UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Philosophy (Arts)

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PHIL1001  Justice and Contemporary Ethics
PHIL1002  Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHIL1003  God, Mind and Knowledge
PHIL2001  Bioethics
PHIL2002  Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning
PHIL2003  Philosophy of Religion
PHIL2004  Philosophy of Mind
PHIL2005  Exploring the Nature of Science
PHIL2006  Problems in Philosophical Psychology
PHIL3001  Metaphysics: a User's Guide to Time Travel
PHIL3002  Aesthetics
PHIL3003  Moral Theory
PHIL3004  Meaning, Truth and Language
PHIL3005  Continental Philosophy
PHIL3006  Philosophy East and West
PHIL3007  Advanced Logic
PHIL3194  Special unit: Advanced Metaphysics
PHIL4101  Advanced Ethical Theory
PHIL4102  Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL4103  Consciousness
PHIL4104  Advanced Metaphysics
PHIL4105  Topics in the History of Philosophy
PHIL4106  Analytic Philosophy
PHIL4140  Thesis 1
PHIL4141  Thesis 2

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