UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Linguistics (Arts)

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LING1001  Language and Communication
LING1002  Language as a Cognitive System
LING1901  Language Learning and the Multilingual World
LING2001  Grammatical Theory: the Structure of Sentences
LING2002  Phonetics and Phonology: the Sounds of the World's Languages
LING2003  Language, Culture and Society
LING3001  Morphology: the Structure of Words
LING3002  Linguistic Typology: the Diversity of Languages
LING3003  Historical Linguistics: Language History and Language Change
LING3004  Pragmatics: Meaning in Use
LING3005  Semantics: Meaning in Language
LING3006  Topics in Linguistic Theory
LING3007  Linguistics of Australian Indigenous Languages
LING4101  Research in Linguistics
LING4102  Language Description and Documentation
LING4103  Methods in Sociolinguistic Research
LING4104  Advanced Topics in Semantics and Pragmatics
LING4140  Dissertation (Linguistics) 1
LING4141  Dissertation (Linguistics) 2

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