricultural exchange to Indonesia
AGRI4401  Advanced Crop Production Science
AGRI4402  Agribusiness
AGRI4403  Animal Reproduction
AGRI4404  Breeding and Animal Biotechnology
AGRI4405  Breeding and Plant Biotechnology
AGRI4406  Integrated Pest Management
AGRI4407  Plant and Human Nutrition
AGRI4511  Agriculture Honours Research Project Development
AGRI4512  Agriculture Honours Research Presentation
AGRI5402  Agribusiness
AGRI5501  Advanced Breeding and Biotechnology in Action
AGRI5502  Case Studies in Breeding and Biotechnology
AGRI5503  Animal Production Systems
AGRI5504  Organic Agriculture
AGRI5506  Integrated Pest Management
AGRI5508  Sustainable Grazing Systems
AGRI5509  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Project Development
AGRI5510  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Presentation
AGRI5511  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5512  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5513  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5514  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5515  Soil Science Project Part 1
AGRI5516  Soil Science Project Part 2
AGRI5517  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5518  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5519  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5520  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5521  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5522  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5523  Plant Production Project Part 3
AGRI5524  Plant Production Project Part 4
AGRI5525  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5526  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5527  Animal Production Project Part 3
AGRI5528  Animal Production Project Part 4
AGRI5533  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5534  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5535  Agricultural Economics Project Part 3
AGRI5536  Agricultural Economics Project Part 4
AGRI5537  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5538  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5539  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 3
AGRI5540  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 4
AGRI5541  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 1
AGRI5542  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 2
AGRI5543  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 3
AGRI5544  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 4
AGRI5545  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Agricultural Economics)
AGRI5546  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Crop and Livestock Farming Systems)
AGRI5547  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Genetics and Breeding)
AGRI5548  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Soil Science and Plant Nutrition)
AGRI5551  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
AGRI5552  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
AGRI5553  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
AGRI5554  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 4
AGRI5560  Agricultural Economics Literature Review and Research Proposal
AGRI5561  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 1
AGRI5562  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 2
AGRI5563  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 3


AHEA1101  Aboriginal Health
AHEA1102  Communication and Research Methods
AHEA1103  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA1104  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences II
AHEA2201  Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
AHEA2202  Aboriginal Health Context and Application
AHEA2203  Advanced Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA2204  Advanced Human Biological Sciences II
AHEA2205  Human Sciences Research Project
AHEA3200  Aboriginal Health Community Organisation Placement
AHEA3300  Aboriginal Health Research Project
AHEA3301  Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing
AHEA4440  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 1
AHEA4441  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 2
AHEA4442  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 3
AHEA4443  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 4
AHEA5755  Aboriginal Health
AHEA5801  Aboriginal Health Research and Ethics
AHEA5880  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (full-time)
AHEA5881  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (part-time)
AHEA6601  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 1
AHEA6602  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 2


ANHB1101  Human Biology I: Becoming Human
ANHB1102  Human Biology II: Being Human
ANHB2212  Human Structure and Development
ANHB2213  Human Functional Anatomy
ANHB2214  Human Organs and Systems
ANHB2215  Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
ANHB2216  Human Reproductive Biology
ANHB2217  Human Neurobiology
ANHB3310  Human Biology: Applications and Investigations I
ANHB3315  Human Evolutionary Ecology
ANHB3316  Human Reproduction
ANHB3320  Human Biology: Applications and Investigations II
ANHB3321  Biological Anthropology: Genes and Society
ANHB3322  Human/Primate Social Organisation
ANHB3323  Cells, Tissues and Development
ANHB3324  Human Structure and Function
ANHB3328  Communication Systems in the Human Body
ANHB4103  Normal Systems 1
ANHB5404  Project Analysis
ANHB5405  Project Design
ANHB5431  Fundamentals of Sleep Technology
ANHB5432  Fundamentals of Sleep Biology
ANHB5433  Sleep Technology in Practice
ANHB5434  Sleep Biology in Practice
ANHB5437  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5438  Human Biology Project
ANHB5443  Anatomical Sciences Dissertation Part 2
ANHB5444  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5445  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 2
ANHB5446  Human Biology Dissertation Part 1
ANHB5447  Human Biology Dissertation Part 2
ANHB5448  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 2
ANHB5451  Human Biology for Medical Physicists
ANHB5452  Adult Sleep Science
ANHB5453  Advanced Sleep Technology and Laboratory Management
ANHB5454  Advanced Sleep Scoring
ANHB5455  Applied Anatomy for Ergonomics
ANHB5456  Clinical Research and Biostatistics
ANHB5457  Advanced Competencies in Sleep Science
ANHB5512  Project Unit Research
ANHB5530  Advanced Sleep Disorders and Anatomy of Sleep
ANHB5532  Fundamentals of Dental Sleep Medicine
ANHB5533  Oral Appliance Therapy in Sleep Disordered Breathing
ANHB5534  Dental Sleep Medicine in Practice
ANHB5535  Advanced Competency in Dental Sleep Medicine
ANHB5999  Special unit: Human Neurobiology
ANHB9505  Anatomy and Human Biology Thesis


ANIM1001  The Darwinian Revolution
ANIM2207  Animal Function and Structure
ANIM2208  Animal Ethics and Welfare
ANIM2209  Field Studies in Zoology
ANIM2297  Special unit: Human-wildlife conflict in Sri Lanka
ANIM3306  Clean, Green and Ethical Animal Production
ANIM3320  Comparative Neurobiology
ANIM3353  Wildlife Conservation and Management
ANIM3361  Animal Populations
ANIM3362  Evolutionary Processes
ANIM3363  Environmental Physiology
ANIM3365  Behavioural Ecology
ANIM4003  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM4004  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 4
ANIM4005  Zoology Research Presentation Skills
ANIM4006  Zoology Research Development
ANIM4007  Marine Megafauna
ANIM5001  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 1
ANIM5002  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 2
ANIM5003  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM5004  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 4
ANIM5501  Evolution and Development
ANIM5502  Evolutionary Biology
ANIM5511  Zoology Masters Research Project Development
ANIM5512  Zoology Masters Research Presentation
ANIM5551  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
ANIM5552  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
ANIM5553  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM5554  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4


ANTH1001  Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
ANTH1002  Global Change, Local Responses
ANTH2001  Social Thought
ANTH2401  Constructing Cultures Through Media
ANTH2402  Religion in Society
ANTH2405  Sex, Gender and Social Life
ANTH2406  Society, Law and Politics
ANTH2407  Australian Society
ANTH2702  Environment, Power and Disasters in Asia
ANTH2801  Refugees, Human Rights, Violence and Fear
ANTH2901  Religion and Globalisation
ANTH2902  Aboriginal Art and Society
ANTH3001  Ethnography: Methodological Perspectives
ANTH3401  Engaged Anthropology
ANTH3402  Contemporary Social Thought
ANTH3413  Social Meaning of Money
ANTH3501  Mind, Body, Culture
ANTH3601  Indigenous Australia
ANTH3602  The Social Worlds of the Indo-Pacific
ANTH3701  Environment, Landscape and Place
ANTH3801  Migration, Mobilities, Belonging
ANTH4101  Advanced Qualitative Methods: Interviews and Focus Groups
ANTH4103  Knowing Social Realities: Theoretical Foundations
ANTH4104  Knowing Social Realities: Empirical Explorations
ANTH4140  Dissertation (Anthropology and Sociology) 1
ANTH4141  Dissertation (Anthropology and Sociology) 2


APHB4001  Scientific Communication Part 1
APHB4002  Research Design and Analysis Part 1
APHB4003  Research Design and Analysis Part 2
APHB4008  Scientific Communication Part 2
APHB5500  Advanced Research Techniques
APHB5501  Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
APHB5502  Human Ecology
APHB5503  Neuroendocrinology
APHB5504  Advanced Techniques in Physiology
APHB5505  Advanced Studies in Physiology
APHB5510  Advanced Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
APHB5511  Advanced Art and Life Manipulation
APHB5512  SymbioticA Project Preparation
APHB5513  SymbioticA Project Research
APHB5514  Honours Dissertation Part 1
APHB5515  Honours Dissertation Part 2
APHB5516  Honours Dissertation Part 3
APHB5517  Honours Dissertation Part 4
APHB5518  Biological Art Integration Studies II
APHB5519  Biological Art Integration Studies I
APHB5520  Literature Review and Research Proposal
APHB5521  Science Research Project Part 1
APHB5522  Science Research Project Part 2
APHB5523  Science Research Project Part 3
APHB5524  Major Project and Dissertation Part 1
APHB5525  Major Project and Dissertation Part 2
APHB5526  Major Project and Dissertation Part 3
APHB5527  Major Project and Dissertation Part 4
APHB5597  Special unit: Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
APHB5598  Special unit: Special Topic Unit: Master of Biological Arts


ARCT1001  Architecture Studio 1
ARCT1010  Drawing History
ARCT1030  Structures and Natural Systems
ARCT2000  Architecture Studio 2
ARCT2010  Parallel Modernities in Art and Architecture
ARCT2030  Materials and Small Constructions
ARCT2050  Environmental Design
ARCT3000  Architecture Studio 3
ARCT3001  Architecture Studio 4
ARCT3010  History and Theories of the Built Environment
ARCT3030  Construction
ARCT4430  Architectural Technology, Structures and Services
ARCT4440  Project Implementation and Documentation
ARCT4461  Architectural Practice
ARCT4470  Architectural Research Seminar
ARCT5001  Architectural Design 5a
ARCT5002  Architectural Design 5b
ARCT5003  Architectural Design 5c
ARCT5004  Architectural Design 5d
ARCT5005  Architectural Studio 5e
ARCT5010  Independent Research Part 1
ARCT5011  Independent Research Part 2
ARCT5012  Independent Research by Dissertation
ARCT5502  Independent Design Research
ARCT5503  Built Work: Architecture in Construction
ARCT5505  Conservation in Cultural Landscapes, Historic Towns and Urban Precincts
ARCT5506  Conservation Planning in Practice
ARCT5507  Conservation Planning—Developed Research Project on Adaptive Reuse
ARCT5508  Practical Building Conservation
ARCT5509  Practical Building Conservation—Developed Research Project on a Building Construction System
ARCT5510  Housing
ARCT5511  Utopia/Disaster and Imagining the City
ARCT5512  Architectural Technical Resolution
ARCT5513  Operating Systems for a New Architectural Era
ARCT5514  Practical and Theoretical Problems in Global Design Practice (B): History/Theory Stream
ARCT5515  High Density: the Urban Model
ARCT5516  Daguerre to Digital
ARCT5517  Architecture and the Posthumanist Subject
ARCT5518  BIM Workflows
ARCT5519  Independent Design Development
ARCT5520  Drawing Resilience
ARCT5528  Delivering Good Design
ARCT5529  Forensic Architecture
ARCT5530  The Single Family House as a Bourgeois Manifesto
ARCT5531  Suburban Cultures
ARCT5532  Practical and Theoretical Problems in Global Design Practice (A): Professional and Technical Stream
ARCT5533  Studies in Complex Structures
ARCT5534  Innovations in Thermal Performance and Natural Ventilation Systems in Complex Buildings
ARCT5535  Generative Fabrication
ARCT5536  Photo Real Rendering
ARCT5555  Graduating Portfolio
ARCT5580  Key Texts—Virtual
ARCT5581  Key Texts
ARCT5583  Introduction to Architectural Conservation
ARCT5584  Publications
ARCT5585  City as Site
ARCT5586  Australian Architecture in a global setting
ARCT5587  Urban Design
ARCT5588  Building Pictures
ARCT5589  Architecture of Furniture
ARCT5590  Architectural Studies
ARCT5592  Timber in Architecture
ARCT5593  The Architecture of Furniture in Production
ARCT5594  Drawing Out, Drawing In
ARCT5595  Digital Design Journal


ARCY1001  Discoveries in Archaeology
ARCY1002  Archaeology Today: Principles and Themes
ARCY2001  The Emerging Human
ARCY2002  Archaeology of Colonisation and Contact
ARCY2003  Historical Archaeology
ARCY2004  Archaeology of Rock Art
ARCY2005  Rock Art Field Unit
ARCY3002  Archaeological Field Methods
ARCY3003  Archaeological Laboratory Methods
ARCY3005  Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ARCY3007  Archaeology of East and Southeast Asia: Origins to Civilisation
ARCY3008  Archaeological Method and Theory
ARCY3010  Archaeology of Europe: Neanderthals to Homer
ARCY4101  Archaeological Theory
ARCY4102  Professional Practice (Archaeology)
ARCY4103  Research Training 1
ARCY4104  Research Training
ARCY4140  Dissertation (Archaeology) 1
ARCY4141  Dissertation (Archaeology) 2
ARCY5103  Artefact Analysis
ARCY5104  Working with Stakeholders
ARCY5107  Reporting Archaeology
ARCY5108  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 1
ARCY5109  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 2


ARLA2001  Design Studio—Future Making


ASIA1001  Asian Societies and Cultures
ASIA1002  Asia from colonial to modern
ASIA2001  Culture, Society and the State in Asia
ASIA2002  Australia and Asia
ASIA2004  Popular Culture in Asia
ASIA2214  Japan in Changing Asia
ASIA2217  Shifting Identities in Japan
ASIA3001  Indonesian Politics and Culture
ASIA3002  Issues in Japanese Society and Culture
ASIA3003  Social Issues in Contemporary China
ASIA3004  Gender and Power in Asia
ASIA3005  Democratisation in Asia
ASIA3006  Contemporary Korean Society
ASIA3902  Special unit: NCP Mobility Mitsui Immersion Program
ASIA4101  Evolution of Asian Studies
ASIA4102  Issues in Researching Asia
ASIA4103  Social Theory 1—Grand Narratives
ASIA4104  Social Theory 2—Critical Approaches
ASIA4105  Evolution of Asian Studies A
ASIA4106  Issues in Researching Asia A
ASIA4140  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 1
ASIA4141  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 2
ASIA5001  Key Debates in the Asian Region
ASIA5002  Critical Cultural Engagement with Asia
ASIA5003  Advanced Critical Thinking in Asian Studies
ASIA5094  Special unit: Gender and Power in Asia


ASST8730  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 1
ASST8731  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 2
ASST8732  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 3


AUST2901  Australia: Myths and Realities


BIOC2001  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Cell
BIOC2002  Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function
BIOC2201  Biochemistry of the Cell
BIOC2202  Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function
BIOC3001  Molecular Biology
BIOC3002  Structural and Functional Biochemistry
BIOC3003  Omics—Global Approaches to Cell Function
BIOC3004  Biochemistry in Health and Disease
BIOC3005  Cellular Biochemistry
BIOC3353  Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Part 1
BIOC3354  Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Part 2
BIOC4001  Advanced Studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BIOC4002  Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I
BIOC4003  Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II
BIOC5001  Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Techniques


BIOL1130  Frontiers in Biology
BIOL1131  Plant and Animal Biology
BIOL2204  Marine Biology
BIOL2261  Conservation Biology
BIOL3360  Saving Endangered Species
BIOL4404  Experimental Zoology
BIOL4405  Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL4406  Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL4407  Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management
BIOL4408  Marine Ecology
BIOL4409  Ecological Field Methods
BIOL5501  Origins, Evolution and Conservation of Biodiversity
BIOL5502  Managing Threatened Species
BIOL5503  Sampling Techniques in Wildlife Research
BIOL5504  Sex in the Sea
BIOL5505  Marine Neuroecology and Behaviour
BIOL5511  Zoology Project Part 1
BIOL5512  Zoology Project Part 2
BIOL5513  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5514  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5515  Marine Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5516  Marine Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5520  Zoology Project Part 1
BIOL5521  Zoology Project Part 2
BIOL5522  Zoology Project Part 3
BIOL5523  Zoology Project Part 4
BIOL5524  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5525  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5526  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5527  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 4
BIOL5528  Marine Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5529  Marine Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5530  Marine Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5531  Marine Biology Project Part 4
BIOL5542  Conservation Genetics
BIOL5552  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 1
BIOL5553  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 2
BIOL5554  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 3
BIOL5555  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 4
BIOL5556  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Presentation Skills
BIOL5595  Special unit: Research Rock Lobsters
BIOL5596  Special unit: Research Mini-Project
BIOL5597  Special unit: International Research Disseration


BLDG5000  BIM Authors
BLDG5050  BIM Dynamo
BLDG5100  BIM Dimensions
BLDG5200  Digital Site
BLDG5300  BIM Sustainability
BLDG5500  BIM Network Teams
BLDG5700  BIM Manager
BLDG5800  Major Project


BMEG4001  Biomedical Instrumentation
BMEG4002  Biomaterials
BMEG4003  Cardiovascular Biomechanics
BMEG5001  Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering
BMEG5551  Biomedical Engineering Design Project 1
BMEG5552  Biomedical Engineering Design Project 2


BTEC5501  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
BTEC5502  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
BTEC5503  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
BTEC5504  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4
BTEC5505  Biotechnology Masters Research Presentation
BTEC5506  Biotechnology Masters Research Project Development


BUSN0001  Business Literacy
BUSN0002  Critical Thinking and Reasoning
BUSN0003  Applied Business Communication
BUSN0004  Introductory Mathematics
BUSN1102  Changing the World: Social Innovation, Finance and Enterprise
BUSN3020  Innovation and Startup Practice
BUSN3348  Business Practicum
BUSN4401  Qualitative Business Research Methods
BUSN4402  Quantitative Business Research Methods
BUSN4403  Business Research Methodology
BUSN5000  Leading Self and Others: Leadership Challenge
BUSN5505  Professional Development Practicum
BUSN5506  Business Research Project


CARS1000  Communication and Research Skills


CHEM1001  Chemistry—Properties and Energetics
CHEM1002  Chemistry—Structure and Reactivity
CHEM1003  Introductory Chemistry
CHEM1004  Biological Chemistry
CHEM2001  Core Chemical Concepts and Techniques
CHEM2002  Physical and Analytical Chemistry
CHEM2003  Chemical Synthesis
CHEM2210  Structure Determination and Physical Chemistry
CHEM2211  Synthetic and Materials Chemistry
CHEM2221  Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM3001  Essential Chemical Skills
CHEM3002  Chemical Explorations
CHEM3003  Advanced Chemical Synthesis
CHEM3004  Synthetic Applications
CHEM3005  Chemical Spectroscopy and Structure
CHEM3006  Chemistry Beyond the Laboratory
CHEM3007  The Chemistry of Reactions
CHEM3008  The Molecules of Life
CHEM3305  Biological Chemistry
CHEM3307  Metals in Biological Chemistry
CHEM3312  Chemistry of Drug Design and Discovery
CHEM3319  Analytical Chemistry and Occupational Health and Safety
CHEM3391  Chemistry Research Part 1
CHEM3392  Special unit: Chemistry Research Part 2
CHEM4001  Advanced Studies in Chemistry
CHEM4309  Occupational Hygiene and Chemical Safety
CHEM5850  Chemistry for Food Science
CHEM5851  Chemical and Physical Food Hazards
CHEM7400  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
CHEM7401  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
CHEM7402  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
CHEM7403  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
CHEM8801  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 1
CHEM8803  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 2
CHEM8804  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 3
CHEM8805  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 4


CHIN1001  Chinese 3A
CHIN1401  Chinese 1
CHIN1402  Chinese 2
CHIN1403  Chinese 3
CHIN1404  Chinese 4
CHIN1405  Chinese 5
CHIN1406  Chinese 6
CHIN2001  Chinese 3A
CHIN2003  Translation for Beginners: English to Chinese
CHIN2004  Translation for Beginners: Chinese to English
CHIN2403  Chinese 3
CHIN2404  Chinese 4
CHIN2405  Chinese 5
CHIN2406  Chinese 6
CHIN2407  Chinese 7
CHIN2408  Chinese 8
CHIN2801  China Field Study
CHIN2802  Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Program (Taiwan)
CHIN3405  Chinese 5
CHIN3406  Chinese 6
CHIN3407  Chinese 7
CHIN3408  Chinese 8
CHIN3409  Chinese 9
CHIN3410  Chinese 10
CHIN5001  Chinese for Professionals 1
CHIN5002  Chinese for Professionals 2


CHPR4404  Advanced Thermodynamics
CHPR4405  Particle Mechanics and Solids Handling
CHPR4406  Reaction Engineering
CHPR4407  Transport Phenomena
CHPR5501  Advanced Reaction Engineering and Catalysts
CHPR5520  Combustion Science and Technology
CHPR5521  Gas Processing 1—Flow Assurance and Gathering
CHPR5522  Gas Processing 2—Treating and LNG Production
CHPR5551  Chemical Engineering Design Project 1
CHPR5552  Chemical Engineering Design Project 2


CITS1001  Object-oriented Programming and Software Engineering
CITS1401  Problem Solving and Programming
CITS1402  Relational Database Management Systems
CITS2002  Systems Programming
CITS2200  Data Structures and Algorithms
CITS2211  Discrete Structures
CITS2401  Computer Analysis and Visualisation
CITS3001  Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence
CITS3002  Networks and Security
CITS3003  Graphics and Animation
CITS3004  Cybersecurity
CITS3010  Professional Practicum
CITS3200  Professional Computing
CITS3401  Data Warehousing
CITS3402  High Performance Computing
CITS3403  Agile Web Development
CITS4001  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 1
CITS4002  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 2
CITS4008  Scientific Communication
CITS4009  Introduction to Data Science
CITS4401  Software Requirements and Design
CITS4402  Computer Vision
CITS4403  Computational Modelling
CITS4404  Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Systems
CITS4405  Relational Database Management Systems
CITS4406  Problem Solving and Programming
CITS4407  Open Source Tools and Scripting
CITS4419  Mobile and Wireless Computing
CITS5011  Data Science Research Project Part 1
CITS5012  Data Science Research Project Part 2
CITS5013  Data Science Research Project Part 3
CITS5501  Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CITS5502  Software Processes
CITS5503  Cloud Computing
CITS5504  Data Warehousing
CITS5505  Agile Web Development
CITS5506  The Internet of Things
CITS5507  High Performance Computing
CITS5508  Advanced Data Mining
CITS5551  Software Engineering Design Project 1
CITS5552  Software Engineering Design Project 2
CITS8201  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 1
CITS8202  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 2


CIVL4401  Applied Geomechanics
CIVL4402  Civil Hydraulics
CIVL4403  Structural Concrete
CIVL4404  Structural Steel
CIVL5501  Structural Dynamics
CIVL5502  Transportation Engineering
CIVL5503  Underground Construction
CIVL5504  Offshore Geomechanics
CIVL5505  Introduction to Design of Offshore Systems
CIVL5551  Civil Engineering Design Project 1
CIVL5552  Civil Engineering Design Project 2


CLAN1001  Myths of the Greeks and Romans: Story, History and Reinvention
CLAN1002  Glory and Grandeur
CLAN1101  Latin 1
CLAN2001  The Golden Age of Athens
CLAN2002  The Foundation of the Roman Empire
CLAN2102  Latin 2
CLAN2103  Latin 3
CLAN2201  Greek 1
CLAN2202  Greek 2
CLAN3001  Ancient Epic
CLAN3002  The Emergence of Greece
CLAN3003  Greek Theatre
CLAN3004  Alexander the Great
CLAN3005  Roman Archaeology
CLAN3006  The Roman Revolution
CLAN3007  The Majesty of the Roman Empire
CLAN3008  Roman Britain
CLAN3104  Latin 4
CLAN3203  Greek 3
CLAN3204  Greek 4
CLAN4101  Researching the Classical World 1—Problems and Resources
CLAN4102  Researching the Classical World 2—the Research Seminar in Practice
CLAN4103  Ancient Greek Language and Literature
CLAN4104  Latin Language and Literature
CLAN4105  Literature, Narrative, History
CLAN4106  Material Culture
CLAN4140  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 1
CLAN4141  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 2


COMM1001  Power, Participation and Meaning
COMM1002  Cultures, New Media and Communications
COMM1901  Communication in Practice
COMM2001  Communication and Mass Media
COMM2002  Digital Media
COMM2207  Media and Culture Industries in Hong Kong
COMM3001  Case Studies in Communication
COMM3002  Media Production Project
COMM3003  Designing Play
COMM3004  Journalism in Practice
COMM3901  Television and Video Production
COMM4101  Concepts in Communication
COMM4102  Sexuality, Media, Culture
COMM4103  iGeneration
COMM4104  Public Communication
COMM4106  Advanced Topics in Media and Communication
COMM4140  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 1
COMM4141  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 2
COMM4142  Dissertation 1
COMM4143  Dissertation 2
COMM4604  Media Law and Ethics
COMM4704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
COMM5601  History of Journalism
COMM5602  Online Journalism
COMM5603  Print and Digital
COMM5604  Media Governance
COMM5605  Issues in Contemporary Global Journalism
COMM5607  News Gathering: Technique and Timing
COMM5608  Broadcast and Digital
COMM5609  Advanced Writing and Broadcasting
COMM5610  Management and Editorial
COMM5611  Politics, Business and the Economy
COMM5612  The Role of the Correspondent
COMM5613  Practicum 3: Website Editor
COMM5620  Dissertation (full-time)
COMM5621  Dissertation (part-time)
COMM5701  Strategic Communications in a Digital Era
COMM5702  Digital Media: Theory and Practice
COMM5703  Communication, Innovation and Project Management
COMM5704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
COMM5705  Representation and Promotion
COMM5706  Accountability and Responsibility in the Media
COMM5901  Special unit: Television and Video Production


DENT4101  Anatomy Physiology and Cell Biology
DENT4102  Anatomy and Physiology for Dentistry
DENT4103  Introduction to Clinical Dentistry
DENT4104  Introduction to Research and Preventive Dentistry
DENT4105  Introduction to Cariology
DENT4106  Introduction to Operative Dentistry
DENT4107  Introduction to Pain Control
DENT4108  Introduction to Removable Prosthodontics
DENT4201  Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics
DENT4202  Immunology, Pathology and Periodontics
DENT4203  Child and Adolescent Oral Health 1
DENT4204  General Medicine and Surgery, Pain Control and Exodontics
DENT4205  Conservative Dentistry and Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
DENT4206  Advanced Prosthodontics
DENT4207  Child and Adolescent Oral Health 2
DENT4208  Exodontics and General Medicine
DENT5301  Oral Medicine I
DENT5302  Research Design, Statistics and Dental Public Health
DENT5303  Complex Oral Rehabilitation 1
DENT5304  Child and Adolescent Comprehensive Oral Care 1 and Orthodontics
DENT5305  Special Needs Dentistry and Orofacial Pain
DENT5306  Introduction to Dental Practice, Maxillofacial Infections and Trauma
DENT5307  Complex Oral Rehabilitation 2
DENT5308  Child and Adolescent Comprehensive Oral Care 2 and Research
DENT5401  Research and Professional Development 1
DENT5402  Integrated Dental Practice 1
DENT5403  Integrated Dental Practice 2
DENT5404  Australian Indigenous, Rural and Remote Oral Health 1
DENT5405  Research and Professional Development 2
DENT5406  Integrated Dental Practice 3
DENT5407  Integrated Dental Practice 4
DENT5408  Australian Indigenous, Rural and Remote Oral Health 2
DENT5600  Principles of Dental Public Health
DENT5603  Dental Research Methodology
DENT5608  Clinical Dentistry
DENT5609  Dental Research
DENT5610  Scientific Foundations of Dentistry
DENT5611  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Theory) I
DENT5612  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Practical) I
DENT5613  Diagnosis and Radiology in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery I
DENT5614  Current Concepts in Oral Health Diseases
DENT5615  Clinical Oral Pathology I
DENT5617  Professional Development in Continuing Dental Education
DENT5621  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Theory) II
DENT5622  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Practical) II
DENT5623  Diagnosis and Radiology in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery II
DENT5625  Clinical Oral Pathology II
DENT5626  Oral Health Care Provision
DENT5627  Oral Health Promotion
DENT5628  Management and Financing of Oral Health Services
DENT5629  Research Methods in Dental Public and Primary Health
DENT5630  Dental Epidemiology
DENT5631  Primary Dental Care
DENT5632  Endodontics
DENT5633  Removable Prosthodontics
DENT5634  Oral Diagnosis and Oral Radiography
DENT5635  Dento-Alveolar Surgery
DENT5636  Periodontics
DENT5637  Paedodontics and Orthodontics
DENT5638  Fixed Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry
DENT5639  Dissertation (full-time)
DENT5641  Dissertation (part-time)
DENT5643  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 1
DENT5644  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 2
DENT5645  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 3
DENT5646  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 4
DENT5647  Introduction to Rural and Remote Dentistry and Research
DENT5648  Rural and Remote Dentistry and Research
DENT5649  Basic Dental Science
DENT5650  Forensic Medicine and Pathology
DENT5651  Applied Dental Science
DENT5652  The Law and Law Enforcement
DENT5653  Forensic Medicine
DENT5654  Forensic Pathology
DENT5656  Special Research Project Part 1
DENT5657  The Law
DENT5658  Law Enforcement
DENT5660  Special Research Project Part 2
DENT6801  Endodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6802  Endodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6803  Endodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6804  Endodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6805  Endodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6806  Endodontics Theory III Part 2
DENT6807  Endodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6808  Endodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6809  Endodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6810  Endodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6811  Endodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6812  Endodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6813  Oral Medicine Theory I Part 1
DENT6814  Oral Medicine Theory I Part 2
DENT6815  Oral MedicineTheory II Part 1
DENT6816  Oral Medicine Theory II Part 2
DENT6817  Oral Medicine Theory III Part 1
DENT6818  Oral Medicine Theory III Part 2
DENT6819  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6820  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6821  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6822  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6823  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6824  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6825  Orthodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6826  Orthodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6827  Orthodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6828  Orthodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6829  Orthodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6830  Orthodontics Theory III Part 2
DENT6831  Orthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6832  Orthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6833  Orthodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6834  Orthodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6835  Orthodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6836  Orthodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6837  Periodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6838  Periodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6839  Periodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6840  Periodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6841  Periodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6842  Periodontics Theory III Part 2
DENT6843  Periodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6844  Periodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6845  Periodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6846  Periodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6847  Periodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6848  Periodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6849  Oral and Maxillofacial Radiography and Radiology
DENT6850  Periodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6851  Endodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6852  Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology Research Dissertation
DENT6853  Orthodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6854  Paediatric Dentistry Theory I Part 1
DENT6855  Paediatric Dentistry Theory I Part 2
DENT6856  Paediatric Dentistry Theory II Part 1
DENT6857  Paediatric Dentistry Theory II Part 2
DENT6858  Paediatric Dentistry Theory III Part 1
DENT6859  Paediatric Dentistry Theory III Part 2
DENT6860  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6861  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6862  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6863  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6864  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6865  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6866  Paediatric Dentistry Research Dissertation
DENT6870  Oral Pathology Theory I Part 1
DENT6871  Oral Pathology Theory I Part 2
DENT6872  Oral Pathology Theory II Part 1
DENT6873  Oral Pathology Theory II Part 2
DENT6874  Oral Pathology Theory III Part 1
DENT6875  Oral Pathology Theory III Part 2
DENT6876  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6877  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6878  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6879  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6880  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6881  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6882  Oral Pathology Research Dissertation
DENT6883  Prosthodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6884  Prosthodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6885  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6886  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6887  Prosthodontics Theory II (Part 1)
DENT6888  Prosthodontics Theory II (Part 2)
DENT6889  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice II (Part 1)
DENT6890  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice II (Part 2)
DENT6891  Prosthodontics Theory III (Part 1)
DENT6892  Prosthodontics Theory III (Part 2)
DENT6893  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice III (Part 1)
DENT6894  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice III (Part 2)
DENT6895  Prosthodontics Research Dissertation
DENT8601  Clinical Oral Pathology I
DENT8602  Clinical Oral Pathology II
DENT8604  Effective Dental Teaching and Learning
DENT8605  Dental Curriculum Development and Assessment
DENT8606  Professional Development in Continuing Dental Education
DENT8607  Reflective Dental Teaching


EART1104  Discovering Earth
EART1105  The Dynamic Planet
EART2231  Earth Materials
EART2232  Field Geology
EART2234  Earth Processes
EART3338  Land Capability Assessment
EART3339  Land Rehabilitation
EART3342  Geochemistry and Petrology
EART3343  Structural Geology and Tectonics
EART3344  Basin Analysis
EART3351  Mineral Resources
EART3353  Geological Mapping
EART5598  Special unit: Advanced Mineralology and Fluids I -IV


EBUS5504  Electronic Business


ECON1101  Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
ECON1102  Macroeconomics: Money and Finance
ECON1111  Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics
ECON1120  Environmental Economics 1
ECON1141  Australian Economic History
ECON2105  Rise of the Global Economy
ECON2106  Asia in the World Economy
ECON2224  Environmental Economics 2
ECON2233  Microeconomics: Policy and Applications
ECON2234  Macroeconomics: Policy and Applications
ECON2245  Business Economics
ECON2271  Business Econometrics
ECON3203  Asia in the World Economy
ECON3204  Finance and Economics for Minerals and Energy
ECON3205  Health Economics
ECON3210  Monetary Economics
ECON3220  Development Economics
ECON3235  International Trade
ECON3236  International Finance
ECON3272  Intermediate Mathematics for Economists
ECON3300  Agricultural Economics and Marketing
ECON3301  Game Theory and Strategic Thinking
ECON3302  Applied Microeconomics
ECON3303  Applied Macroeconomics
ECON3310  History of Economic Ideas
ECON3323  Business and the Environment
ECON3350  Money, Banking and Financial Markets
ECON3371  Econometrics
ECON3372  Advanced Mathematics for Economists
ECON3395  Economic Policy
ECON4001  Agricultural Trade and Commodity Markets
ECON4002  Core Concepts in Agricultural and Applied Economics
ECON4401  Applied Econometrics and Research Methods
ECON4402  Microeconomic Theory
ECON4405  Public Economics
ECON4408  Advanced Development Economics
ECON4410  Environmental and Resource Economics
ECON4413  Applied Advanced Econometrics
ECON4415  International Finance and Markets
ECON4418  Macroeconomic Theory
ECON4450  Advanced International Trade
ECON4486  Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON4487  Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON4488  Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON4489  Dissertation (Economics) Part 4
ECON4503  Advanced Economic Analysis
ECON4504  Advanced Quantitative Economics
ECON4507  History of Economic Thought
ECON5001  Contemporary Issues in Economic Development
ECON5002  Agriculture and Economic Development
ECON5003  Fundamental Microeconomics for Agriculture and Policy
ECON5004  Microeconometric Models for Agriculture and Natural Resources
ECON5005  Production Economics and Efficiency Analysis
ECON5006  Topics in Agricultural Economics
ECON5502  International Finance and Markets
ECON5503  Economic Management and Strategy
ECON5504  Global Energy and Mineral Markets
ECON5506  The Economics of Financial Markets
ECON5508  Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
ECON5509  Advanced Microeceonomic Theory
ECON5510  Consumer Behaviour and Demand Analysis
ECON5511  Climate, Energy and Water Economics
ECON5513  Applied Advanced Econometrics
ECON5514  Economic Research and Evaluation Methods
ECON5515  Economic Growth and Institutions
ECON5516  The Economics of Public Policy
ECON5517  Public Finance
ECON5518  Economics of Global Health and Policy
ECON5519  Public Economics
ECON5540  Economic Analysis and Policy
ECON5541  Economics for Business: Applications and Policy
ECON5881  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON5882  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON5883  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON5884  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 4


EDUC1102  Learning Effectively: Improving Your Learning and Teaching
EDUC1103  Education for a Global Knowledge Society
EDUC1104  A World of Mobile Learning
EDUC3001  Teaching in Asia Project
EDUC5000  National Literacy and Numeracy Test
EDUC5400  GradDipEdSt Major Paper (full-time)
EDUC5401  GradDipEdSt Major Paper (part-time)
EDUC5404  Educational Linguistics
EDUC5405  School Psychology Professional Practice I
EDUC5406  School Psychology Professional Practice II
EDUC5410  Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum
EDUC5411  Enhancing Teaching through Understanding Contemporary Education
EDUC5414  Assistant Teacher Practicum
EDUC5415  Educational Leadership and Management
EDUC5416  Education in Rural Australia
EDUC5429  Perspectives in Aboriginal Education
EDUC5445  Art Curriculum I
EDUC5446  Art Curriculum II
EDUC5454  Learning Difficulties
EDUC5460  English Curriculum I
EDUC5461  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum I
EDUC5462  Mathematics Curriculum I
EDUC5463  Career Development Curriculum I
EDUC5464  Information and Communication Technology Curriculum I
EDUC5465  Science Curriculum I
EDUC5466  Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum I
EDUC5467  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Curriculum I
EDUC5468  Special Education Curriculum I
EDUC5469  School Psychology I
EDUC5470  English Curriculum II
EDUC5471  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum II
EDUC5472  Mathematics Curriculum II
EDUC5474  Information and Communication Technology Curriculum II
EDUC5475  Science Curriculum II
EDUC5476  Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum II
EDUC5477  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Curriculum II
EDUC5478  School Psychology II
EDUC5481  Professional Practice I
EDUC5482  Professional Practice II
EDUC5485  Development, Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice
EDUC5492  Understanding and Managing Disruptive Behaviour Disorders
EDUC5494  Approaches to Student Assessment
EDUC5500  Professional Practice B
EDUC5501  Integrated Studies: The Humanities and Social Sciences
EDUC5502  Teaching Mathematics in the Early Years
EDUC5503  Social Interaction and the Developing Child
EDUC5504  Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
EDUC5505  Teaching Mathematics in Middle and Upper Primary
EDUC5506  Developing and Managing the Infant and Early Childhood Learning Environment
EDUC5507  Cultural and Historical Perspectives of the Mathematics Curriculum
EDUC5508  Integrated Studies: Science
EDUC5509  Interventions for Learning
EDUC5510  Professional Practice A
EDUC5511  Learning with Young Adult Fiction
EDUC5512  Curriculum Design for Learning
EDUC5513  Assessment and Feedback for Learning
EDUC5514  Differentiating the Curriculum
EDUC5515  Interventions for Learning in Years 7-12
EDUC5516  Literacy Across the Curriculum
EDUC5517  Introduction to Catholic Education in Western Australia
EDUC5519  Contemporary Reforms in Early Childhood Education and Care
EDUC5520  The Artistic and Expressive Child
EDUC5523  Education Law
EDUC5524  Teaching and Researching with Mobile Technologies
EDUC5546  Teaching Contexts
EDUC5547  Music Teaching and Learning: Philosophies and Pedagogies
EDUC5548  Music Teaching and Learning in Context
EDUC5601  Curriculum Differentiation in Mathematics Classrooms
EDUC5602  Current Issues in Mathematics Pedagogy
EDUC5606  Advance Course in Rasch Measurement Theory
EDUC5608  Integrating Pedagogy and Technology
EDUC5610  Human Resource Development in Education
EDUC5612  Leadership for Learning
EDUC5614  Critical and Creative Thinking in Mathematics
EDUC5616  International and Comparative Education
EDUC5618  Teaching and Learning with ICTs
EDUC5620  Master's Dissertation
EDUC5631  Approaches to Research
EDUC5633  Quantitative Inquiry
EDUC5634  Qualitative Inquiry
EDUC5636  Assessment and Measurement
EDUC5637  Measurement and Evaluation
EDUC5638  Introduction to Classical and Rasch Measurement Theories
EDUC5639  Childhood and Adolescent Developmental Psychopathology
EDUC5641  History of Education
EDUC5642  Leading Teaching and Learning
EDUC5643  Leading Assessment and Accountability
EDUC5644  Leading the Aligned School
EDUC5645  Leading Curriculum Innovation
EDUC5646  Teaching in New Learning Spaces
EDUC5658  Education Policy Trends: Global to Local
EDUC5660  Education Studies
EDUC5661  Education Studies
EDUC5662  Action Research and Curriculum Innovation
EDUC5678  Improving Learning and Teaching in the Curriculum
EDUC5708  Digital Technologies for Learning
EDUC5709  Pedagogy in Tertiary Teaching
EDUC5720  Master's Thesis (full-time)
EDUC5721  Master's Thesis (part-time)
EDUC5736  Assessment, Measurement and Learning
EDUC5760  Education Studies
EDUC5761  Education Studies
EDUC5778  Analysing the Curriculum
EDUC9823  MEd Thesis (full-time)
EDUC9827  MEd Thesis (part-time)
EDUC9970  Doctoral Research Project Plan
EDUC9971  Doctoral Research Scoping Project
EDUC9972  Doctoral Research Project Design
EDUC9973  Research Paradigms: Doctoral Project Report
EDUC9985  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
EDUC9986  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)


ELEC4401  Circuits and Electronic Systems
ELEC4402  Communications Systems
ELEC4403  Digital and Embedded Systems
ELEC4404  Signal Processing
ELEC5501  Advanced Communications
ELEC5502  Analogue Electronics
ELEC5503  Digital Microelectronics System Design
ELEC5504  Power Electronics
ELEC5505  Power System Analysis
ELEC5506  Process Instrumentation and Control
ELEC5507  Optical Engineering, Photonics and Biomedical Imaging Systems
ELEC5508  Semiconductor Nanoelectronics
ELEC5551  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 1
ELEC5552  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 2
ELEC8347  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 1
ELEC8348  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 2
ELEC8349  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 3
ELEC8370  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 1
ELEC8371  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 2
ELEC8372  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 3
ELEC9310  ICT Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
ELEC9311  ICT Doctoral Thesis (part-time)


EMED5501  Research Design in Emergency Medicine
EMED5502  Evidence-based Emergency Medicine
EMED5503  Special Topics in Emergency Medicine Research


EMPL1101  Introduction to Employment Relations
EMPL1102  Australian Employment Relations
EMPL1206  Social Psychology of Work
EMPL2201  Foundations of Employment Relations
EMPL2202  Australian Employment Relations
EMPL2206  Social Psychology of Work
EMPL3208  Managing Diversity
EMPL3241  International Employment Relations
EMPL3270  Negotiation: Theory and Practice
EMPL3301  Globalisation and Work
EMPL4401  Special Topics in Employment Relations Seminar
EMPL4481  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 1
EMPL4482  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 2
EMPL4483  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 3
EMPL4484  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 4
EMPL5412  Employment Relations
EMPL5415  Globalisation and Organisational Change
EMPL5450  Advanced Topics in Employment Relations
EMPL5501  Strategic Workplace Relations
EMPL5511  International Employment Relations
EMPL5514  Negotiation and Dispute Resolution


ENGL1000  Global Literatures
ENGL1002  Literary Classics
ENGL1401  Page and Screen: Fiction in the Digital Age
ENGL1501  Reading Creatively/Writing Creatively
ENGL1902  Reading Bodies
ENGL2100  Writing China in Country
ENGL2209  Utopia, Imagination and Modernity in European Culture
ENGL2215  Modernism
ENGL2401  Meaning and the Moving Image
ENGL2501  Creative Writing: Theory and Practice
ENGL2502  World Theatre: Cultures and Contexts
ENGL2601  Narrative and Culture in Pre-modern England
ENGL2602  Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
ENGL2604  Romanticism and Change in the Long Nineteenth Century
ENGL2605  Twentieth-century Narratives: Making it New
ENGL2701  Australia and Home
ENGL2702  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
ENGL2703  American Literature: the Search for Justice
ENGL2704  Transcultural Literatures
ENGL2801  Reading Popular Culture
ENGL3001  Poetry and Poetics
ENGL3003  The Arthurian Legend
ENGL3300  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
ENGL3301  The European Individual
ENGL3401  Transnational Cinema
ENGL3501  Autobiographical Writing
ENGL3502  Making Theatre and Performance
ENGL3601  Reading the Middle Ages
ENGL3602  Shakespeare: Text to Stage and Screen
ENGL3603  Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700
ENGL3604  Victorian Dreams and the Technological World
ENGL3701  Regionalism in Australian Literature
ENGL3704  Texting the Global
ENGL3801  Interpretations: Literary Theory
ENGL4102  Methodologies
ENGL4103  Studies in Creative Writing
ENGL4104  Cinema and Cultural Studies
ENGL4105  Case Studies in Modern Literature
ENGL4106  Emotions in the Theatre
ENGL4107  Australian Literary Studies
ENGL4108  Special Author Studies
ENGL4140  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 1
ENGL4141  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 2
ENGL5501  Australian Textual Cultures
ENGL5502  Contemporary Writing
ENGL5503  Critical Paradigms


ENRL5580  Delivering Public Value [ANZSOG]
ENRL5581  Government in a Market Economy [ANZSOG]
ENRL5582  Designing Public Policies and Programs [ANZSOG]
ENRL5583  Decision Making Under Uncertainty [ANZSOG]
ENRL5584  Governing by the Rules [ANZSOG]
ENRL5585  Leading Public Sector Change [ANZSOG]
ENRL5586  Work-based Project [ANZSOG]
ENRL5587  Accounting (Public Sector) [ANZSOG]
ENRL8529  Geometallurgy [KEA711 UTAS]
ENRL8531  Volcanology and Mineralisation in Volcanic Terrains [KEA708 UTAS]
ENRL8532  Ore Deposit Models and Exploration Strategies [KEA712 UTAS]
ENRL8533  Ore Deposit Geochemistry, Hydrology and Geochronology [KEA709 UTAS]
ENRL8534  Ores in Magmatic Arcs [KEA707 UTAS]
ENRL8535  Exploration in Brownfield Terrains [KEA710 UTAS]
ENRL8538  Natural Resources Economics [ECON6008 Curtin]
ENRL8541  Resource Cost and Capital 602 [313412 Curtin]
ENRL8542  Resource Sector Finance [ECON6013 Curtin]
ENRL8544  Business and Financial Management in the Minerals Industry [EA5024 JCU]
ENRL8545  Advanced Field Training [EA5027 JCU]
ENRL8546  Advanced Techniques in Mining and Exploration Geology [EA5028 JCU]
ENRL8549  Mineral Finance and Project Evaluation 601 [312811 Curtin]
ENRL8550  The Machinery of Government 500 [308350 Curtin]
ENRL8551  Public Policy Analysis and Design 500 [308351 Curtin]
ENRL8552  Markets and Government 500 [308352 Curtin]
ENRL8553  Managing in the Public Sector 500 [308353 Curtin]
ENRL8554  Public Sector Communications 500 [310076 Curtin]
ENRL8555  Law of Government 500 [310077 Curtin]
ENRL8556  Ethics, Public Values and Policy 500 [308349 Curtin]
ENRL8557  Work-based Project 500 [310075 Curtin]
ENRL8558  Managerial Leadership 561 [5248 Curtin]
ENRL8559  Organisational Behaviour 550 [5698 Curtin]
ENRL8560  Accounting (Public Sector) 567 [5706 Curtin]
ENRL8561  Leadership in a Dynamic Global Environment 520 [11390 Curtin]
ENRL8562  Social Policy 501—Social Policy in Australia [301843 Curtin]
ENRL8563  Social Policy 505—Theoretical Perspectives on Social Policy [301846 Curtin]
ENRL8564  Social Policy 507—Economic Foundations of Social Policy [301847 Curtin]
ENRL8565  Social Policy 602—Social Policy Practice [301848 Curtin]
ENRL8566  International Health and Primary Health Care 600 [301948 Curtin]
ENRL8567  Economics (Public Finance) 568 [10978 Curtin]


ENSC1001  Global Challenges in Engineering
ENSC1002  Material Behaviour from Atoms to Bridges
ENSC1601  Large-scale Engineering Wonders
ENSC2001  Motion
ENSC2002  Energy
ENSC2011  Global Challenges in Engineering
ENSC2601  A Critical Theory of Technological Development
ENSC3001  Mechanisms and Machines
ENSC3002  Materials and Manufacturing
ENSC3003  Fluid Mechanics
ENSC3004  Solid Mechanics
ENSC3005  Mass and Energy Balances
ENSC3006  Chemical Process Thermodynamics
ENSC3007  Heat and Mass Transfer
ENSC3008  Structural Analysis
ENSC3009  Geomechanics
ENSC3010  Hydraulics
ENSC3011  Resource Extraction Technologies
ENSC3012  Data Collection and Analysis
ENSC3013  Environmental Systems
ENSC3014  Electronic Materials and Devices
ENSC3015  Signals and Systems
ENSC3016  Power and Machines
ENSC3017  Circuits and Electronics
ENSC3018  Process Synthesis and Design
ENSC3019  Unit Operations and Unit Processes
ENSC3020  Digital Embedded Systems
ENSC3021  Circuits and Electronics
ENSC3022  Global Energy Production: Challenges and Opportunities
ENSC3023  Biomedical Engineering
ENSC4011  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 1
ENSC4012  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 2


ENVE4401  Contaminant Fate and Transport
ENVE4402  Hydrology
ENVE4403  Fluid Transport, Mixing and Dispersion
ENVE4405  Ecological Engineering
ENVE5502  Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery
ENVE5551  Environmental Engineering Design Project 1
ENVE5552  Environmental Engineering Design Project 2


ENVT1103  Natural History
ENVT1104  Environmental Science and Technology
ENVT2220  The Climate System
ENVT2221  Global Climate Change and Biodiversity
ENVT2236  Soil Science
ENVT2250  Ecology
ENVT2251  Hydrology and Water Resource Management
ENVT3060  Soil–Plant Interactions
ENVT3306  Coastal Conservation and Management
ENVT3307  Oceanography
ENVT3309  Tropical Marine Fieldwork
ENVT3310  Biodiversity on Country
ENVT3330  Research Residency in Albany
ENVT3360  Ecosystem Restoration
ENVT3361  Environmental Assessment
ENVT3362  Environmental Dynamics
ENVT3363  Ecological Processes
ENVT4401  Advanced Land Use and Management
ENVT4402  Analysis for Natural Resource Management
ENVT4403  Coastal and Estuarine Processes
ENVT4404  Environmental Planning and Management
ENVT4406  Catchment and River Processes
ENVT4408  GIS Programming
ENVT4409  Remote Sensing of the Environment
ENVT4411  Geographic Information Systems Applications
ENVT4471  Project Management
ENVT4472  Science of Water
ENVT4473  Water, Sustainability and Development
ENVT4474  Water Governance and Policy
ENVT5001  Biotechnology in the Natural Environment
ENVT5002  Advanced Studies in Environmental Biotechnology
ENVT5502  Marine and Coastal Planning and Management
ENVT5503  Remediation of Soils and Groundwater
ENVT5504  GIS and the Built Environment
ENVT5505  Biodiversity and Landscapes
ENVT5506  Core Principles of Ecotourism
ENVT5507  Ecotourism in Practice
ENVT5508  Advanced Spatial Analytics
ENVT5509  Global Ecological Challenges
ENVT5510  Soil Dynamics
ENVT5511  Advanced Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Management
ENVT5512  Ecosystem Biogeochemistry
ENVT5513  Decision Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation
ENVT5521  Environmental Management Project Part 1
ENVT5522  Environmental Management Project Part 2
ENVT5523  Land and Water Management Project Part 1
ENVT5524  Land and Water Management Project Part 2
ENVT5525  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 1
ENVT5526  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 2
ENVT5540  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 3
ENVT5541  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 4
ENVT5550  Special unit: Masters Research Project
ENVT5571  Catchment and Aquatic Ecosystem Health
ENVT5572  Water Planning and Economics
ENVT5573  Water and Agricultural Landscapes
ENVT5574  Collaborative Planning
ENVT5580  Ecotourism Research Project Part 1
ENVT5581  Ecotourism Research Project Part 2
ENVT5582  Ecotourism Research Project Part 3
ENVT5583  Ecotourism Research Project Part 4
ENVT5585  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 1
ENVT5586  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 2
ENVT5587  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 3
ENVT5588  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 4


EURO4101  Advanced Research Skills
EURO4102  Modern European Literary and Cultural Theory
EURO4103  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 1
EURO4104  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 2
EURO4140  Dissertation (European Studies) 1
EURO4141  Dissertation (European Studies) 2


EXCH0913  Exchange Special Unit (Foreign Languages)


FINA1109  Managing Your Personal Finance
FINA1221  Introduction to Finance
FINA2204  Derivative Products and Markets
FINA2205  Quantitative Methods for Finance
FINA2207  Business Analysis and Valuation
FINA2209  Financial Planning
FINA2221  Introduction to Finance
FINA2222  Corporate Financial Policy
FINA3000  Special unit: BPhil Research Project (Finance)
FINA3304  Banking: Theory and Practice
FINA3306  Derivative Strategies and Pricing
FINA3307  Trading in Securities Markets
FINA3324  Investment Analysis
FINA3326  Applied Financial Management
FINA4401  Microstructure of Financial Markets
FINA4463  Advanced Derivatives
FINA4481  Advanced Investments
FINA4482  Advanced Corporate Finance
FINA4486  Dissertation (Finance) Part 1
FINA4487  Dissertation (Finance) Part 2
FINA4488  Dissertation (Finance) Part 3
FINA4489  Dissertation (Finance) Part 4
FINA4491  Capital Markets Research
FINA4590  Research Methods in Accounting and Finance
FINA5432  Introduction to Finance
FINA5520  Risk Management and Financial Instruments
FINA5521  Quantitative Methods in Finance
FINA5523  Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation
FINA5524  Trading and Markets
FINA5525  Capital Markets
FINA5526  Funds Management
FINA5527  Private Wealth Management and Venture Capital
FINA5528  Treasury Management
FINA5529  Topics in Finance
FINA5530  Managerial Finance
FINA5601  Valuation and Risk Analysis for Resource Companies
FINA5602  Strategic Corporate Finance
FINA5603  Mergers and Acquisitions
FINA5631  International Financial Analysis
FINA5632  Investments
FINA5635  Corporate Finance


FNSC2200  Mysteries of Forensic Science
FNSC4497  Bio-Archaeology Fieldschool
FNSC5501  Evidence in Investigations 1
FNSC5502  Evidence in Investigations 2
FNSC5504  Open Source Intelligence
FNSC5505  Forensic Intelligence and Crime Analysis
FNSC5506  Crime in the Digital Environment
FNSC5507  Contemporary Issues in Investigation Management
FNSC5508  Introduction to Forensic Science
FNSC5515  Molecular Osteology
FNSC5516  Forensic Odontology and Introductory Osteology
FNSC5517  Forensic Analysis of Crime in the Digital Environment
FNSC5518  Forensic Science and Policing
FNSC5519  Forensic DNA and the Law
FNSC5530  Food Science: Emerging Issues
FNSC5540  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5541  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5542  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5543  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5544  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5545  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5546  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5547  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5548  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5549  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5550  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5551  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5611  Ethics and Research Methods in Forensic Science
FNSC5612  Forensic Anthropology I—Introductory Theory and Method
FNSC5613  Introduction to Forensic Chemistry
FNSC5614  Forensic Archaeology—Theory and Method
FNSC5615  Medicolegal Death Investigation
FNSC5619  Forensic DNA Analysis
FNSC5621  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5622  Scientific Expert Testimony
FNSC5624  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5626  Forensic Anthropology II—Advanced Theory and Method
FNSC5627  Forensic Anthropology Professional Project Part 1
FNSC5628  Forensic Anthropology Professional Project Part 2
FNSC5631  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5634  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5647  Forensic Science Dissertation (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5648  Forensic Science Dissertation (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5649  Forensic Anthropology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5650  Forensic Science Dissertation (Anthropology) Part 2
FNSC7411  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
FNSC7412  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
FNSC7413  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
FNSC7414  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
FNSC8563  Botanical Evidence
FNSC8604  Case Study Part 1
FNSC8605  Case Study Part 2
FNSC9644  Forensic Science Thesis (Anthropology) (full-time)


FREN1401  French Studies 1
FREN1402  French Studies 2
FREN1403  French Studies 3
FREN1404  French Studies 4
FREN1405  French Studies 5
FREN1406  French Studies 6
FREN2001  Specialist French Studies 3A
FREN2403  French Studies 3
FREN2404  French Studies 4
FREN2405  French Studies 5
FREN2406  French Studies 6
FREN2407  French Studies 7
FREN2408  French Studies 8
FREN2812  French Studies 12
FREN3405  French Studies 5
FREN3406  French Studies 6
FREN3407  French Studies 7
FREN3408  French Studies 8
FREN3409  French Studies 9
FREN3813  Specialist French Studies 13
FREN3814  Specialist French Studies 14
FREN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching French as a Foreign Language
FREN4103  Advanced French Cultural Studies
FREN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
FREN4140  Dissertation (French Studies) 1
FREN4141  Dissertation (French Studies) 2


GCRL1000  Global Challenges, Research and Leadership


GEND1901  Gender in Australia
GEND2901  Sex, Bodies and Spaces
GEND3901  Feminist Thought


GENE2204  Principles of Genetics
GENE2230  Molecular Genetics I
GENE2250  Principles of Inheritance
GENE3331  Molecular Genetics and Genomics Part 1
GENE3332  Molecular Genetics and Genomics Part 2
GENE3340  Molecular Genetics II
GENE3350  Evolution and Development
GENE3370  Genomics
GENE3380  Genetic Origins of Health and Disease
GENE4001  Advanced Studies in Genetics and Genomics
GENE4002  Integrated Topics in Genetics I
GENE4003  Integrated Topics in Genetics II
GENE5001  Advanced Genomics Techniques
GENE7400  Genetics Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
GENE7401  Genetics Honours Major Research Project Part 1
GENE7402  Genetics Honours Major Research Project Part 2
GENE7403  Genetics Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2


GENG4010  Professional Practicum
GENG4020  Professional Practicum
GENG4402  Control Engineering
GENG4403  Extractive Metallurgy
GENG4405  Numerical Methods and Modelling
GENG4407  Advanced Engineering Mathematics
GENG4408  Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
GENG5000  Professional Practicum
GENG5010  Professional Engineering Portfolio
GENG5011  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 1
GENG5012  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 2
GENG5501  Coastal and Offshore Engineering
GENG5502  Environmental Geotechnics
GENG5503  Modern Control Systems
GENG5504  Petroleum Engineering
GENG5505  Project Management and Engineering Practice
GENG5506  Renewable Energy
GENG5507  Risk, Reliability and Safety
GENG5508  Robotics
GENG5511  Engineering Research Project Part 1
GENG5512  Engineering Research Project Part 2
GENG5514  Finite Element Methods
GENG5515  Interdisciplinary Design Project
GENG5801  Engineering Asset Management
GENG5802  Asset Failures
GENG5803  Investment Management for Field Development
GENG5804  Decision Making Under Risk


GEOG1103  Geographies of a Global City
GEOG1104  Disasters!
GEOG2201  Geographic Information Systems
GEOG2202  Reading Landscapes: People and Processes
GEOG2204  International Field Work in Geography
GEOG2205  Geographies of Economic Development
GEOG2206  Social Geography and Planning
GEOG3000  Special unit: BPhil Research Project (Geography)
GEOG3011  Special unit: Sustainable Community Development Practicum
GEOG3204  Special unit: International Field Work in Geography
GEOG3301  Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing
GEOG3302  Geographic, Environment and Planning Fieldwork
GEOG3303  Environmental Policy and Planning
GEOG3304  Environmental Change
GEOG3305  Urban Planning and Design
GEOG3306  Regional Development and Planning
GEOG3307  Coastal Environments
GEOG4001  Population, Migration and Development
GEOG4011  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 1
GEOG4012  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 2
GEOG4013  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 3
GEOG4014  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 4
GEOG5002  Case Studies in Development Practice
GEOG5003  Mining and Regional Development
GEOG5004  Place-based Development
GEOG5005  Advanced GIS in the Social Sciences
GEOG5011  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 1
GEOG5012  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 2
GEOG5013  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 3
GEOG5014  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 4
GEOG5021  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 1
GEOG5022  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 2
GEOG5023  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 3
GEOG5024  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 4
GEOG5550  Research Design
GEOG5551  Master's Dissertation 1
GEOG5552  Master's Dissertation 2
GEOG5553  Master's Dissertation 3


GEOP4001  Exploration Seismology
GEOP4002  Geophysical Data Acquisition and Analysis
GEOP4011  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 1
GEOP4012  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 2
GEOP4013  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 3
GEOP4014  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 4


GEOS4011  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 1
GEOS4012  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 2
GEOS4013  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 3
GEOS4014  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 4
GEOS4015  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 1
GEOS4016  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 2
GEOS4017  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 3
GEOS4018  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 4
GEOS4401  Hydrogeological Systems
GEOS4402  Hydrogeological Impact Assessment
GEOS4410  Australia's Geological Evolution
GEOS4411  Mineralising Systems
GEOS4412  Petroleum Systems
GEOS4413  Environmental Geoscience
GEOS4415  Applied Geoscience Topics
GEOS4417  Structural Geology for Exploration
GEOS4418  Basin Analysis Techniques
GEOS4419  Biostratigraphy
GEOS4498  Fundamentals of Sedimentology
GEOS4499  Land and Water Fundamentals
GEOS5011  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 1
GEOS5012  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 2
GEOS5013  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 3
GEOS5014  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 4
GEOS5015  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 1
GEOS5016  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 2
GEOS5017  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 3
GEOS5018  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 4
GEOS5501  Advanced Hydrogeology
GEOS5502  Hydrogeology Industry Placement
GEOS5503  Advanced Petroleum Geoscience
GEOS5504  Mining Hydrogeology
GEOS5505  Multiscale Tectonic Systems
GEOS5506  Structural Analysis for Petroleum Geoscience
GEOS5507  Analytical Techniques for the Geosciences
GEOS5508  Isotope Geochemistry
GEOS5509  Sedimentary Basin Field Excursion
GEOS5510  Applied Palynology
GEOS5521  Geoscience Project Part 1
GEOS5522  Geoscience Project Part 2
GEOS5523  Hydrogeology Project Part 1
GEOS5524  Hydrogeology Project Part 2
GEOS5596  Geoscience Internship


GRMN1002  German Studies 3B
GRMN1401  German Studies 1
GRMN1402  German Studies 2
GRMN1403  German Studies 3
GRMN1404  German Studies 4
GRMN1405  German Studies 5
GRMN1406  German Studies 6
GRMN2002  German Studies 3B
GRMN2403  German Studies 3
GRMN2404  German Studies 4
GRMN2405  German Studies 5
GRMN2406  German Studies 6
GRMN2407  German Studies 7
GRMN2408  German Studies 8
GRMN2409  German Studies 9
GRMN2410  German Studies 10
GRMN2801  Stuttgart Program
GRMN2812  German Studies 12
GRMN3405  German Studies 5
GRMN3406  German Studies 6
GRMN3407  German Studies 7
GRMN3408  German Studies 8
GRMN3409  German Studies 9
GRMN3410  German Studies 10
GRMN3802  Stuttgart Program
GRMN3813  German Studies 13
GRMN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching German as a Foreign Language
GRMN4103  Advanced German Cultural Studies
GRMN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
GRMN4140  Dissertation (German Studies) 1
GRMN4141  Dissertation (German Studies) 2


HART1000  Great Moments in Art
HART1001  Art, Technology and Society
HART1003  Ways of Seeing: Themes and Theories in Art
HART2041  The Art of Photography
HART2042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
HART2043  Looking East: Envisioning the Orient in Western Art
HART2201  The Art of Modern Life
HART2202  Art as Politics: The Rise of Realism in the Nineteenth Century
HART2207  Caravaggio and the Baroque
HART2222  Contemporary Art
HART2223  Modernism and the Visual Arts
HART2234  Film Noir to the New Wave
HART2237  Nineteenth-Century British Art
HART2243  Imagist Avant-Garde Film
HART2274  Introduction to Museum and Curatorial Studies
HART2275  Italian Renaissance Art Now
HART2276  Prints from Dürer to Toulouse-Lautrec
HART2283  Rome
HART3040  Breaking Art
HART3042  Living Paris: Experiencing and Representing the Modern City
HART3276  Prints from Dürer to Toulouse-Lautrec
HART3301  The Art of Manet and His Circle
HART3302  Michelangelo
HART3310  Art and Games: from Dada to Data
HART3330  Art Theory
HART3331  Visual Culture and Art in America: 1900–2000
HART3333  Picturing the Self: Portraiture in Nineteenth-century Europe
HART3340  Materialist Avant-Garde Film
HART3361  The Dutch Golden Age and the Art of Exploration
HART3371  The Northern Renaissance
HART3375  Twenty-first-century Art
HART3666  Australian and Aboriginal Art
HART4401  Readings in Contemporary Theory
HART4402  Studies in Art History 1
HART4403  Studies in Art History 2
HART4404  Dissertation Part 1
HART4405  Dissertation Part 2
HART4406  The History of Art History


HERI5101  Debates in Contemporary Heritage Studies
HERI5102  Foundations in Heritage Management
HERI5103  The Business of Sustainable Heritage
HERI5104  Intangible Heritage
HERI5105  Heritage and Development in Asia
HERI5106  Heritage Study Tour
HERI5108  Heritage Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 1
HERI5109  Heritage Special Topic
HERI5110  Heritage Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 2


HIST1001  Old Worlds and New Empires
HIST1002  An Age of Violence: the Making of the Modern World, 1789-2010
HIST1003  Society and Culture in Pre-modern Europe
HIST1102  Contemporary European Culture in Historical Perspective
HIST1901  Environmental History
HIST2001  Restaging the Past: Cinema and the Practice of History
HIST2002  The Rise and Fall of European Fascism
HIST2003  Crises and Controversies in Australian History
HIST2004  Europe: Crusades to Black Death
HIST2005  Hitler, the Holocaust and the Historians
HIST2006  Imperial America—1845 to Present
HIST2007  Thinking History
HIST2008  White Supremacy
HIST2011  From 'Glorious Revolution' to Industrial Revolution: Making Britain, 1688–1888
HIST2012  Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
HIST2013  Medieval and Early Modern Women
HIST2014  The City in History
HIST2015  Looking for Australia: From the Deep Past to Federation
HIST2202  Civilisation and Barbarism in European Cultural History
HIST2902  Masculinity, Nostalgia and Change
HIST3001  Making History
HIST3002  Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century
HIST3003  Western Australia: History and Heritage
HIST3004  Twentieth-century Britain
HIST3005  African American History: Freedom Struggles from Plantation to Prison and Beyond
HIST3007  Crime and Punishment in Britain 1600–1900
HIST3008  From Sudan to Saddam: Australia's Foreign Wars
HIST3009  Mythistory: Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Historical Imagination
HIST3010  Introduction to African History
HIST3011  The Vikings
HIST3012  Early Modern France 1500–1789
HIST3014  Intimate Strangers: Journeys in Australian History
HIST3016  Eyewitness to the Past: Photography and History
HIST3017  Mysticism, Melancholy and Madness
HIST3302  Imagining the Nation in European Cultural History
HIST4101  Historiography
HIST4102  Themes in History and Historiography
HIST4103  Topics in Australian History
HIST4104  Topics in Global History
HIST4105  Topics in Medieval and Early Modern European History
HIST4106  Topics in Modern European History
HIST4140  Dissertation (History) 1
HIST4141  Dissertation (History) 2
HIST5501  Communicating History
HIST5502  Reading and Questioning the Evidence
HIST5503  Foundations and Frameworks of Historical Knowledge
HIST5504  History and Heritage


HRMT2237  Human Resource Management
HRMT3344  Staffing Organisations
HRMT3345  Managing Jobs, Performance and Wellbeing
HRMT4401  Special Topics in Human Resource Management Seminar
HRMT4485  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 1
HRMT4486  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 2
HRMT4487  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 3
HRMT4488  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 4
HRMT5501  Diversity and Inclusion
HRMT5502  Human Resource Analytics
HRMT5504  Introduction to Human Resource Management
HRMT5518  Strategic Human Resource Management
HRMT5530  Developing a Professional HR Career


HSMD2216  Health Science Professional Practice
HSMD3316  Health Industry Practicum


HUMA1901  English Language and Academic Communication I
HUMA1902  English Language and Academic Communication II
HUMA2901  Arts Practicum
HUMA3330  Research Residency in Albany Part A
HUMA3331  Research Residency in Albany Part B
HUMA4001  Feeling the Past: Emotions in History, 1100–1800
HUMA5000  Special unit: Dissertation
HUMA5801  Analysis and Interpretation in the Humanities


IDES1000  Studio Fundamentals
IDES1040  Techniques of Visualisation
IDES2000  Integrated Design Studio 2—Making
IDES2001  Design Communication
IDES2040  Future Making
IDES3000  Integrated Design Studio 3—Complex
IDES3010  Advanced Design Thinking


IMED1001  Form and Function
IMED1002  The Facts of Life
IMED1003  Cell Survival and Communication
IMED1004  Understanding Health and Disease in People and Populations
IMED1108  Issues in Women's Health Across the Lifespan
IMED2001  Body Defences
IMED2002  Blood and Drugs
IMED2003  Essentials of Research in the Health and Medical Sciences
IMED2004  Human Development and Genetics
IMED2200  Mental Wellbeing for Today's World
IMED2205  Health Research Design
IMED2208  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Major Diseases and Health Problems
IMED3001  Body Systems and Disease I
IMED3002  Body Systems and Disease II
IMED3003  Body Systems and Disease III
IMED3004  Body Systems and Disease IV
IMED3301  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Research and Evidence-based Practice
IMED4111  Foundations of Medical Practice
IMED4121  Systems-based Learning 1
IMED4211  Systems-based Learning 2
IMED4221  Integrated Medical Practice 1
IMED4231  Special unit: MBBS-Scholarly Activity 1
IMED5311  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 1
IMED5312  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 2
IMED5332  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 2
IMED5333  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 3
IMED5393  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity Research Unit
IMED5411  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 1
IMED5412  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 2
IMED5413  Urban Elective Placement
IMED5414  Rural Elective Placement
IMED5415  International Elective Placement
IMED5417  Elective Remediation Unit
IMED5421  Preparation for Internship
IMED5434  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 4
IMED5594  Special unit: Dissertation in Cardiology
IMED5801  Principles of Teaching and Learning
IMED5802  Principles of Assessment and Evaluation
IMED5803  Introduction to Research in Health Professions Education
IMED5804  Clinical Teaching and Supervision
IMED5805  Innovation and Contemporary Issues in Health Professions Education
IMED5806  Simulation and Interprofessional Learning in Health Professions Education
IMED5810  Program Evaluation
IMED5811  Professional Portfolio
IMED5812  Dissertation (full-time)
IMED5814  Dissertation (part-time)
IMED5816  Thesis Research (full-time)
IMED5818  Thesis Research (part-time)
IMED5831  Advanced Simulation in Health Professional Education
IMED5832  Interprofessional Education
IMED6601  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 1
IMED6602  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 2
IMED6603  Elective Placement (International)
IMED6604  Elective Placement (Urban)
IMED6605  Elective Placement (Rural)
IMED6621  Personal and Professional Development Part 1
IMED6622  Personal and Professional Development Part 2
IMED6631  Rural General Practice Part 1
IMED6632  Rural General Practice Part 2
IMED6651  Emergency Medicine Part 1
IMED6652  Emergency Medicine Part 2
IMED6661  Medicine Part 1
IMED6662  Medicine Part 2
IMED6671  Psychiatry Part 1
IMED6672  Psychiatry Part 2
IMED6681  Surgery Part 1
IMED6682  Surgery Part 2


INDG1000  Indigenous Studies Essentials
INDG1120  Legal Studies Professional Practicum 1
INDG1150  Aboriginal Encounters: Strangers in our Backyard
INDG1160  Boodjar Moort Katitjin: Introduction to Indigenous Heritage and Knowledge
INDG1800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 1 (Introductory)
INDG2200  Advanced Indigenous Legal Studies
INDG2300  Indigenous Knowledge: Mind, Body and Spirit
INDG2500  Looking North: The Wild West
INDG2600  Indigenous Representation
INDG2700  Knowing Country: The Dreaming and Darwin
INDG2800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 2 (Intermediate)
INDG3300  Indigenous Research
INDG3400  Indigenous People and Global Issues
INDG3600  Indigenous Design Studio
INDG3700  Sharing Space
INDG3800  Indigenous Ways of Knowing 3 (Advanced)
INDG5101  Indigenous Heritage Professional Placement
INDG5108  Indigenous Heritage Special Topic
INDG5109  Indigenous Heritage Study Tour
INDG5110  Indigenous Heritage Dissertation (or Approved Equivalent) Part 1
INDG5111  Indigenous Heritage Dissertation (or Approved Equivalent) Part 2


INDO1001  Indonesian 3A
INDO1401  Indonesian 1
INDO1402  Indonesian 2
INDO1403  Indonesian 3
INDO1404  Indonesian 4
INDO1405  Indonesian 5
INDO1406  Indonesian 6
INDO2001  Indonesian 3A
INDO2403  Indonesian 3
INDO2404  Indonesian 4
INDO2405  Indonesian 5
INDO2406  Indonesian 6
INDO2407  Indonesian 7
INDO2408  Indonesian 8
INDO2801  Indonesian In-country 5
INDO2802  Indonesian Field Study
INDO3405  Indonesian 5
INDO3406  Indonesian 6
INDO3407  Indonesian 7
INDO3408  Indonesian 8
INDO3802  Indonesian In-country 6
INDO5001  Indonesian for Professionals 1
INDO5002  Indonesian for Professionals 2


INMT2232  Project Management
INMT3231  Decision Making
INMT3234  Information Systems Management
INMT5410  Advanced Topics in Information Management
INMT5501  Enterprise Information Systems
INMT5503  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
INMT5504  Business Process Management
INMT5506  Information Management Research
INMT5507  Information Management and Logistics Careers
INMT5518  Models for Logistics, Operations and Services
INMT5526  Business Intelligence
INMT5620  Management of Information Systems


ITAL1401  Italian Studies 1
ITAL1402  Italian Studies 2
ITAL1403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL1404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL1405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL1406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL2404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL2405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL2406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL2408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL2811  Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento
ITAL2812  The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
ITAL3405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL3406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL3407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL3408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL3409  Italian Studies 9
ITAL3410  Italian Studies 10
ITAL3813  Italian and Migration
ITAL3814  Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Italy
ITAL4102  National and Local in Italian Language and Culture
ITAL4103  Theory and Practice of Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language
ITAL4104  Advanced Writing Skills
ITAL4105  Special unit: Advanced Language Skills 2
ITAL4140  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 1
ITAL4141  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 2


JAPN1001  Japanese 3A
JAPN1401  Japanese 1
JAPN1402  Japanese 2
JAPN1403  Japanese 3
JAPN1404  Japanese 4
JAPN1405  Japanese 5
JAPN1406  Japanese 6
JAPN2001  Japanese 3A
JAPN2403  Japanese 3
JAPN2404  Japanese 4
JAPN2405  Japanese 5
JAPN2406  Japanese 6
JAPN2407  Japanese 7
JAPN2408  Japanese 8
JAPN3405  Japanese 5
JAPN3406  Japanese 6
JAPN3407  Japanese 7
JAPN3408  Japanese 8
JAPN5001  Japanese for Professionals 1
JAPN5002  Japanese for Professionals 2


KORE1401  Korean 1
KORE1402  Korean 2
KORE1405  Korean 5
KORE1406  Korean 6
KORE2403  Korean 3
KORE2404  Korean 4
KORE2811  Readings in Korean Culture
KORE3405  Korean 5
KORE3406  Korean 6
KORE5001  Korean for Professionals 1
KORE5002  Korean for Professionals 2


LACH1000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Groundings
LACH1010  History and Theory of Landscape Architecture
LACH1020  The Culture of Nature
LACH2000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Considerations
LACH2001  Landscape Architecture Studio—Speculations
LACH2030  Site Manipulation
LACH3000  Landscape Architecture Studio—Expansions
LACH3001  Landscape Architecture Studio—Resolutions
LACH3030  Plants and Landscape Systems
LACH4414  Landscape Professional Documents
LACH4421  Australian Landscapes
LACH4422  Design Studio—Making
LACH4423  Ecological Systems
LACH4424  Design Studio—Complexity
LACH4460  Landscape Practice
LACH4505  Critical Theory: 'isms and 'ologies in Landscape Architecture
LACH4506  Research Methodologies: New Directions in Landscape Architecture
LACH5414  Landscape Professional Documents
LACH5460  Landscape Professional Practice
LACH5503  Independent Thesis by Dissertation Part 1
LACH5504  Independent Thesis by Dissertation Part 2
LACH5510  Independent Thesis by Design Part 1
LACH5511  Independent Thesis by Design Part 2


LAWS1104  Introduction to Law
LAWS1110  Crime and Society
LAWS1111  Law, Conflict and Change
LAWS1120  Australian Legal Principles and Institutions
LAWS2120  Legal Studies Professional Practicum 2
LAWS2201  Legal Framework of Business
LAWS2206  Taxation Law
LAWS2220  Birth, Life, Death and the Law
LAWS2223  Criminal Justice System
LAWS2224  Evolution of Human Rights
LAWS2225  Indigenous Peoples and the Law
LAWS2226  International Legal Institutions
LAWS2227  Law in Action
LAWS2301  Company Law
LAWS2309  Work and the Law
LAWS3221  Creative Expression and the Law
LAWS3302  Environmental Law
LAWS3306  Finance Law
LAWS3307  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS3308  Marketing, Management and the Law
LAWS3310  Evidence
LAWS3317  Social Media and the Law
LAWS3320  Legislation in Practice
LAWS3322  Corporations Law
LAWS3327  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS3328  International Commercial Law
LAWS3330  Gender and the Law
LAWS3334  Law and Religion
LAWS3338  Introduction to Intellectual Property
LAWS3341  Investigating Law and Society
LAWS3344  Law and Contemporary Social Issues
LAWS3346  Jessup International Moot Competition
LAWS3347  Supervised Research I
LAWS3354  Public International Law
LAWS3356  Law Review Part 1
LAWS3357  Law Review Part 2
LAWS3360  Employment Law
LAWS3362  Income Taxation Law
LAWS3370  Consumer Law
LAWS3371  Mining and Energy Law
LAWS3374  Crime, Justice and Public Policy
LAWS3383  Insurance Law
LAWS4030  Commercial Practice
LAWS4101  Foundations of Law and Lawyering
LAWS4102  Criminal Law
LAWS4103  Contract
LAWS4104  Property
LAWS4106  Torts
LAWS4107  Land Law
LAWS4108  Foundations of Public Law
LAWS4109  Legal Theory and Ethics
LAWS4201  Dissertation (Law and Society) Part 1
LAWS4202  Dissertation (Law and Society) Part 2
LAWS4203  Dissertation (Business Law) Part 1
LAWS4204  Dissertation (Business Law) Part 2
LAWS4345  Supervised Research II Part 1
LAWS4346  Supervised Research II Part 2
LAWS4404  Legal Theory and Ethics
LAWS5101  Constitutional Law
LAWS5102  Administrative Law
LAWS5103  Equity and Trusts
LAWS5104  Corporations Law
LAWS5105  Remedies
LAWS5107  Evidence
LAWS5108  Commercial Practice
LAWS5109  Dispute Resolution
LAWS5110  International Negotiation Practice and Skills
LAWS5111  Corporate Governance for Resources Companies
LAWS5113  International Commercial Mediation- Law and Practice
LAWS5114  International Environmental Law
LAWS5115  Procedure
LAWS5117  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS5118  Family Law
LAWS5126  Banking Law
LAWS5128  Consumer Law
LAWS5132  Income Taxation Law
LAWS5135  Insurance Law
LAWS5144  Mining and Energy Law
LAWS5150  Intellectual Property Law
LAWS5158  Negotiation and Mediation
LAWS5160  Law Review Part 1
LAWS5161  Law Review Part 2
LAWS5162  Jessup International Moot Competition
LAWS5165  Public International Law
LAWS5167  Comparative Law
LAWS5174  Legal Internship
LAWS5175  Heritage Governance: from Global to Local
LAWS5176  Australian Financial Transactions Law and Regulation
LAWS5177  Insolvency Law
LAWS5178  International Commercial Law
LAWS5179  Law of the Sea
LAWS5181  Health Law and Policy
LAWS5182  Indigenous Peoples in International and Comparative Law
LAWS5183  Environmental Law
LAWS5184  Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED)
LAWS5185  Forensic Advocacy
LAWS5186  Criminal Procedure: the Trial Process
LAWS5187  Succession Law
LAWS5208  Oil and Gas Project Development Law
LAWS5210  Working with China: Business in a Socio-legal Context
LAWS5211  Intellectual Property and China's Innovation-based Economy
LAWS5212  China–Australia Relations: Trade, Finance and Law
LAWS5213  Practical Issues with Chinese Contracts and Commercial Laws
LAWS5214  Public Policy
LAWS5215  Regulation: Theory and Practice
LAWS5216  Advanced Socio-legal Studies
LAWS5217  Advanced Criminology
LAWS5219  International Criminal Law
LAWS5220  International Humanitarian Law
LAWS5221  Law and the Body
LAWS5222  Working with the Written Law
LAWS5223  Theories of Justice and Punishment
LAWS5224  Foundations of Public International Law
LAWS5225  Theory, Method and Contemporary Issues of International Law
LAWS5226  International Human Rights Law
LAWS5227  Foundations of Law and Governance
LAWS5228  Engagement Tour of China
LAWS5229  The Law Relating to Conflict - Technology and Future Challenges
LAWS5230  Aviation Law
LAWS5231  Advanced Capital Gains Tax
LAWS5232  Double Tax Agreements and International Tax Law
LAWS5233  Transfer Pricing
LAWS5234  Taxation of Trusts
LAWS5235  Taxation Law of a Foreign State
LAWS5236  Advanced Australian Corporate Taxation
LAWS5237  Advanced Australian International Taxation
LAWS5238  Goods and Services Taxation
LAWS5239  Resource Taxation
LAWS5240  Tax Dispute Resolution
LAWS5250  Foundations of International Commercial Law
LAWS5251  International Sales Law
LAWS5252  International Trade Financing
LAWS5253  International Shipping Law
LAWS5254  WTO Law
LAWS5297  The Global Lawyer
LAWS5298  Human Capital
LAWS5305  Mediation: Practice and Skills
LAWS5306  Arbitration: Practice and Skills
LAWS5360  Employment Law
LAWS5378  Government Accountability—Law and Practice
LAWS5398  Special unit: Construction Law
LAWS5503  Conflict of Laws
LAWS5507  International Oil and Gas Law
LAWS5508  Commercial and Company Law
LAWS5509  Advanced Legal Research (by Invitation) Part 1
LAWS5510  Advanced Legal Research (by Invitation) Part 2
LAWS5512  Supervised Research
LAWS5517  Mining Law
LAWS5521  Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
LAWS5526  Advanced Practice and Procedure
LAWS5528  Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
LAWS5532  Oil and Gas Agreements
LAWS5533  Advanced Torts Law
LAWS5540  Environmental Protection Law
LAWS5541  Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
LAWS5555  Employee Relations Law
LAWS5576  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS5585  Limitation of Actions
LAWS5589  Australian Oil and Gas Law
LAWS5590  Water Resources Law
LAWS5591  Personal Property
LAWS5596  Mergers and Acquisitions
LAWS5694  Research Paper I
LAWS5695  Research Paper II
LAWS5696  Research Paper III Part 1
LAWS5697  Research Paper III Part 2
LAWS5813  Legal Issues for Not-for-Profit Entities
LAWS5820  Legislation in Practice
LAWS6126  Banking Law
LAWS6167  Comparative Law
LAWS6175  Heritage Governance: from Global to Local
LAWS6181  Health Law and Policy
LAWS6250  Foundations of International Commercial Law
LAWS6251  International Sales Law
LAWS6252  International Trade Financing
LAWS6253  International Shipping Law
LAWS6254  WTO Law
LAWS6327  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS6360  Employment Law
LAWS6504  Insurance Law
LAWS6521  Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
LAWS6576  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS6589  Australian Oil and Gas Law
LAWS6590  Water Resources Law
LAWS6710  Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
LAWS6713  Environmental Protection Law
LAWS6717  Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
LAWS6726  Mining Law
LAWS6727  Oil and Gas Agreements
LAWS6750  Research Paper I
LAWS6751  Research Paper II
LAWS6752  Research Paper III Part 1
LAWS6753  Research Paper III Part 2
LAWS6979  Advanced Legal Theory and Research Methodology
LAWS6980  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
LAWS6981  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)
LAWS8577  Industrial Relations Law
LAWS8755  Employee Relations Law


LING1001  Language and Communication
LING1002  Language as a Cognitive System
LING1901  Language Learning and the Multilingual World
LING2001  Grammatical Theory: the Structure of Sentences
LING2002  Phonetics and Phonology: the Sounds of the World's Languages
LING2003  Language, Culture and Society
LING3001  Morphology: the Structure of Words
LING3002  Linguistic Typology: the Diversity of Languages
LING3003  Historical Linguistics: Language History and Language Change
LING3004  Pragmatics: Meaning in Use
LING3005  Semantics: Meaning in Language
LING3006  Topics in Linguistic Theory
LING3007  Linguistics of Australian Indigenous Languages
LING4101  Research in Linguistics
LING4102  Language Description and Documentation
LING4103  Methods in Sociolinguistic Research
LING4104  Advanced Topics in Semantics and Pragmatics
LING4140  Dissertation (Linguistics) 1
LING4141  Dissertation (Linguistics) 2


MATH1001  Mathematical Methods 1
MATH1002  Mathematical Methods 2
MATH1011  Multivariable Calculus
MATH1012  Mathematical Theory and Methods
MATH1601  Mathematics, Culture and Everyday Life
MATH1720  Mathematics Fundamentals
MATH1721  Mathematics Foundations: Methods
MATH1722  Mathematics Foundations: Specialist
MATH2021  Introduction to Applied Mathematics
MATH2031  Introduction to Pure Mathematics
MATH2501  Mathematical Methods 3
MATH3021  Dynamics and Control
MATH3022  Scientific and Industrial Modelling
MATH3023  Advanced Mathematics Applications
MATH3031  Algebraic Structures and Symmetry
MATH3032  Analysis and Geometry
MATH3329  3A9: Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH3339  3P9: Advanced Topics in Pure Mathematics
MATH4001  Mathematics and Statistics Research Project Part 1
MATH4002  Mathematics and Statistics Research Project Part 2
MATH4011  Special Topics in Mathematics
MATH4021  Dynamical Systems
MATH4022  Theoretical Mechanics
MATH4023  Mathematical Optimisation
MATH4024  Special unit: Modern Methods of Theoretical Modelling
MATH4031  Algebra
MATH4032  Continuous Geometry and Analysis
MATH4033  Advanced Topics in Pure Mathematics
MATH4403  Advanced Mathematics 1
MATH5540  Advanced Mathematics 2
MATH7115  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 1
MATH7125  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 2
MATH7215  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7225  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 2
MATH7315  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7325  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 2
MATH7429  4A9: Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH7439  4P9: Topics in Pure Mathematics 2


MECH3402  Engineering Project 1
MECH3406  Engineering Project 2
MECH4424  Measurement and Noise
MECH4426  Dynamics, Vibration and Sound
MECH4428  Degradation of Materials
MECH4429  Applied Engineering Thermodynamics
MECH5501  Advanced Vibration and Sound
MECH5502  Analysis and Design of Machine Components
MECH5504  Design and Failure Analysis of Materials
MECH5551  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1
MECH5552  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 2


MEDC5801  Development and Communication of Research
MEDC5802  Systematic Reviews
MEDC5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
MEDC5902  Thesis Research (part-time)


MEMS2001  Classical Traditions and Transformations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
MEMS4101  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1: Reading the Pre-modern World
MEMS4102  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2: Interpreting the Pre-modern World
MEMS4103  Special Topic in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
MEMS4140  Dissertation (MEMS) 1
MEMS4141  Dissertation (MEMS) 2
MEMS5401  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1
MEMS5402  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2
MEMS5403  Research Project
MEMS5404  Individual Reading Contract
MEMS5405  Seminar 1
MEMS5406  Seminar 2
MEMS5407  Seminar 3
MEMS5409  Dissertation Part 2
MEMS5410  Dissertation Part 3
MEMS5411  Dissertation Part 4


MGMT1135  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT1136  Management and Organisations
MGMT2235  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT2236  Management and Organisations
MGMT2311  Organisational Learning and Innovation
MGMT2341  International Management
MGMT3302  Leadership and Performance
MGMT3304  Applied International Business Strategy
MGMT3308  Supply Chain Management
MGMT3335  Enterprise Systems
MGMT3342  Entrepreneurship
MGMT3346  Managing Organisational Change
MGMT3347  Strategic Management
MGMT4401  Special Topics in Management Seminar
MGMT4485  Dissertation (Management) Part 1
MGMT4486  Dissertation (Management) Part 2
MGMT4487  Dissertation (Management) Part 3
MGMT4488  Dissertation (Management) Part 4
MGMT5501  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT5502  Strategic Analysis and Consulting Project
MGMT5503  Management Strategy
MGMT5504  Data Analysis and Decision Making
MGMT5505  International Management
MGMT5506  Ethics and Sustainability Management
MGMT5507  Management and Organisations
MGMT5508  Organisational Behaviour and Leadership
MGMT5509  Advanced Management
MGMT5510  Strategic Capabilities and Organisational Success
MGMT5511  Introduction to Global Business
MGMT5513  Data Driven Decision Making
MGMT5514  Demonstrating Social Impact
MGMT5515  Managing Organisational Knowledge and Innovation
MGMT5516  Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation
MGMT5517  Leadership for Social Impact
MGMT5518  Social Investment and Philanthropy
MGMT5520  Legal Principles for Management
MGMT5521  Operations and Strategic Supply Chain Management
MGMT5522  Leading Global Collaborations
MGMT5523  Becoming a Leader: Perspectives on Leadership Development
MGMT5524  Strategic Management of Resource Companies
MGMT5526  Principles for Responsible Management
MGMT5528  Leading Self and Leading Others
MGMT5570  Organisational Change and Transformation
MGMT5601  Small Business Management
MGMT5605  Professional Business Communications
MGMT5606  Intercultural Professional Business Communications
MGMT5608  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MGMT5610  Applied Professional Business Communications
MGMT5613  Professional Business Research Practice
MGMT5615  Selected Topics in Management
MGMT5616  Advanced Topics in Management
MGMT5618  International Study Program
MGMT5623  Leadership Effectiveness
MGMT5625  New Venture Creations
MGMT5626  Corporate Entrepreneurship
MGMT5627  Managing Strategic Networks
MGMT5638  Small Business Excellence
MGMT5639  Commercialisation Management Project
MGMT5647  Negotiation Behaviour
MGMT5660  Applied Project Management
MGMT5665  Project Management
MGMT5700  Strategic Management
MGMT5782  Management Case Study
MGMT5783  Business Research Report
MGMT6791  Business Research: Principles and Processes
MGMT6792  Quantitative Methods in Business Research
MGMT6793  Qualitative Methods in Business Research
MGMT6794  Literature Review and Criticism
MGMT6795  Research Proposal and Defence
MGMT6796  Advanced Research Seminar I
MGMT6797  Advanced Research Seminar II
MGMT6798  Advanced Research Seminar III
MGMT6799  Advanced Research Seminar IV
MGMT6800  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
MGMT6801  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)


MICR2203  Introductory Immunology
MICR2204  Introductory Microbiology
MICR2208  Introductory Microbiology
MICR2209  Introduction to Infectious Diseases and Immunology
MICR3305  Immunobiology and Immune Diseases
MICR3308  Infection and Immunity Part 1
MICR3309  Infection and Immunity Part 2
MICR3310  Applied and Environmental Microbiology
MICR3320  Viruses and Viral Disease
MICR3330  Bacteria and Bacterial Disease
MICR3340  Immunity and Infection
MICR3345  Special unit: Research Topics in Infection and Immunity
MICR3350  Advanced Infectious Diseases
MICR5503  Clinical Diagnostic Microbiology
MICR5810  Microbiology Part 1
MICR5811  Microbiology Part 2
MICR5814  Epidemiology and Infection
MICR5829  Foundations of Infectious Diseases
MICR5830  Principles of Mycology and Parasitology
MICR5831  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 1
MICR5832  Diagnostic Medical Microbiology
MICR5833  Antimicrobial Agents
MICR5834  Tropical, Travel and Remote Area Infectious Diseases
MICR5835  Vectors of Infectious Diseases and Vector Control
MICR5836  Public and Environmental Health Microbiology
MICR5838  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5839  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5840  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 2
MICR5841  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 2
MICR5842  Principles of Infection and Immunity
MICR5843  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 3
MICR5844  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 4
MICR5846  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 2
MICR5847  Introduction to Food Microbiology
MICR5850  Microbiological Food Hazards


MINE4401  Underground Mining 1
MINE4404  Rock Mechanics
MINE4405  Mineral Resources
MINE4406  Geotechnology of Mine Waste
MINE4503  Surface Mining
MINE5501  Mining Management
MINE5502  Underground Mining 2
MINE5551  Mining Engineering Design Project 1
MINE5552  Mining Engineering Design Project 2


MING5501  Applied Structural Geology
MING5502  Exploration Targeting
MING5503  Ore Deposit Field Excursion
MING5504  Advanced Ore Deposits
MING5505  Mineral Exploration Data Analysis


MKTG1107  Consumers Around the World
MKTG1203  Marketing Management
MKTG1204  Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2203  Marketing Management
MKTG2204  Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2238  Advertising and Promotion
MKTG2301  Small Business Management
MKTG2305  Marketing Research
MKTG3301  Marketing Applications
MKTG3303  New Product Development and Commercialisation
MKTG3306  Strategic Marketing
MKTG3307  Contemporary Marketing Issues
MKTG3310  International Marketing
MKTG3311  Services Marketing
MKTG4401  Critiquing Marketing Research
MKTG4486  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 1
MKTG4487  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 2
MKTG4488  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 3
MKTG4489  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 4
MKTG5405  Special Topics in Marketing
MKTG5406  Buyer Behaviour and Decision Making
MKTG5408  Marketing Analysis and Planning
MKTG5409  Advanced Contemporary Topics in Marketing
MKTG5462  Global Marketing Strategy
MKTG5463  Marketing of Services
MKTG5465  Applied Marketing Research
MKTG5501  Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG5502  Digital Marketing
MKTG5503  Innovation and Enterprise
MKTG5505  Marketing and Society
MKTG5550  Marketing Principles
MKTG5561  Marketing Management
MKTG5578  Client Management
MKTG5603  Management of Technology and Innovation
MKTG5604  Biotechnology Commercialisation


MSCI4001  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 1
MSCI4002  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 2
MSCI4003  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 3
MSCI4004  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 4
MSCI4005  Research Project Development and Communication
MSCI4006  Advanced Techniques in Molecular Sciences
MSCI4007  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation
MSCI4098  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation Part 1
MSCI4099  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation Part 2
MSCI5560  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Literature Review and Research Proposal
MSCI5561  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 1
MSCI5562  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 2
MSCI5563  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 3


MUSC1055  Electronic Music: Methods and Means
MUSC1310  Communication Skills in Music
MUSC1321  Music Language 1
MUSC1322  Music Language 2
MUSC1341  Practical Music 1
MUSC1342  Practical Music 2
MUSC1350  Popular Music in Global Perspective
MUSC1981  Music Ensemble 1
MUSC1982  Music Ensemble 2
MUSC2274  Electronic Music: Experimental Investigations
MUSC2275  Electronic Music: Interactive Systems
MUSC2331  Western Art Music 1 (Renaissance and Baroque)
MUSC2332  Western Art Music 2 (Classical and Romantic)
MUSC2350  Music in World Cultures
MUSC2355  Chamber Music
MUSC2520  Music Language 3
MUSC2525  Music Language 4
MUSC2541  Practical Music 3
MUSC2542  Practical Music 4
MUSC2981  Music Ensemble 3
MUSC2982  Music Ensemble 4
MUSC3331  Western Art Music 3 (Modernist and Postmodernist)
MUSC3332  Drama through Music: Studies in Opera
MUSC3334  Soundscapes of Australia
MUSC3351  Gongs, Punks and Shadow Plays
MUSC3352  Music, Identity and Place
MUSC3353  Music in the Community
MUSC3354  Music, Mind and Medicine
MUSC3401  Practical Studies 5
MUSC3402  Practical Studies 6
MUSC3521  Digital Audio
MUSC3522  Music Analysis in Theory and Practice
MUSC3541  Practical Music 5
MUSC3542  Practical Music 6
MUSC3543  Advanced Ensemble
MUSC3544  Topics in Performance Practice
MUSC3560  Music Education in Research and Practice
MUSC4101  Contemporary Debates in Music
MUSC4103  Introduction to Music Research
MUSC4104  Music Research Project
MUSC4105  Music, Aesthetics and Criticism
MUSC4140  Music Honours Research 1
MUSC4141  Music Honours Research 2
MUSC4401  Practical Studies 7
MUSC4402  Practical Studies 8
MUSC4631  Secondary Music Curriculum 1
MUSC4632  Secondary Music Curriculum 2
MUSC4711  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 1
MUSC4712  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 2
MUSC5001  Curriculum and Practice: Creativity in the Classroom
MUSC5002  Curriculum Foundations
MUSC5003  Foundations in Music Pedagogy
MUSC5004  Instructional Design
MUSC5005  International Music Methodologies
MUSC5006  Music Education: A Catalyst for Social Change
MUSC5007  Rehearsal and Classroom Music Pedagogy
MUSC5008  Research and Literature Review
MUSC5009  Research Literacy
MUSC5010  Synthesis of Research and Music Pedagogy
MUSC5011  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 1
MUSC5012  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 2


NEUR1001  Neuroscience in Society
NEUR3301  Advanced Neuroscience 1
NEUR3302  Advanced Neuroscience 2
NEUR3310  Neuroscience
NEUR4001  Research in Context—Neuroscience Literature Review
NEUR4010  Modern Research Tools in Neuroscience
NEUR5011  Neurodevelopment and its Disorders
NEUR5514  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 1
NEUR5515  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 2
NEUR5516  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 3
NEUR5517  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 4


NURS5810  Professional Nursing Issues
NURS5811  Nursing Research Proposal
NURS5812  Nursing and the Healthcare System
NURS5813  Evidence-based Nursing Practice
NURS5817  Maternal and Child Health Nursing
NURS5818  Mental Health Nursing
NURS5819  Nursing Research
NURS5820  Clinical Nursing Practicum
NURS5823  Nursing Practice 3
NURS5838  Contemporary Nursing
NURS5839  Nursing Care of Clients Experiencing Acute and Chronic Illness
NURS5840  Research and Enquiry
NURS5841  Nursing Practice 1 (Adult Health)
NURS5842  Nursing Practice 2 (Adult Health)
NURS5843  Nursing Practice 3 (Mental Health)
NURS5844  Nursing Practice 4 (Complex Care)
NURS5845  Nursing Practice 5 (Paediatric Health)
NURS5846  Nursing Practice 6 (Interprofessional Practice in Ambulatory and Community Settings)
NURS5847  Nursing Practice 7 (Capstone)
NURS5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
NURS5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
NURS8801  Dissertation (full-time)
NURS8802  Dissertation (part-time)


OCEN4001  Oceans Governance
OCEN4002  Ocean Hazards
OCEN4003  Strategic Leadership for the Blue Economy
OCEN4004  Sustainable Marine Management and Planning
OCEN4005  The Indian Ocean Environment
OCEN4006  Working with Multiple Disciplines
OCEN5001  Ocean Data Analysis
OCEN5002  Ocean Engineering and Technology
OCEN5003  Decommissioning Offshore Infrastructure
OCEN5511  Ocean Leadership Research Project Part 1
OCEN5512  Ocean Leadership Research Project Part 2


OGEG4590  Special Topics in Oil and Gas Engineering
OGEG5801  Introduction to Oil and Gas Engineering
OGEG5802  Introduction to Offshore Engineering
OGEG5803  Reservoir Engineering
OGEG5804  Petroleum Geology and Geophysics
OGEG5805  Drilling Engineering
OGEG5806  Process Simulation
OGEG5807  Subsea Technology
OGEG5808  Offshore Structures
OGEG5809  Field Development Project
OGEG5810  The Hydrocarbon Economy
OGEG8521  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 1
OGEG8522  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 2
OGEG8523  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 3


PAED3301  Early Origins of Health and Disease
PAED4401  Research Conduct and Ethics
PAED4402  Child Health Honours Research Process I
PAED4403  Child Health Honours Research Process II
PAED4404  Child Health Honours Research Project I
PAED4405  Child Health Honours Research Project II
PAED4406  Nutrition, Lactation and Gastrointestinal Disease
PAED4407  Neonatal Surgery
PAED4408  Neonatal Infections and Immunology
PAED4409  Evidence-based Medicine
PAED4410  Neonatal Respiration and Ventilation
PAED4411  Introduction to Transport Medicine
PAED5501  Neonatal Echocardiography
PAED5502  Practicum I
PAED5503  Practicum II
PAED5504  Transport Medicine
PAED5520  Neonatology Dissertation
PAED5702  Paediatric Sleep Science
PAED5705  Physiology of Sleep Responses
PAED5706  Methods in Sleep Measurement
PAED5707  Clinical Applications of Sleep Responses
PAED5708  Conducting Sleep Studies
PAED5709  Physiology of Respiratory Responses
PAED5710  Methods in Respiratory Measurement
PAED5711  Clinical Applications of Respiratory Responses
PAED5712  Conducting Respiratory Studies
PAED5713  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology I
PAED5714  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology II
PAED5901  MChHRes Thesis Research (full-time)
PAED5902  MChHRes Thesis Research (part-time)


PATH2210  Fundamentals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
PATH2211  Molecular Medicine
PATH2220  Introduction to Human Disease
PATH3304  Drugs and Disease B
PATH3305  Medical Genetics
PATH3307  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine I
PATH3308  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine II
PATH3309  Cancer Pathology
PATH5113  Research Project Proposal
PATH5114  Research Communication
PATH5115  Research Project Part 1
PATH5116  Research Project Part 2
PATH5117  Research Project Part 1
PATH5118  Research Project Part 2
PATH5121  Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5122  Advanced Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5125  Clinical Biochemistry Practicum
PATH5131  Anatomical Pathology
PATH5132  Advanced Anatomical Pathology
PATH5135  Anatomical Pathology Practicum
PATH5141  Clinical Immunology
PATH5142  Advanced Clinical Immunology
PATH5145  Clinical Immunology Practicum
PATH5151  Molecular Pathology
PATH5152  Advanced Molecular Pathology
PATH5155  Molecular Pathology Practicum
PATH5161  Haematology
PATH5162  Advanced Haematology
PATH5165  Haematology Practicum
PATH5172  Advanced Clinical Microbiology
PATH5175  Clinical Microbiology Practicum
PATH5511  Clinical Laboratory Skills 1
PATH5513  Biochemistry Research Project
PATH5514  Clinical Laboratory Skills 2
PATH5520  Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Markers and Iron
PATH5521  Pharmacogenetics, Drug Monitoring and Toxicology
PATH5522  Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Newborn Screening and Paediatric Biochemistry
PATH5524  Liver Function
PATH5525  Electrolytes , Renal Function and Calculi
PATH5526  Clinical Enzymology, Tumour Markers and Proteins
PATH5527  Endocrine System 1
PATH5528  Endocrine System 2
PATH5529  Potassium and Acid-base Balance
PATH5530  Anatomical Pathology Research Project
PATH5531  Foundations of Surgical Pathology
PATH5532  Surgical Anatomy, Grossing Techniques and Histology
PATH5533  Surgical Pathology 1—Genitourinary and Dermatopathology
PATH5534  Surgical Pathology 2—Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatic
PATH5535  Surgical Pathology 3—Breast and Respiratory
PATH5536  Surgical Pathology 4—Haematolymphoid and Endocrine
PATH5537  Surgical Pathology 5—Soft Tissue and Bone
PATH5538  Surgical Pathology 6—Neuropathology, Head and Neck
PATH5543  Principles of Human Immunology
PATH5544  Immunodeficiency
PATH5545  Infectious Disease and Tumour Immunology
PATH5546  Hypersensitivity and Allergy
PATH5547  Autoimmunity
PATH5548  Immunogenetics
PATH5549  Transplantation Immunology
PATH5550  Clinical Immunology Research Project
PATH5553  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Theory
PATH5554  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Practicum
PATH5555  Mutation Detection—Laboratory Analytical Methods
PATH5556  Molecular Genetics Theory
PATH5557  Molecular Genetics Practicum 1
PATH5558  Molecular Genetics Practicum 2
PATH5559  Immunogenetics
PATH5560  Clinical Genetics Research Project
PATH5561  Diagnostics Methods I—Cellular Analysis
PATH5563  Acute Leukaemia
PATH5564  Lymphoproliferative Disorders
PATH5565  Mature Plasma Cell Neoplasms
PATH5566  Myeloproliferative and Myelodysplastic Disorders
PATH5567  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Transfusion
PATH5568  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Coagulation
PATH5569  Haematological Transplantation
PATH5570  Haematology Research Project
PATH5571  Multiresistant Organisms
PATH5572  Molecular Microbiology
PATH5573  Microbiology Research Project


PETR4511  Reservoir Simulation
PETR8522  Reservoir Simulation


PHAR1101  Drugs that Changed the World
PHAR2210  Foundations of Pharmacology
PHAR2220  Human Pharmacology
PHAR3303  Drugs and Disease A
PHAR3310  Molecular Pharmacology
PHAR3311  Molecular Pharmacology Methods
PHAR3320  Systems Pharmacology
PHAR3321  Systems Pharmacology Methods
PHAR4401  Pharmacology Research Project Part 4
PHAR4402  Pharmacology Research Literature Review
PHAR4403  Research Communication in Pharmacology
PHAR4407  Medical Research Design, Protocols and Analysis
PHAR4408  Medical Research Ethics and Clinical Rationale
PHAR4411  Pharmacology Research Project Part 1
PHAR4421  Pharmacology Research Project Part 2
PHAR4431  Pharmacology Research Project Part 3
PHAR5501  Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Year 1) Part 1
PHAR5502  Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Year 1) Part 2


PHCY3301  Therapeutic Product Formulation
PHCY3302  Nutrition, Health and Drug Development
PHCY5000  Professional Work Experience
PHCY5002  Special unit: UWA-ZJU Pharmacy Research Project
PHCY5601  Introduction to Pharmacy Practice
PHCY5602  Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapy 1
PHCY5603  Applied Pharmacotherapy
PHCY5605  Clinical Science for Pharmacy I
PHCY5606  Foundations of Clinical Science
PHCY5608  Health Systems and Pharmacoeconomics
PHCY5609  Current Developments in Nutrition, Health and Biotechnology
PHCY5610  Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics
PHCY5611  Medicinal Product Formulation
PHCY5612  Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapy 2
PHCY5613  Pharmacy Management and Pharmacoeconomics
PHCY5614  Pharmacy Research Project
PHCY5615  Pharmacy Placement I
PHCY5616  Pharmacy Placement II
PHCY5617  Clinical Science for Pharmacy II
PHCY5618  Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis
PHCY5619  Medicinal Chemistry for Pharmacy
PHCY5620  Applied Pharmacy Practice 1
PHCY5621  Applied Pharmacy Practice 2
PHCY5801  Pharmacotherapy for Nurses
PHCY7400  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
PHCY7401  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
PHCY7402  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Research Project Part 1
PHCY7403  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Research Project Part 2
PHCY9901  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
PHCY9902  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)


PHIL1001  Justice and Contemporary Ethics
PHIL1002  Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHIL1003  God, Mind and Knowledge
PHIL2001  Bioethics
PHIL2002  Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning
PHIL2003  Philosophy of Religion
PHIL2004  Philosophy of Mind
PHIL2005  Exploring the Nature of Science
PHIL2006  Problems in Philosophical Psychology
PHIL3001  Metaphysics: a User's Guide to Time Travel
PHIL3002  Aesthetics
PHIL3003  Moral Theory
PHIL3004  Meaning, Truth and Language
PHIL3005  Continental Philosophy
PHIL3006  Philosophy East and West
PHIL3007  Advanced Logic
PHIL3194  Special unit: Advanced Metaphysics
PHIL4101  Advanced Ethical Theory
PHIL4102  Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL4103  Consciousness
PHIL4104  Advanced Metaphysics
PHIL4105  Topics in the History of Philosophy
PHIL4106  Analytic Philosophy
PHIL4140  Thesis 1
PHIL4141  Thesis 2


PHYL2001  Physiology of Human Body Systems
PHYL2002  Physiology of Cells
PHYL3001  Physiology of Membranes, Muscles and Signalling
PHYL3002  Physiology of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
PHYL3003  Physiology of Nutrition and Metabolism
PHYL3004  Physiology of Integrated Organ Function
PHYL3305  Human Growth, Development and Ageing
PHYL5501  Audiological Instrumentation Part 1
PHYL5502  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5510  Physiology of the Auditory System
PHYL5511  Audiological Instrumentation Part 2
PHYL5512  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 2
PHYL5513  Speech, Language and Communication
PHYL5514  Evoked Responses in Clinical Diagnosis
PHYL5515  Hearing Devices and Adult Aural Rehabilitation
PHYL5610  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 1
PHYL5611  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 2
PHYL5612  Community and Workplace Audiology
PHYL5613  Audiology Practice Management
PHYL5614  Audiology Research Project Part 2
PHYL5615  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5616  Audiology Research Project Part 1
PHYL5617  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 2
PHYL7401  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
PHYL7403  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 2
PHYL7404  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
PHYL7406  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 1


PHYS1001  Physics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYS1002  Modern Physics
PHYS1021  Applied Physics A
PHYS1022  Applied Physics B
PHYS1030  Physics Bridging Unit
PHYS2001  Quantum Mechanics 1 and Electromagnetism
PHYS2002  The Physics of Particles
PHYS3001  Quantum Mechanics 2 and Atomic Physics
PHYS3002  Electrodynamics and Relativity
PHYS3003  Astrophysics and Space Science
PHYS3011  Mathematical Physics
PHYS3012  Frontiers in Modern Physics
PHYS3044  Overseas Research Placement
PHYS3046  Research Placement
PHYS3340  Physics Vacation Project I
PHYS3341  Physics Vacation Project II
PHYS4001  Dissertation in Physics Part 1
PHYS4002  Dissertation in Physics Part 2
PHYS4003  Dissertation in Physics Part 3
PHYS4004  Dissertation in Physics Part 4
PHYS4010  Special Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYS4020  Special Topics in Experimental Physics
PHYS4415  Special Topics in Physics I
PHYS4416  Special Topics in Physics II
PHYS4417  Special Topics in Physics III
PHYS4418  Special Topics in Astrophysics
PHYS5001  Physics Research Project Development
PHYS5002  Physics Research Presentation
PHYS5010  Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYS5011  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 1
PHYS5012  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 2
PHYS5013  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 3
PHYS5014  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 4
PHYS5015  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 5
PHYS5016  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 6
PHYS5017  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 7
PHYS5018  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 8
PHYS5020  Advanced Topics in Experimental Physics
PHYS5021  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 1
PHYS5022  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 2
PHYS5023  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 3
PHYS5024  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 4
PHYS5025  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 5
PHYS5026  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 6
PHYS5027  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 7
PHYS5028  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 8
PHYS5031  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 1
PHYS5032  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 2
PHYS5033  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 3
PHYS5034  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 4
PHYS5035  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 5
PHYS5036  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 6
PHYS5037  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 7
PHYS5038  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 8
PHYS5401  Medical Imaging Physics
PHYS5402  Radiation Biology and Protection
PHYS5403  Radiotherapy Physics
PHYS5404  Radiation Physics
PHYS5405  Radiation Safety
PHYS5411  Medical Physics Thesis Part 1
PHYS5412  Medical Physics Thesis Part 2
PHYS5413  Medical Physics Thesis Part 3
PHYS5414  Medical Physics Thesis Part 4
PHYS5422  Medical Physics Thesis Part 2
PHYS5423  Medical Physics Thesis Part 3
PHYS5424  Medical Physics Thesis Part 4
PHYS5431  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 1
PHYS5432  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 2
PHYS5433  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 3
PHYS5434  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 4
PHYS5435  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 5
PHYS5436  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 6
PHYS5437  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 7
PHYS5438  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 8
PHYS5510  Advanced Topics in Physics I
PHYS5511  Advanced Topics in Physics II
PHYS5512  Advanced Topics in Physics III
PHYS5513  Advanced Topics in Astrophysics
PHYS5558  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 1
PHYS5559  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 2
PHYS5560  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 3
PHYS5561  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 4
PHYS5562  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 5
PHYS5563  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 6
PHYS5564  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 7
PHYS5565  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 8
PHYS5599  Special unit: Masters Dissertation – Physics Part 6
PHYS7400  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 1
PHYS7401  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 2
PHYS7441  Special Topics in Physics IV


PLNG4401  Planning Theory and Practice
PLNG4402  Planning Law
PLNG4403  Planning and Governance
PLNG4404  Statutory Planning
PLNG4410  Geography and Planning Practicum
PLNG4411  Urban and Regional Analysis
PLNG5403  Planning and Governance
PLNG5405  Special unit: Principles of Urban and Regional Economics
PLNG5410  Geography and Planning Practicum
PLNG5411  Urban and Regional Analysis
PLNG5510  Advanced Studies in Geography and Planning
PLNG5511  Climate Change Policy and Planning
PLNG5512  Regional Planning
PLNG5521  Urban and Regional Planning Project Part 1
PLNG5522  Urban and Regional Planning Project Part 2


PLNT2201  Plants in Action
PLNT2204  Plant Diversity and Evolution
PLNT3301  Plant Physiological Ecology
PLNT3306  Australian Vegetation
PLNT4503  Botany Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT4504  Botany Research Dissertation Part 4
PLNT4511  Plant Biology Research Project Development
PLNT4512  Plant Biology Research Presentation
PLNT5511  Plant Biology Masters Research Project Development
PLNT5512  Plant Biology Masters Research Presentation
PLNT5541  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 1
PLNT5542  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 2
PLNT5543  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT5544  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 4
PLNT5551  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
PLNT5552  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
PLNT5553  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT5554  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4


PODI4101  Podiatric Medicine 1
PODI4102  Introduction to Clinical Practice 1
PODI4104  Lower Extremity Functional Anatomy and Physiology
PODI4105  Podiatric Medicine 2
PODI4106  Introduction to Clinical Practice 2
PODI4107  Normal Systems 2
PODI4201  Podiatric Medicine 3
PODI4202  Progression of Clinical Practice 1
PODI4203  General Medicine and Pathology
PODI4205  Progression of Clinical Practice 2
PODI4206  Podiatric Medicine 4
PODI4207  Pharmacology for Podiatrists
PODI4208  Research Methods
PODI5301  Podiatric Medicine 5
PODI5302  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 1
PODI5303  Anesthesia and General Surgery
PODI5304  Podiatric Research Project
PODI5305  Podiatric Medicine 6
PODI5306  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 2
PODI5307  Podiatric Surgery
PODI5308  Podiatric Seminars
PODI5510  Podiatric Research Methodology
PODI5511  Advanced Podiatric Medicine I
PODI5512  Advanced Podiatric Medicine II
PODI5513  Advanced Podiatric Surgery
PODI5514  Podiatric Medicine Practicum
PODI5515  Podiatric Surgery Practicum
PODI5516  Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Seminars
PODI5521  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI5522  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6531  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6532  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PODI6533  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum III
PODI6534  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum IV
PODI6541  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6542  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PODI6570  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI6571  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6900  Podiatric Research Thesis (full-time)
PODI6902  Podiatric Research Thesis (part-time)


POLS1101  The Liberal Democratic State
POLS1102  The Contemporary International System
POLS2201  Foundations of Public Policy
POLS2202  Australian Politics: Institutions, Campaigning and Spin
POLS2204  The Politics of Gender
POLS2207  The Evolution of International Order
POLS2211  History of Political Ideas
POLS2214  Strategy, Diplomacy and Conflict
POLS2216  Politics in the USA
POLS2220  Foundations of Global Political Economy
POLS2231  Politics of the Mass Media
POLS2232  Global Governance
POLS2233  International Relations in East Asia
POLS3302  South Asia and the Middle East: Foreign Relations and Politics
POLS3308  Politics in Greater China
POLS3313  Australian Foreign Policy
POLS3317  Politics of New Europe
POLS3323  Elections, Mass Media and Politics
POLS3324  Islam and World Politics
POLS3326  Political Science Internship
POLS3327  Contemporary Political Theory
POLS3334  The International Politics of Africa
POLS3335  Social Movements and the Politics of Change
POLS3342  States, Welfare and Environmental Policy
POLS3343  The Politics of Representation: Australia in Comparative Perspective
POLS4101  Contemporary International Politics
POLS4105  Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations
POLS4106  Theories and Concepts in Political Science and International Relations
POLS4107  Politics and Policy
POLS4140  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 1
POLS4141  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 2
POLS5503  Public Administration
POLS5504  Public Sector Leadership in Practice
POLS5505  Regulation and Governance
POLS5611  Religion, Global Identities and World Politics
POLS5612  World Politics: Muslims in the West
POLS5613  Geopolitics in the Indian Ocean Region
POLS5631  International Relations of the Asia–Pacific
POLS5641  International Security
POLS5651  Global Political Economy
POLS5661  Foundations of International Relations
POLS5671  Peace and Security in Africa
POLS5672  Critical Perspectives in International Development
POLS5681  Governance in the International System
POLS5682  Responding to International Crises
POLS5683  US Foreign Policy
POLS5684  China and the World
POLS5685  Security and Crisis in the Asia-Pacific
POLS5686  International Norms, Ethics and Human Rights
POLS5687  Global Social Movements
POLS5688  The Evolution of International Society
POLS5701  Master's Dissertation Part 1
POLS5702  Master's Dissertation Part 2


PROF5000  Academic Development Workshop


PSYC1101  Psychology: Mind and Brain
PSYC1102  Psychology: Behaviour in Context
PSYC2203  Psychological Research Methods
PSYC2208  Psychology: Atypical Development
PSYC2209  Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSYC2212  Psychology and Social Behaviour
PSYC2213  Psychology: Lifespan Development
PSYC2214  Adult Psychopathology
PSYC2215  Cognitive Psychology
PSYC2217  Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC2218  Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
PSYC3301  Psychological Research Methods: Design and Analysis
PSYC3302  Psychological Measurement and its Application
PSYC3303  Psychological Science in the Modern World: Challenges and Controversies
PSYC3308  Psychology: Atypical Development
PSYC3309  Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSYC3310  Psychology: Specialist Research Topics
PSYC3311  Psychology: Specialist Research Topics
PSYC3312  Psychology and Social Behaviour
PSYC3313  Psychology: Lifespan Development
PSYC3314  Adult Psychopathology
PSYC3315  Cognitive Psychology
PSYC3317  Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC3318  Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
PSYC4410  Psychological Research Communication Skills
PSYC4413  Psychological Research and Practice
PSYC4416  Psychological Research and Theory
PSYC4418  Psychological Research and Data
PSYC4421  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1
PSYC4422  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2
PSYC4440  Organisational Research Project Part 1
PSYC4441  Organisational Research Project Part 2
PSYC5512  Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling
PSYC5513  Research Methods in Applied Settings
PSYC5514  Assessment and Selection
PSYC5515  Organisational Development and Work Design
PSYC5516  Professional Issues in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSYC5517  MIOP Practical Placement 3
PSYC5520  Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
PSYC5521  Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
PSYC5522  Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) Training
PSYC5523  ASD Practicum Placement
PSYC5530  Applied Research Methods
PSYC5531  Assessment and Intervention—Adult Complex Disorders
PSYC5532  Clinical Psychology and Health 1
PSYC5533  Clinical Psychology and Health
PSYC5534  Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology
PSYC5535  Advanced Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology
PSYC5536  Neuropsychology 1
PSYC5537  Neuropsychology 2
PSYC5538  Neuropsychology Placement I
PSYC5539  Human Neuroanatomy and Neuropsychology
PSYC5540  External Practicum
PSYC5542  Human Factors
PSYC5544  MBP Practical Placement 1
PSYC5545  MBP Practical Placement 2 Part 1
PSYC5546  MBP Practical Placement 2 Part 2
PSYC5547  MIOP Practical Placement 1 Part 1
PSYC5548  MIOP Practical Placement 1 Part 2
PSYC5565  External Practicum
PSYC5573  Psychology of Training
PSYC5583  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 1
PSYC5584  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 2
PSYC5585  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 3
PSYC5586  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 4
PSYC5592  Neuropsychological Assessment
PSYC5593  Special unit: Healthy Ageing Research Project
PSYC5595  Plasticity and Rehabilitation
PSYC5610  Psychology Dissertation Part 1
PSYC5613  Psychology Dissertation Part 2
PSYC5661  Specialist Topics
PSYC5662  Internal Practicum Part 2
PSYC5663  External Practicum
PSYC5664  External Practicum
PSYC5665  Topics in Neuropsychology
PSYC5672  Foundations in Clinical Skills I
PSYC5673  Foundations in Clinical Skills II
PSYC5674  Assessment and Intervention—Childhood Disorders
PSYC5675  Assessment and Intervention—Emotional Disorders
PSYC5678  Practicum I
PSYC5679  Practicum II
PSYC5681  Thesis Proposal
PSYC5830  Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing
PSYC5831  Practical Placement I
PSYC5832  MIOP Practical Placement 2
PSYC5903  Placement I
PSYC5904  Placement II
PSYC6601  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 1
PSYC6602  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 2
PSYC6603  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 3
PSYC6604  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 4
PSYC6605  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 5
PSYC6606  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 6
PSYC7413  Psychological Research and Practice
PSYC7416  Psychological Research and Theory
PSYC7418  Psychological Research and Data
PSYC7421  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1
PSYC7422  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2
PSYC9902  Research Thesis 2 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Part 2
PSYC9905  Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology 1
PSYC9906  Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology 2
PSYC9907  Clinical Internship Part 1
PSYC9908  Clinical Internship Part 2
PSYC9909  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 1 Part 2
PSYC9910  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 2 Part 2
PSYC9912  Research Thesis 2 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Part 1
PSYC9919  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 1 Part 1
PSYC9922  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 2 Part 1


PTMT5401  Manual Therapy for the Upper Quarter
PTMT5402  Manual Therapy for the Lower Quarter
PTMT5403  Manual Therapy for the Spine and Pelvis
PTMT5404  Sports Rehabilitation and Clinical Anatomy
PTMT5501  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5502  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5503  Secondary Consequences of Adult-onset Acquired Neurological Dysfunction
PTMT5504  Neural Plasticity—Review and Implications for Clinical Practice
PTMT5505  Sequelae of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neurological Impairment in Children
PTMT5506  Neural Plasticity—Review and Implications for Paediatric Clinical Practice
PTMT5509  Neurological Rehabilitation Thesis (full-time)
PTMT5511  Neurological Rehabilitation Thesis (part-time)
PTMT5556  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Rehabilitation
PTMT5557  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PTMT5558  Manual Therapy Practice
PTMT5559  Rehabilitation Science
PTMT5560  Joint Structure, Physiology and Response to Injury
PTMT5561  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
PTMT5562  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PTMT5601  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5602  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5603  Neuromuscular Sequelae of CNS Injury
PTMT5604  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Injury
PTMT5605  Neural Recovery and Repair After Neurological Injury
PTMT5606  Neural Plasticity—Implications for Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5607  Neuromuscular Sequelae of CNS Dysfunction in Children
PTMT5608  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Dysfunction in Children
PTMT5609  Neural Recovery and Repair in the Immature CNS
PTMT5610  Neural Plasticity—Implications for Paediatric Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5701  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PTMT5702  Manual Therapy Practice
PTMT5703  Rehabilitation Science
PTMT5704  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy
PTMT5705  Joint Structure, Physiology and Response to Injury
PTMT5706  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
PTMT5707  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PTMT5708  Chronic Disease Management in Manual Therapy
PTMT6563  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy


PUBH1101  Health and Illness in Human Populations
PUBH1102  Health and Globalisation
PUBH2203  Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
PUBH2204  Disease Prevention and Control
PUBH2208  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
PUBH2209  Plagues, Pox and Pandemics: the History of Death and Disease
PUBH2211  Population Health Field Trip
PUBH2216  Communication and Project Planning in Health
PUBH2291  Special unit: Public Health Field Studies in Nepal
PUBH3301  Health Leadership
PUBH3302  Health Promotion
PUBH3305  Health Research Design and Methods
PUBH3307  Health Systems and Policy
PUBH3308  Population Health Practicum
PUBH4401  Biostatistics I
PUBH4402  Honours Research Process
PUBH4403  Epidemiology I
PUBH4404  Population Health Honours Project Part 1
PUBH4405  Population Health Honours Project Part 2
PUBH5701  Public Health Project (full-time)
PUBH5703  Public Health Project (part-time)
PUBH5712  Dissertation (full-time)
PUBH5714  Dissertation (part-time)
PUBH5742  Fundamentals of Genetic Epidemiology
PUBH5743  Environmental and Occupational Health
PUBH5749  Foundations of Public Health
PUBH5751  Disease Prevention in Population Health
PUBH5752  Health Systems and Economics
PUBH5754  Health Promotion I
PUBH5757  Clinical Epidemiology
PUBH5758  Public Health Practicum
PUBH5759  Epidemiology II
PUBH5761  Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases
PUBH5763  Leadership and Management of Health Services
PUBH5765  Health Promotion II
PUBH5766  Health Survey Research Methods
PUBH5769  Biostatistics II
PUBH5771  Special Topics in Public Health
PUBH5783  Health in an Era of Environmental Change
PUBH5784  Special Topics in Public Health
PUBH5785  Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data
PUBH5801  Economic Evaluation of Health Care
PUBH5802  Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data
PUBH5804  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
PUBH5805  Qualitative Research Methods in Health
PUBH7401  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 1
PUBH7402  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 2
PUBH7411  Population Health Honours Program Part 1
PUBH7412  Population Health Honours Program Part 2
PUBH8717  Applied Health Economics
PUBH8767  Maternal and Child Health
PUBH8776  Underlying Issues in Aboriginal Health


RMED4403  Health Program Evaluation
RMED5311  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1
RMED5312  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1 - Notre Dame
RMED5321  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2
RMED5322  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2 - Notre Dame
RMED5801  Rural Clinical Education Practice
RMED5802  Philosophy of Rural and Remote Medicine
RMED5803  Principles of Clinical Teaching and Learning (Rural)
RMED5804  Research Methods for Rural Medicine
RMED5805  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Communication
RMED5806  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Clinical
RMED5816  Rural Health Nursing
RMED5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
RMED5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
RMED6601  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 1
RMED6602  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 2


RSDT0001  Research Training Unit for International Students


SAHE4221  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE4222  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE5312  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 2
SAHE5321  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5322  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5411  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 4
SAHE5412  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 4


SCIE1104  Science, Society and Data Analysis
SCIE1106  Molecular Biology of the Cell
SCIE1121  Our Universe
SCIE1122  Our Solar System
SCIE2100  Social Responsibility in Action
SCIE2204  Marine Systems
SCIE2205  Science Work Placement
SCIE2206  Special unit: Schools Science Engagement
SCIE2225  Molecular Biology
SCIE2267  Quantitative Methods in Environmental Management
SCIE3304  Field Techniques in Marine Science
SCIE3314  Crops and Cropping Systems
SCIE3326  Molecular Biology Part 1
SCIE3327  Molecular Biology Part 2
SCIE3366  Project and Risk Management
SCIE3367  Decision Tools for Natural Resource Management
SCIE3389  Special unit: Research in Threatened Species; Arachnids
SCIE3390  Special unit: Research Mitochondrial Protein Transporters
SCIE3397  Special unit: Physiological response of coral and coralline algae
SCIE3398  Special unit: Research in protein expression
SCIE4001  The Objectives and Applications of Genomics
SCIE4002  Bioinformatics and Data Analysis for Genomics
SCIE4401  Data Use in the Natural Sciences
SCIE4402  Data Management and Analysis in the Natural Sciences
SCIE4403  The Conduct, Ethics and Communication of Science
SCIE4404  Techniques in Molecular Sciences
SCIE4481  Good, Bogus and Corrupted Science
SCIE4501  Science Research Dissertation Part 1
SCIE4502  Science Research Dissertation Part 2
SCIE4503  Science Research Dissertation Part 3
SCIE4504  Science Research Dissertation Part 4
SCIE5001  Farming Systems Analysis
SCIE5500  Modelling Natural Systems
SCIE5501  Science Technology Dissertation
SCIE5502  Science Technology Dissertation Part 1
SCIE5503  Science Technology Dissertation Part 2
SCIE5505  Global Change and the Marine Environment
SCIE5507  Food Fibre and Fuel Security
SCIE5510  Biomedical Science Research in Context—Literature Review
SCIE5511  Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5512  Science Research Project Part 2
SCIE5513  Science Research Project Part 3
SCIE5515  Global Challenges in Biomedical Science
SCIE5516  Materials Characterisation for Bioengineering Applications
SCIE5550  Research Design
SCIE5551  Master's Dissertation 1
SCIE5552  Master's Dissertation 2
SCIE5553  Master's Dissertation 3
SCIE5590  Literature Review and Research Proposal
SCIE5610  Food Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5611  Food Science Research Project Part 2
SCIE5612  Food Science Research Project Part 3
SCIE5613  Food Science Research Project Part 4
SCIE5721  Master of Science Thesis (full-time)
SCIE5722  Master of Science Thesis (part-time)
SCIE5850  Introduction to Food Safety
SCIE5851  Quality Control and Assurance
SCIE8741  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 1
SCIE8742  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 2
SCIE8743  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 3
SCIE8744  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 4


SCOM1101  Communicating Science
SCOM2205  Science Presentations
SCOM2208  Science Writing
SCOM3318  Science Communication Practicum
SCOM3319  Exhibitions and Interpretation
SCOM3320  Communication Strategies for Change
SCOM3321  Science and the Media
SCOM3322  Science Performance
SCOM4402  Science Communication Literature Review
SCOM4403  Science Presentations
SCOM4705  Science Communication Research Proposal
SCOM5302  Contemporary Issues in Science Communication
SCOM5303  Communication Strategies for Change
SCOM5304  Science Communication Practicum
SCOM5306  Informal Science Education Practicum
SCOM5307  Evaluating Science Engagement
SCOM5308  Peer Review
SCOM5702  Exhibitions and Interpretation
SCOM5703  Science and the Media
SCOM5704  Learning Technologies
SCOM5810  Science Communication Dissertation Part 1
SCOM5811  Science Communication Dissertation Part 2
SCOM5812  Science Communication Dissertation Part 3
SCOM5813  Science Communication Dissertation Part 4
SCOM5814  Science Communication Dissertation Part 5
SCOM5815  Science Communication Dissertation Part 6


SHPC4001  Principles of Scientific Computation
SHPC4002  High Performance Computing
SHPC5001  Advanced Scientific Computation
SHPC5002  High Performance Scientific Computing


SMED4221  Research Foundations Unit
SMED4222  Service Learning Unit 1
SMED5311  Research Project 1
SMED5312  Service Learning Unit 2
SMED5321  Research Project 2
SMED5322  Service Learning Unit 3
SMED5411  Research Project 3
SMED5412  Service Learning Unit 4


SOCS2901  Mining the Landscape
SOCS4001  Religion and Development
SOCS4100  Honours Research Skills
SOCS5001  Engaging Cultural Difference
SOCS5002  Advanced Qualitative Methods: Ethnography
SOCS5003  Research Design
SOCS5004  Doing Gendered Research
SOCS5005  Social Research Ethics
SOCS5007  Research Paradigms
SOCS5008  Qualitative Methods and Analysis
SOCS5009  Innovative Social Research Methods
SOCS5010  NGOs, Governance and Development
SOCS5013  Gender in Development: Approaches and Issues
SOCS5101  Social Sciences Professional Placement 1
SOCS5102  Social Sciences Professional Placement 2
SOCS5103  Social Sciences Professional Placement 3
SOCS5104  Social Sciences Professional Placement 4
SOCS5105  International Collaborative Study Experience
SOCS5200  Digital Advocacy
SOCS5301  Researching the Past
SOCS5501  Evaluation
SOCS5502  Conservation, Development and Sustainability
SOCS5551  Master's Dissertation 1
SOCS5552  Master's Dissertation 2
SOCS5553  Master's Dissertation 3
SOCS5911  Fieldwork in Complex and Hostile Places Part 1
SOCS5912  Fieldwork in Complex and Hostile Places Part 2


SPAN1401  Spanish Studies 1
SPAN1402  Spanish Studies 2


SRUR4221  Rural Specialisation—Research Foundations Unit
SRUR4222  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Foundations Unit
SRUR5311  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 1
SRUR5312  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 2
SRUR5321  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 2
SRUR5322  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 3
SRUR5411  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 3
SRUR5412  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 4


SSEH1101  The Musculoskeletal System and Movement
SSEH1102  Applied Anatomy and Athletic Performance
SSEH1103  Physical Fitness and Health
SSEH1104  Active Leadership 1: Developing Leadership Skills
SSEH2240  Motor Learning and Control
SSEH2250  Biomechanics in Sport and Exercise
SSEH2260  Exercise Physiology
SSEH2270  Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Exercise and Health
SSEH2290  Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity
SSEH2296  Skilled Movement Instruction
SSEH3301  Exercise Prescription and Nutrition for Health and Fitness
SSEH3339  Community and Worksite Health Promotion
SSEH3345  Lifespan Motor Development
SSEH3355  Biomechanical Principles
SSEH3365  Sport Physiology
SSEH3366  Bioenergetics in Exercise, Nutrition and Energy Balance
SSEH3375  Psychology of Sport
SSEH3376  Coaching Psychology
SSEH3385  Motor Development and Dysfunction
SSEH3389  Exercise Rehabilitation
SSEH3392  Professional Practice
SSEH3393  Professional Practice Part 1
SSEH3394  Professional Practice Part 2
SSEH4401  Exercise Prescription for Healthy Populations
SSEH4402  Nutrition, Health and Body Composition
SSEH4602  Research Methods
SSEH4603  Data Analysis
SSEH4633  Advanced Biomechanical Methods
SSEH4644  Advanced Exercise Physiology
SSEH4654  Advanced Concepts in Motor Control and Learning
SSEH4664  Exercise and Health Psychology
SSEH4711  Honours Dissertation Part 1
SSEH4712  Honours Dissertation Part 2
SSEH4713  Honours Dissertation Part 3
SSEH4714  Honours Dissertation Part 4
SSEH5003  Health Science Industry Practicum I
SSEH5004  Health Science Industry Practicum II
SSEH5020  Literature Review and Research Proposal
SSEH5021  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 1
SSEH5022  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 2
SSEH5023  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 3
SSEH5464  Physical Education Curriculum I
SSEH5474  Physical Education Curriculum II
SSEH5475  Advanced Psychology of Sport
SSEH5491  Health Education
SSEH5492  Health Promotion in the Schools
SSEH5643  Cardiac Rehabilitation
SSEH5645  Workplace Injury Prevention and Management
SSEH5646  Exercise Rehabilitation for Chronic and Complex Conditions
SSEH5651  Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
SSEH5654  Fundamentals in Research Methods
SSEH5655  Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Sport Science, Exercise and Health
SSEH5667  Paediatric Exercise Rehabilitation
SSEH5677  Sport and Recreation Marketing
SSEH5678  Sport and Recreation Management
SSEH5685  Work Site Health Promotion
SSEH5687  Physical Ergonomics
SSEH5688  Introduction to Work Health and Safety
SSEH5689  Physical Development, Movement and Health
SSEH5691  Industry Practicum I
SSEH5692  Industry Practicum II
SSEH5694  Research Colloquium
SSEH7602  Research Methods
SSEH7603  Data Analysis
SSEH7701  Interdisciplinary Studies
SSEH9600  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 2
SSEH9601  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 1
SSEH9714  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 1
SSEH9715  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 2
SSEH9716  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 3


STAT1400  Statistics for Science
STAT1520  Economic and Business Statistics
STAT2062  Fundamentals of Probability with Applications
STAT2401  Analysis of Experiments
STAT2402  Analysis of Observations
STAT3061  Random Processes and their Applications
STAT3062  Statistical Science
STAT3369  3S9: Advanced Topics in Mathematical Statistics
STAT3401  Advanced Data Analysis
STAT3402  Communication and Problem Solving with Statistics
STAT3405  Introduction to Bayesian Computing and Statistics
STAT3406  Applied Statistics and Data Visualisation
STAT4061  Probability and Stochastic Processes
STAT4062  Statistical Modelling and Inference
STAT4063  Computationally Intensive Methods in Statistics
STAT4064  Applied Predictive Modelling
STAT4065  Multilevel and Mixed-Effects Modelling
STAT4066  Bayesian Computing and Statistics
STAT4067  Applied Statistics and Data Visualisation
STAT7415  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 1
STAT7425  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 2
STAT7449  4S9: Topics in Probability and Statistics
STAT7515  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 1
STAT7525  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 2


SURG5850  Surgical Specialty Core Skills
SURG5851  Surgical Specialty Advanced Skills
SURG5852  Thesis Research (full-time)
SURG5853  Thesis Research (part-time)


SVLG1001  Fundamentals of Service Learning
SVLG1002  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship
SVLG1005  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship (0 credit points)
SVLG1006  Pathways to Citizenship
SVLG1007  Special unit: Student Leader Internship
SVLG2001  Community Impact Studies
SVLG2003  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers I
SVLG2004  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers II
SVLG4003  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers III
SVLG4004  Service Learning for UWA Student Guild Office Bearers IV
SVLG5001  McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship
SVLG5002  Special unit: McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship (12 credit points)
SVLG5003  Transdisciplinary Service Learning and Design
SVLG5007  Graduate Student Leader Internship
SVLG5900  Special unit: Service Learning Postgraduate Research Internship


SWSP4429  Field Education II
SWSP4536  Dissertation
SWSP5301  Social Work Knowledges, Theory and Values
SWSP5306  Indigenous People and Social Work
SWSP5309  Field Education 1: First Placement
SWSP5404  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 1
SWSP5405  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 2
SWSP5406  Policy and Community
SWSP5407  Research Methods
SWSP5429  Field Education 2: Final Placement
SWSP5601  Theory for Practice
SWSP5602  Research Methods
SWSP5605  Advanced Community Practice
SWSP5607  Professional Supervision
SWSP5608  Group Work
SWSP5611  Indigenous Policy and Practice
SWSP5613  Health and Human Development
SWSP5614  Theory and Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5615  Advanced Statutory Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5616  Mental Health Policy and Practice
SWSP5617  Family-centred Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5618  Professional Supervision and Management: Child Protection
SWSP5619  Theory and Practice: Child Protection
SWSP5620  Advanced Child Protection Practice
SWSP5621  Child and Family-centred Practice: Child Protection
SWSP5630  Introduction to Psychosocial Theory
SWSP5631  Introduction to Social Work Methods
SWSP5632  Organisational Practice and Law
SWSP5633  Counselling and Ethics
SWSP5634  Social Work and Mental Health Practice
SWSP5635  Organisational Practice, Law and Research
SWSP9901  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9902  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9903  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9904  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 1
SWSP9905  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (full-time)
SWSP9906  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (part-time)
SWSP9907  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9908  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9909  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9910  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 2


TRNS5001  Introduction to Translation Studies
TRNS5002  Interdisciplinary Translation Studies
TRNS5003  Corpus-based Translation Studies
TRNS5004  Translation Localisation
TRNS5006  General Interpreting
TRNS5007  Translation Project
TRNS5011  The Ethics of Translation
TRNS5020  Translation Studies Dissertation 1
TRNS5021  Translation Studies Dissertation 2
TRNS5106  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 1
TRNS5107  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 2
TRNS5108  Specialised Translation
TRNS5109  General Translation
TRNS5111  Translation Studies Professional Placement
TRNS5501  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 1
TRNS5502  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 2
TRNS5503  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 3
TRNS5508  Specialised Translation 1: French
TRNS5509  Specialised Translation 2: French
TRNS5608  Specialised Translation 1: Italian
TRNS5609  Specialised Translation 2: Italian
TRNS5708  Specialised Translation 1: German
TRNS5709  Specialised Translation 2: German


URBD1000  Introduction to Urban Design
URBD5802  Urban Design Studio
URBD5804  Urban Design Workshop
URBD5805  Contemporary Urbanism (Twentieth and Twenty-first Century)
URBD5807  The Forces that Shape Cities
URBD5808  Case Studies in Urban Design
URBD5820  Urban Design Research Methods
URBD5821  Urban Design Research (full-time)
URBD5822  Urban Design Research (part-time)


VISA1050  Art of Visualisation and Recording
VISA1051  Art in the Environment
VISA1052  Art of Expression
VISA1053  Video Art: Methods and Means
VISA1054  Art of Drawing
VISA2050  Video Art: Experimental Investigations
VISA2051  Curatorial Practices
VISA2214  Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
VISA2215  Painting Now
VISA2249  Art and Life Manipulation
VISA2255  Sculpture: Time and Space
VISA2260  Art of Human Anatomy
VISA2268  Surrealism
VISA2270  International Studio for Arts and Culture
VISA2272  Art of the Graphic Novel
VISA2273  Art of Drawing—Advanced
VISA3050  Advanced Studio
VISA3051  Advanced Major Project
VISA4001  Fine Arts Honours Seminar 1: Survey and Situate
VISA4002  Fine Arts Honours Seminar 2: Critical Thought
VISA4003  Fine Arts Honours Dissertation
VISA4004  Fine Arts Honours Project Part 1
VISA4005  Fine Arts Honours Project Part 2

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