UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Arts

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ANTH1001  Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
ANTH1002  Global Change, Local Responses
ANTH2001  Social Thought
ANTH2401  Constructing Cultures Through Media
ANTH2402  Religion in Society
ANTH2405  Sex, Gender and Social Life
ANTH2406  Society, Law and Politics
ANTH2407  Australian Society
ANTH2702  Environment, Power and Disasters in Asia
ANTH2801  Refugees, Human Rights, Violence and Fear
ANTH2901  Religion and Globalisation
ANTH2902  Aboriginal Art and Society
ANTH3001  Ethnography: Methodological Perspectives
ANTH3401  Engaged Anthropology
ANTH3402  Contemporary Social Thought
ANTH3413  Social Meaning of Money
ANTH3501  Mind, Body, Culture
ANTH3601  Indigenous Australia
ANTH3602  The Social Worlds of the Indo-Pacific
ANTH3701  Environment, Landscape and Place
ANTH3801  Migration, Mobilities, Belonging
ANTH4101  Advanced Qualitative Methods: Interviews and Focus Groups
ANTH4103  Knowing Social Realities: Theoretical Foundations
ANTH4104  Knowing Social Realities: Empirical Explorations
ANTH4140  Dissertation (Anthropology and Sociology) 1
ANTH4141  Dissertation (Anthropology and Sociology) 2


ARCT3001  Architecture Studio 4
ARCT5555  Graduating Portfolio
ARCT5588  Building Pictures
ARCT5594  Drawing Out, Drawing In


ARCY1001  Discoveries in Archaeology
ARCY1002  Archaeology Today: Principles and Themes
ARCY2001  The Emerging Human
ARCY2002  Archaeology of Colonisation and Contact
ARCY2003  Historical Archaeology
ARCY2004  Archaeology of Rock Art
ARCY2005  Rock Art Field Unit
ARCY3002  Archaeological Field Methods
ARCY3003  Archaeological Laboratory Methods
ARCY3005  Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ARCY3007  Archaeology of East and Southeast Asia: Origins to Civilisation
ARCY3008  Archaeological Method and Theory
ARCY3010  Archaeology of Europe: Neanderthals to Homer
ARCY4101  Archaeological Theory
ARCY4102  Professional Practice (Archaeology)
ARCY4103  Research Training 1
ARCY4104  Research Training
ARCY4140  Dissertation (Archaeology) 1
ARCY4141  Dissertation (Archaeology) 2
ARCY5103  Artefact Analysis
ARCY5104  Working with Stakeholders
ARCY5107  Reporting Archaeology
ARCY5108  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 1
ARCY5109  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 2


ARLA2001  Design Studio—Future Making


ASIA1001  Asian Societies and Cultures
ASIA1002  Asia from colonial to modern
ASIA2001  Culture, Society and the State in Asia
ASIA2002  Australia and Asia
ASIA2004  Popular Culture in Asia
ASIA2214  Japan in Changing Asia
ASIA2217  Shifting Identities in Japan
ASIA3001  Indonesian Politics and Culture
ASIA3002  Issues in Japanese Society and Culture
ASIA3003  Social Issues in Contemporary China
ASIA3004  Gender and Power in Asia
ASIA3005  Democratisation in Asia
ASIA3006  Contemporary Korean Society
ASIA3902  Special unit: NCP Mobility Mitsui Immersion Program
ASIA4101  Evolution of Asian Studies
ASIA4102  Issues in Researching Asia
ASIA4103  Social Theory 1—Grand Narratives
ASIA4104  Social Theory 2—Critical Approaches
ASIA4105  Evolution of Asian Studies A
ASIA4106  Issues in Researching Asia A
ASIA4140  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 1
ASIA4141  Dissertation (Asian Studies) 2
ASIA5001  Key Debates in the Asian Region
ASIA5002  Critical Cultural Engagement with Asia
ASIA5003  Advanced Critical Thinking in Asian Studies
ASIA5094  Special unit: Gender and Power in Asia


AUST2901  Australia: Myths and Realities


BLDG5050  BIM Dynamo


BUSN0001  Business Literacy
BUSN0002  Critical Thinking and Reasoning
BUSN0003  Applied Business Communication
BUSN0004  Introductory Mathematics


CHIN1001  Chinese 3A
CHIN1401  Chinese 1
CHIN1402  Chinese 2
CHIN1403  Chinese 3
CHIN1404  Chinese 4
CHIN1405  Chinese 5
CHIN1406  Chinese 6
CHIN2001  Chinese 3A
CHIN2003  Translation for Beginners: English to Chinese
CHIN2004  Translation for Beginners: Chinese to English
CHIN2403  Chinese 3
CHIN2404  Chinese 4
CHIN2405  Chinese 5
CHIN2406  Chinese 6
CHIN2407  Chinese 7
CHIN2408  Chinese 8
CHIN2801  China Field Study
CHIN2802  Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Program (Taiwan)
CHIN3405  Chinese 5
CHIN3406  Chinese 6
CHIN3407  Chinese 7
CHIN3408  Chinese 8
CHIN3409  Chinese 9
CHIN3410  Chinese 10
CHIN5001  Chinese for Professionals 1
CHIN5002  Chinese for Professionals 2


CLAN1001  Myths of the Greeks and Romans: Story, History and Reinvention
CLAN1002  Glory and Grandeur
CLAN1101  Latin 1
CLAN2001  The Golden Age of Athens
CLAN2002  The Foundation of the Roman Empire
CLAN2102  Latin 2
CLAN2103  Latin 3
CLAN2201  Greek 1
CLAN2202  Greek 2
CLAN3001  Ancient Epic
CLAN3002  The Emergence of Greece
CLAN3003  Greek Theatre
CLAN3004  Alexander the Great
CLAN3005  Roman Archaeology
CLAN3006  The Roman Revolution
CLAN3007  The Majesty of the Roman Empire
CLAN3008  Roman Britain
CLAN3104  Latin 4
CLAN3203  Greek 3
CLAN3204  Greek 4
CLAN4101  Researching the Classical World 1—Problems and Resources
CLAN4102  Researching the Classical World 2—the Research Seminar in Practice
CLAN4103  Ancient Greek Language and Literature
CLAN4104  Latin Language and Literature
CLAN4105  Literature, Narrative, History
CLAN4106  Material Culture
CLAN4140  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 1
CLAN4141  Dissertation (Classics and Ancient History) 2


COMM1001  Power, Participation and Meaning
COMM1002  Cultures, New Media and Communications
COMM1901  Communication in Practice
COMM2001  Communication and Mass Media
COMM2002  Digital Media
COMM2207  Media and Culture Industries in Hong Kong
COMM3001  Case Studies in Communication
COMM3002  Media Production Project
COMM3003  Designing Play
COMM3004  Journalism in Practice
COMM3901  Television and Video Production
COMM4101  Concepts in Communication
COMM4102  Sexuality, Media, Culture
COMM4103  iGeneration
COMM4104  Public Communication
COMM4106  Advanced Topics in Media and Communication
COMM4140  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 1
COMM4141  Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 2
COMM4142  Dissertation 1
COMM4143  Dissertation 2
COMM4604  Media Law and Ethics
COMM4704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
COMM5601  History of Journalism
COMM5602  Online Journalism
COMM5603  Print and Digital
COMM5604  Media Governance
COMM5605  Issues in Contemporary Global Journalism
COMM5607  News Gathering: Technique and Timing
COMM5608  Broadcast and Digital
COMM5609  Advanced Writing and Broadcasting
COMM5610  Management and Editorial
COMM5611  Politics, Business and the Economy
COMM5612  The Role of the Correspondent
COMM5613  Practicum 3: Website Editor
COMM5620  Dissertation (full-time)
COMM5621  Dissertation (part-time)
COMM5701  Strategic Communications in a Digital Era
COMM5702  Digital Media: Theory and Practice
COMM5703  Communication, Innovation and Project Management
COMM5704  Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication
COMM5705  Representation and Promotion
COMM5706  Accountability and Responsibility in the Media
COMM5901  Special unit: Television and Video Production


EMPL5450  Advanced Topics in Employment Relations


ENGL1000  Global Literatures
ENGL1002  Literary Classics
ENGL1401  Page and Screen: Fiction in the Digital Age
ENGL1501  Reading Creatively/Writing Creatively
ENGL1902  Reading Bodies
ENGL2100  Writing China in Country
ENGL2209  Utopia, Imagination and Modernity in European Culture
ENGL2215  Modernism
ENGL2401  Meaning and the Moving Image
ENGL2501  Creative Writing: Theory and Practice
ENGL2502  World Theatre: Cultures and Contexts
ENGL2601  Narrative and Culture in Pre-modern England
ENGL2602  Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
ENGL2604  Romanticism and Change in the Long Nineteenth Century
ENGL2605  Twentieth-century Narratives: Making it New
ENGL2701  Australia and Home
ENGL2702  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
ENGL2703  American Literature: the Search for Justice
ENGL2704  Transcultural Literatures
ENGL2801  Reading Popular Culture
ENGL3001  Poetry and Poetics
ENGL3003  The Arthurian Legend
ENGL3300  Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
ENGL3301  The European Individual
ENGL3401  Transnational Cinema
ENGL3501  Autobiographical Writing
ENGL3502  Making Theatre and Performance
ENGL3601  Reading the Middle Ages
ENGL3602  Shakespeare: Text to Stage and Screen
ENGL3603  Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700
ENGL3604  Victorian Dreams and the Technological World
ENGL3701  Regionalism in Australian Literature
ENGL3704  Texting the Global
ENGL3801  Interpretations: Literary Theory
ENGL4102  Methodologies
ENGL4103  Studies in Creative Writing
ENGL4104  Cinema and Cultural Studies
ENGL4105  Case Studies in Modern Literature
ENGL4106  Emotions in the Theatre
ENGL4107  Australian Literary Studies
ENGL4108  Special Author Studies
ENGL4140  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 1
ENGL4141  Dissertation (English and Cultural Studies) 2
ENGL5501  Australian Textual Cultures
ENGL5502  Contemporary Writing
ENGL5503  Critical Paradigms


EURO4101  Advanced Research Skills
EURO4102  Modern European Literary and Cultural Theory
EURO4103  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 1
EURO4104  Case Studies in Modern European Literature 2
EURO4140  Dissertation (European Studies) 1
EURO4141  Dissertation (European Studies) 2


EXCH0913  Exchange Special Unit (Foreign Languages)


FREN1401  French Studies 1
FREN1402  French Studies 2
FREN1403  French Studies 3
FREN1404  French Studies 4
FREN1405  French Studies 5
FREN1406  French Studies 6
FREN2001  Specialist French Studies 3A
FREN2403  French Studies 3
FREN2404  French Studies 4
FREN2405  French Studies 5
FREN2406  French Studies 6
FREN2407  French Studies 7
FREN2408  French Studies 8
FREN2812  French Studies 12
FREN3405  French Studies 5
FREN3406  French Studies 6
FREN3407  French Studies 7
FREN3408  French Studies 8
FREN3409  French Studies 9
FREN3813  Specialist French Studies 13
FREN3814  Specialist French Studies 14
FREN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching French as a Foreign Language
FREN4103  Advanced French Cultural Studies
FREN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
FREN4140  Dissertation (French Studies) 1
FREN4141  Dissertation (French Studies) 2


GEND1901  Gender in Australia
GEND2901  Sex, Bodies and Spaces
GEND3901  Feminist Thought


GRMN1002  German Studies 3B
GRMN1401  German Studies 1
GRMN1402  German Studies 2
GRMN1403  German Studies 3
GRMN1404  German Studies 4
GRMN1405  German Studies 5
GRMN1406  German Studies 6
GRMN2002  German Studies 3B
GRMN2403  German Studies 3
GRMN2404  German Studies 4
GRMN2405  German Studies 5
GRMN2406  German Studies 6
GRMN2407  German Studies 7
GRMN2408  German Studies 8
GRMN2409  German Studies 9
GRMN2410  German Studies 10
GRMN2801  Stuttgart Program
GRMN2812  German Studies 12
GRMN3405  German Studies 5
GRMN3406  German Studies 6
GRMN3407  German Studies 7
GRMN3408  German Studies 8
GRMN3409  German Studies 9
GRMN3410  German Studies 10
GRMN3802  Stuttgart Program
GRMN3813  German Studies 13
GRMN4102  Theory and Practice of Teaching German as a Foreign Language
GRMN4103  Advanced German Cultural Studies
GRMN4104  Advanced Writing Skills
GRMN4140  Dissertation (German Studies) 1
GRMN4141  Dissertation (German Studies) 2


HERI5101  Debates in Contemporary Heritage Studies
HERI5102  Foundations in Heritage Management
HERI5103  The Business of Sustainable Heritage
HERI5104  Intangible Heritage
HERI5105  Heritage and Development in Asia
HERI5106  Heritage Study Tour
HERI5108  Heritage Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 1
HERI5109  Heritage Special Topic
HERI5110  Heritage Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 2


HIST1001  Old Worlds and New Empires
HIST1002  An Age of Violence: the Making of the Modern World, 1789-2010
HIST1003  Society and Culture in Pre-modern Europe
HIST1102  Contemporary European Culture in Historical Perspective
HIST1901  Environmental History
HIST2001  Restaging the Past: Cinema and the Practice of History
HIST2002  The Rise and Fall of European Fascism
HIST2003  Crises and Controversies in Australian History
HIST2004  Europe: Crusades to Black Death
HIST2005  Hitler, the Holocaust and the Historians
HIST2006  Imperial America—1845 to Present
HIST2007  Thinking History
HIST2008  White Supremacy
HIST2011  From 'Glorious Revolution' to Industrial Revolution: Making Britain, 1688–1888
HIST2012  Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
HIST2013  Medieval and Early Modern Women
HIST2014  The City in History
HIST2015  Looking for Australia: From the Deep Past to Federation
HIST2202  Civilisation and Barbarism in European Cultural History
HIST2902  Masculinity, Nostalgia and Change
HIST3001  Making History
HIST3002  Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century
HIST3003  Western Australia: History and Heritage
HIST3004  Twentieth-century Britain
HIST3005  African American History: Freedom Struggles from Plantation to Prison and Beyond
HIST3007  Crime and Punishment in Britain 1600–1900
HIST3008  From Sudan to Saddam: Australia's Foreign Wars
HIST3009  Mythistory: Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Historical Imagination
HIST3010  Introduction to African History
HIST3011  The Vikings
HIST3012  Early Modern France 1500–1789
HIST3014  Intimate Strangers: Journeys in Australian History
HIST3016  Eyewitness to the Past: Photography and History
HIST3017  Mysticism, Melancholy and Madness
HIST3302  Imagining the Nation in European Cultural History
HIST4101  Historiography
HIST4102  Themes in History and Historiography
HIST4103  Topics in Australian History
HIST4104  Topics in Global History
HIST4105  Topics in Medieval and Early Modern European History
HIST4106  Topics in Modern European History
HIST4140  Dissertation (History) 1
HIST4141  Dissertation (History) 2
HIST5501  Communicating History
HIST5502  Reading and Questioning the Evidence
HIST5503  Foundations and Frameworks of Historical Knowledge
HIST5504  History and Heritage


HUMA1901  English Language and Academic Communication I
HUMA1902  English Language and Academic Communication II
HUMA2901  Arts Practicum
HUMA3330  Research Residency in Albany Part A
HUMA3331  Research Residency in Albany Part B
HUMA4001  Feeling the Past: Emotions in History, 1100–1800
HUMA5000  Special unit: Dissertation
HUMA5801  Analysis and Interpretation in the Humanities


INDO1001  Indonesian 3A
INDO1401  Indonesian 1
INDO1402  Indonesian 2
INDO1403  Indonesian 3
INDO1404  Indonesian 4
INDO1405  Indonesian 5
INDO1406  Indonesian 6
INDO2001  Indonesian 3A
INDO2403  Indonesian 3
INDO2404  Indonesian 4
INDO2405  Indonesian 5
INDO2406  Indonesian 6
INDO2407  Indonesian 7
INDO2408  Indonesian 8
INDO2801  Indonesian In-country 5
INDO2802  Indonesian Field Study
INDO3405  Indonesian 5
INDO3406  Indonesian 6
INDO3407  Indonesian 7
INDO3408  Indonesian 8
INDO3802  Indonesian In-country 6
INDO5001  Indonesian for Professionals 1
INDO5002  Indonesian for Professionals 2


ITAL1401  Italian Studies 1
ITAL1402  Italian Studies 2
ITAL1403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL1404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL1405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL1406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2403  Italian Studies 3
ITAL2404  Italian Studies 4
ITAL2405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL2406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL2407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL2408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL2811  Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento
ITAL2812  The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
ITAL3405  Italian Studies 5
ITAL3406  Italian Studies 6
ITAL3407  Italian Studies 7
ITAL3408  Italian Studies 8
ITAL3409  Italian Studies 9
ITAL3410  Italian Studies 10
ITAL3813  Italian and Migration
ITAL3814  Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Italy
ITAL4102  National and Local in Italian Language and Culture
ITAL4103  Theory and Practice of Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language
ITAL4104  Advanced Writing Skills
ITAL4105  Special unit: Advanced Language Skills 2
ITAL4140  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 1
ITAL4141  Dissertation (Italian Studies) 2


JAPN1001  Japanese 3A
JAPN1401  Japanese 1
JAPN1402  Japanese 2
JAPN1403  Japanese 3
JAPN1404  Japanese 4
JAPN1405  Japanese 5
JAPN1406  Japanese 6
JAPN2001  Japanese 3A
JAPN2403  Japanese 3
JAPN2404  Japanese 4
JAPN2405  Japanese 5
JAPN2406  Japanese 6
JAPN2407  Japanese 7
JAPN2408  Japanese 8
JAPN3405  Japanese 5
JAPN3406  Japanese 6
JAPN3407  Japanese 7
JAPN3408  Japanese 8
JAPN5001  Japanese for Professionals 1
JAPN5002  Japanese for Professionals 2


KORE1401  Korean 1
KORE1402  Korean 2
KORE1405  Korean 5
KORE1406  Korean 6
KORE2403  Korean 3
KORE2404  Korean 4
KORE2811  Readings in Korean Culture
KORE3405  Korean 5
KORE3406  Korean 6
KORE5001  Korean for Professionals 1
KORE5002  Korean for Professionals 2


LAWS3317  Social Media and the Law
LAWS5230  Aviation Law
LAWS5297  The Global Lawyer
LAWS5298  Human Capital
LAWS5398  Special unit: Construction Law


LING1001  Language and Communication
LING1002  Language as a Cognitive System
LING1901  Language Learning and the Multilingual World
LING2001  Grammatical Theory: the Structure of Sentences
LING2002  Phonetics and Phonology: the Sounds of the World's Languages
LING2003  Language, Culture and Society
LING3001  Morphology: the Structure of Words
LING3002  Linguistic Typology: the Diversity of Languages
LING3003  Historical Linguistics: Language History and Language Change
LING3004  Pragmatics: Meaning in Use
LING3005  Semantics: Meaning in Language
LING3006  Topics in Linguistic Theory
LING3007  Linguistics of Australian Indigenous Languages
LING4101  Research in Linguistics
LING4102  Language Description and Documentation
LING4103  Methods in Sociolinguistic Research
LING4104  Advanced Topics in Semantics and Pragmatics
LING4140  Dissertation (Linguistics) 1
LING4141  Dissertation (Linguistics) 2


MEMS2001  Classical Traditions and Transformations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
MEMS4101  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1: Reading the Pre-modern World
MEMS4102  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2: Interpreting the Pre-modern World
MEMS4103  Special Topic in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
MEMS4140  Dissertation (MEMS) 1
MEMS4141  Dissertation (MEMS) 2
MEMS5401  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 1
MEMS5402  Interdisciplinary Core Seminar 2
MEMS5403  Research Project
MEMS5404  Individual Reading Contract
MEMS5405  Seminar 1
MEMS5406  Seminar 2
MEMS5407  Seminar 3
MEMS5409  Dissertation Part 2
MEMS5410  Dissertation Part 3
MEMS5411  Dissertation Part 4


MGMT5503  Management Strategy


MUSC1055  Electronic Music: Methods and Means
MUSC1310  Communication Skills in Music
MUSC1321  Music Language 1
MUSC1322  Music Language 2
MUSC1341  Practical Music 1
MUSC1342  Practical Music 2
MUSC1350  Popular Music in Global Perspective
MUSC1981  Music Ensemble 1
MUSC1982  Music Ensemble 2
MUSC2274  Electronic Music: Experimental Investigations
MUSC2275  Electronic Music: Interactive Systems
MUSC2331  Western Art Music 1 (Renaissance and Baroque)
MUSC2332  Western Art Music 2 (Classical and Romantic)
MUSC2350  Music in World Cultures
MUSC2355  Chamber Music
MUSC2520  Music Language 3
MUSC2525  Music Language 4
MUSC2541  Practical Music 3
MUSC2542  Practical Music 4
MUSC2981  Music Ensemble 3
MUSC2982  Music Ensemble 4
MUSC3331  Western Art Music 3 (Modernist and Postmodernist)
MUSC3332  Drama through Music: Studies in Opera
MUSC3334  Soundscapes of Australia
MUSC3351  Gongs, Punks and Shadow Plays
MUSC3352  Music, Identity and Place
MUSC3353  Music in the Community
MUSC3354  Music, Mind and Medicine
MUSC3401  Practical Studies 5
MUSC3402  Practical Studies 6
MUSC3521  Digital Audio
MUSC3522  Music Analysis in Theory and Practice
MUSC3541  Practical Music 5
MUSC3542  Practical Music 6
MUSC3543  Advanced Ensemble
MUSC3544  Topics in Performance Practice
MUSC3560  Music Education in Research and Practice
MUSC4101  Contemporary Debates in Music
MUSC4103  Introduction to Music Research
MUSC4104  Music Research Project
MUSC4105  Music, Aesthetics and Criticism
MUSC4140  Music Honours Research 1
MUSC4141  Music Honours Research 2
MUSC4401  Practical Studies 7
MUSC4402  Practical Studies 8
MUSC4631  Secondary Music Curriculum 1
MUSC4632  Secondary Music Curriculum 2
MUSC4711  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 1
MUSC4712  Studio Teaching and Musical Leadership 2
MUSC5001  Curriculum and Practice: Creativity in the Classroom
MUSC5002  Curriculum Foundations
MUSC5003  Foundations in Music Pedagogy
MUSC5004  Instructional Design
MUSC5005  International Music Methodologies
MUSC5006  Music Education: A Catalyst for Social Change
MUSC5007  Rehearsal and Classroom Music Pedagogy
MUSC5008  Research and Literature Review
MUSC5009  Research Literacy
MUSC5010  Synthesis of Research and Music Pedagogy
MUSC5011  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 1
MUSC5012  International Pedagogy Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 2


PHIL1001  Justice and Contemporary Ethics
PHIL1002  Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHIL1003  God, Mind and Knowledge
PHIL2001  Bioethics
PHIL2002  Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning
PHIL2003  Philosophy of Religion
PHIL2004  Philosophy of Mind
PHIL2005  Exploring the Nature of Science
PHIL2006  Problems in Philosophical Psychology
PHIL3001  Metaphysics: a User's Guide to Time Travel
PHIL3002  Aesthetics
PHIL3003  Moral Theory
PHIL3004  Meaning, Truth and Language
PHIL3005  Continental Philosophy
PHIL3006  Philosophy East and West
PHIL3007  Advanced Logic
PHIL3194  Special unit: Advanced Metaphysics
PHIL4101  Advanced Ethical Theory
PHIL4102  Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL4103  Consciousness
PHIL4104  Advanced Metaphysics
PHIL4105  Topics in the History of Philosophy
PHIL4106  Analytic Philosophy
PHIL4140  Thesis 1
PHIL4141  Thesis 2


POLS1101  The Liberal Democratic State
POLS1102  The Contemporary International System
POLS2201  Foundations of Public Policy
POLS2202  Australian Politics: Institutions, Campaigning and Spin
POLS2204  The Politics of Gender
POLS2207  The Evolution of International Order
POLS2211  History of Political Ideas
POLS2214  Strategy, Diplomacy and Conflict
POLS2216  Politics in the USA
POLS2220  Foundations of Global Political Economy
POLS2231  Politics of the Mass Media
POLS2232  Global Governance
POLS2233  International Relations in East Asia
POLS3302  South Asia and the Middle East: Foreign Relations and Politics
POLS3308  Politics in Greater China
POLS3313  Australian Foreign Policy
POLS3317  Politics of New Europe
POLS3323  Elections, Mass Media and Politics
POLS3324  Islam and World Politics
POLS3326  Political Science Internship
POLS3327  Contemporary Political Theory
POLS3334  The International Politics of Africa
POLS3335  Social Movements and the Politics of Change
POLS3342  States, Welfare and Environmental Policy
POLS3343  The Politics of Representation: Australia in Comparative Perspective
POLS4101  Contemporary International Politics
POLS4105  Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations
POLS4106  Theories and Concepts in Political Science and International Relations
POLS4107  Politics and Policy
POLS4140  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 1
POLS4141  Dissertation (Politics and International Relations) 2
POLS5503  Public Administration
POLS5504  Public Sector Leadership in Practice
POLS5505  Regulation and Governance
POLS5611  Religion, Global Identities and World Politics
POLS5612  World Politics: Muslims in the West
POLS5613  Geopolitics in the Indian Ocean Region
POLS5631  International Relations of the Asia–Pacific
POLS5641  International Security
POLS5651  Global Political Economy
POLS5661  Foundations of International Relations
POLS5671  Peace and Security in Africa
POLS5672  Critical Perspectives in International Development
POLS5681  Governance in the International System
POLS5682  Responding to International Crises
POLS5683  US Foreign Policy
POLS5684  China and the World
POLS5685  Security and Crisis in the Asia-Pacific
POLS5686  International Norms, Ethics and Human Rights
POLS5687  Global Social Movements
POLS5688  The Evolution of International Society
POLS5701  Master's Dissertation Part 1
POLS5702  Master's Dissertation Part 2


PROF5000  Academic Development Workshop


SOCS2901  Mining the Landscape
SOCS4001  Religion and Development
SOCS4100  Honours Research Skills
SOCS5001  Engaging Cultural Difference
SOCS5002  Advanced Qualitative Methods: Ethnography
SOCS5003  Research Design
SOCS5004  Doing Gendered Research
SOCS5005  Social Research Ethics
SOCS5007  Research Paradigms
SOCS5008  Qualitative Methods and Analysis
SOCS5009  Innovative Social Research Methods
SOCS5010  NGOs, Governance and Development
SOCS5013  Gender in Development: Approaches and Issues
SOCS5101  Social Sciences Professional Placement 1
SOCS5102  Social Sciences Professional Placement 2
SOCS5103  Social Sciences Professional Placement 3
SOCS5104  Social Sciences Professional Placement 4
SOCS5105  International Collaborative Study Experience
SOCS5200  Digital Advocacy
SOCS5301  Researching the Past
SOCS5501  Evaluation
SOCS5551  Master's Dissertation 1
SOCS5552  Master's Dissertation 2
SOCS5553  Master's Dissertation 3
SOCS5911  Fieldwork in Complex and Hostile Places Part 1
SOCS5912  Fieldwork in Complex and Hostile Places Part 2


SPAN1401  Spanish Studies 1
SPAN1402  Spanish Studies 2


TRNS5001  Introduction to Translation Studies
TRNS5002  Interdisciplinary Translation Studies
TRNS5003  Corpus-based Translation Studies
TRNS5004  Translation Localisation
TRNS5006  General Interpreting
TRNS5007  Translation Project
TRNS5011  The Ethics of Translation
TRNS5020  Translation Studies Dissertation 1
TRNS5021  Translation Studies Dissertation 2
TRNS5106  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 1
TRNS5107  Advanced Language Study (Chinese) 2
TRNS5108  Specialised Translation
TRNS5109  General Translation
TRNS5111  Translation Studies Professional Placement
TRNS5501  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 1
TRNS5502  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 2
TRNS5503  Interpreting Practice (Chinese) 3
TRNS5508  Specialised Translation 1: French
TRNS5509  Specialised Translation 2: French
TRNS5608  Specialised Translation 1: Italian
TRNS5609  Specialised Translation 2: Italian
TRNS5708  Specialised Translation 1: German
TRNS5709  Specialised Translation 2: German

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