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Units: History (Arts)

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HERI5101  Debates in Contemporary Heritage Studies
HERI5102  Foundations in Heritage Management
HERI5103  The Business of Sustainable Heritage
HERI5104  Intangible Heritage
HERI5105  Heritage and Development in Asia
HERI5106  Heritage Study Tour
HERI5108  Heritage Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 1
HERI5109  Heritage Special Topic
HERI5110  Heritage Dissertation (or approved equivalent) Part 2


HIST1001  Old Worlds and New Empires
HIST1002  An Age of Violence: the Making of the Modern World, 1789-2010
HIST1003  Society and Culture in Pre-modern Europe
HIST1901  Environmental History
HIST2001  Restaging the Past: Cinema and the Practice of History
HIST2002  The Rise and Fall of European Fascism
HIST2003  Crises and Controversies in Australian History
HIST2004  Europe: Crusades to Black Death
HIST2005  Hitler, the Holocaust and the Historians
HIST2006  Imperial America—1845 to Present
HIST2007  Thinking History
HIST2008  White Supremacy
HIST2011  From 'Glorious Revolution' to Industrial Revolution: Making Britain, 1688–1888
HIST2012  Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
HIST2013  Medieval and Early Modern Women
HIST2014  The City in History
HIST2015  Looking for Australia: From the Deep Past to Federation
HIST3001  Making History
HIST3002  Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century
HIST3003  Western Australia: History and Heritage
HIST3004  Twentieth-century Britain
HIST3005  African American History: Freedom Struggles from Plantation to Prison and Beyond
HIST3007  Crime and Punishment in Britain 1600–1900
HIST3008  From Sudan to Saddam: Australia's Foreign Wars
HIST3009  Mythistory: Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Historical Imagination
HIST3010  Introduction to African History
HIST3011  The Vikings
HIST3012  Early Modern France 1500–1789
HIST3014  Intimate Strangers: Journeys in Australian History
HIST3016  Eyewitness to the Past: Photography and History
HIST3017  Mysticism, Melancholy and Madness
HIST4101  Historiography
HIST4102  Themes in History and Historiography
HIST4103  Topics in Australian History
HIST4104  Topics in Global History
HIST4105  Topics in Medieval and Early Modern European History
HIST4106  Topics in Modern European History
HIST4140  Dissertation (History) 1
HIST4141  Dissertation (History) 2
HIST5501  Communicating History
HIST5502  Reading and Questioning the Evidence
HIST5503  Foundations and Frameworks of Historical Knowledge
HIST5504  History and Heritage


SOCS5301  Researching the Past

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards a History major


ANTH2801  Refugees, Human Rights, Violence and Fear


AUST2901  Australia: Myths and Realities


GEND2901  Sex, Bodies and Spaces


MEMS2001  Classical Traditions and Transformations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

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