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Units: Law

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ENRL5580  Delivering Public Value [ANZSOG]
ENRL5581  Government in a Market Economy [ANZSOG]
ENRL5582  Designing Public Policies and Programs [ANZSOG]
ENRL5583  Decision Making Under Uncertainty [ANZSOG]
ENRL5584  Governing by the Rules [ANZSOG]
ENRL5585  Leading Public Sector Change [ANZSOG]
ENRL5586  Work-based Project [ANZSOG]
ENRL5587  Accounting (Public Sector) [ANZSOG]
ENRL8550  The Machinery of Government 500 [308350 Curtin]
ENRL8551  Public Policy Analysis and Design 500 [308351 Curtin]
ENRL8552  Markets and Government 500 [308352 Curtin]
ENRL8553  Managing in the Public Sector 500 [308353 Curtin]
ENRL8554  Public Sector Communications 500 [310076 Curtin]
ENRL8555  Law of Government 500 [310077 Curtin]
ENRL8556  Ethics, Public Values and Policy 500 [308349 Curtin]
ENRL8557  Work-based Project 500 [310075 Curtin]
ENRL8558  Managerial Leadership 561 [5248 Curtin]
ENRL8559  Organisational Behaviour 550 [5698 Curtin]
ENRL8560  Accounting (Public Sector) 567 [5706 Curtin]
ENRL8561  Leadership in a Dynamic Global Environment 520 [11390 Curtin]
ENRL8562  Social Policy 501—Social Policy in Australia [301843 Curtin]
ENRL8563  Social Policy 505—Theoretical Perspectives on Social Policy [301846 Curtin]
ENRL8564  Social Policy 507—Economic Foundations of Social Policy [301847 Curtin]
ENRL8565  Social Policy 602—Social Policy Practice [301848 Curtin]
ENRL8566  International Health and Primary Health Care 600 [301948 Curtin]
ENRL8567  Economics (Public Finance) 568 [10978 Curtin]


LAWS1104  Introduction to Law
LAWS1110  Crime and Society
LAWS1111  Law, Conflict and Change
LAWS1120  Australian Legal Principles and Institutions
LAWS2120  Legal Studies Professional Practicum 2
LAWS2201  Legal Framework of Business
LAWS2206  Taxation Law
LAWS2220  Birth, Life, Death and the Law
LAWS2223  Criminal Justice System
LAWS2224  Evolution of Human Rights
LAWS2225  Indigenous Peoples and the Law
LAWS2226  International Legal Institutions
LAWS2227  Law in Action
LAWS2301  Company Law
LAWS2309  Work and the Law
LAWS3221  Creative Expression and the Law
LAWS3302  Environmental Law
LAWS3306  Finance Law
LAWS3307  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS3308  Marketing, Management and the Law
LAWS3310  Evidence
LAWS3320  Legislation in Practice
LAWS3322  Corporations Law
LAWS3327  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS3328  International Commercial Law
LAWS3330  Gender and the Law
LAWS3334  Law and Religion
LAWS3338  Introduction to Intellectual Property
LAWS3341  Investigating Law and Society
LAWS3344  Law and Contemporary Social Issues
LAWS3346  Jessup International Moot Competition
LAWS3347  Supervised Research I
LAWS3354  Public International Law
LAWS3356  Law Review Part 1
LAWS3357  Law Review Part 2
LAWS3360  Employment Law
LAWS3362  Income Taxation Law
LAWS3370  Consumer Law
LAWS3371  Mining and Energy Law
LAWS3374  Crime, Justice and Public Policy
LAWS3383  Insurance Law
LAWS4030  Commercial Practice
LAWS4101  Foundations of Law and Lawyering
LAWS4102  Criminal Law
LAWS4103  Contract
LAWS4104  Property
LAWS4106  Torts
LAWS4107  Land Law
LAWS4108  Foundations of Public Law
LAWS4109  Legal Theory and Ethics
LAWS4201  Dissertation (Law and Society) Part 1
LAWS4202  Dissertation (Law and Society) Part 2
LAWS4203  Dissertation (Business Law) Part 1
LAWS4204  Dissertation (Business Law) Part 2
LAWS4345  Supervised Research II Part 1
LAWS4346  Supervised Research II Part 2
LAWS4404  Legal Theory and Ethics
LAWS5101  Constitutional Law
LAWS5102  Administrative Law
LAWS5103  Equity and Trusts
LAWS5104  Corporations Law
LAWS5105  Remedies
LAWS5107  Evidence
LAWS5108  Commercial Practice
LAWS5109  Dispute Resolution
LAWS5110  International Negotiation Practice and Skills
LAWS5111  Corporate Governance for Resources Companies
LAWS5113  International Commercial Mediation- Law and Practice
LAWS5114  International Environmental Law
LAWS5115  Procedure
LAWS5117  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS5118  Family Law
LAWS5126  Banking Law
LAWS5128  Consumer Law
LAWS5132  Income Taxation Law
LAWS5135  Insurance Law
LAWS5144  Mining and Energy Law
LAWS5150  Intellectual Property Law
LAWS5158  Negotiation and Mediation
LAWS5160  Law Review Part 1
LAWS5161  Law Review Part 2
LAWS5162  Jessup International Moot Competition
LAWS5165  Public International Law
LAWS5167  Comparative Law
LAWS5174  Legal Internship
LAWS5175  Heritage Governance: from Global to Local
LAWS5176  Australian Financial Transactions Law and Regulation
LAWS5177  Insolvency Law
LAWS5178  International Commercial Law
LAWS5179  Law of the Sea
LAWS5181  Health Law and Policy
LAWS5182  Indigenous Peoples in International and Comparative Law
LAWS5183  Environmental Law
LAWS5184  Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED)
LAWS5185  Forensic Advocacy
LAWS5186  Criminal Procedure: the Trial Process
LAWS5187  Succession Law
LAWS5208  Oil and Gas Project Development Law
LAWS5210  Working with China: Business in a Socio-legal Context
LAWS5211  Intellectual Property and China's Innovation-based Economy
LAWS5212  China–Australia Relations: Trade, Finance and Law
LAWS5213  Practical Issues with Chinese Contracts and Commercial Laws
LAWS5214  Public Policy
LAWS5215  Regulation: Theory and Practice
LAWS5216  Advanced Socio-legal Studies
LAWS5217  Advanced Criminology
LAWS5219  International Criminal Law
LAWS5220  International Humanitarian Law
LAWS5221  Law and the Body
LAWS5222  Working with the Written Law
LAWS5223  Theories of Justice and Punishment
LAWS5224  Foundations of Public International Law
LAWS5225  Theory, Method and Contemporary Issues of International Law
LAWS5226  International Human Rights Law
LAWS5227  Foundations of Law and Governance
LAWS5228  Engagement Tour of China
LAWS5231  Advanced Capital Gains Tax
LAWS5232  Double Tax Agreements and International Tax Law
LAWS5233  Transfer Pricing
LAWS5234  Taxation of Trusts
LAWS5235  Taxation Law of a Foreign State
LAWS5236  Advanced Australian Corporate Taxation
LAWS5237  Advanced Australian International Taxation
LAWS5238  Goods and Services Taxation
LAWS5239  Resource Taxation
LAWS5240  Tax Dispute Resolution
LAWS5250  Foundations of International Commercial Law
LAWS5251  International Sales Law
LAWS5252  International Trade Financing
LAWS5253  International Shipping Law
LAWS5254  WTO Law
LAWS5305  Mediation: Practice and Skills
LAWS5306  Arbitration: Practice and Skills
LAWS5360  Employment Law
LAWS5378  Government Accountability—Law and Practice
LAWS5503  Conflict of Laws
LAWS5507  International Oil and Gas Law
LAWS5508  Commercial and Company Law
LAWS5509  Advanced Legal Research (by Invitation) Part 1
LAWS5510  Advanced Legal Research (by Invitation) Part 2
LAWS5512  Supervised Research
LAWS5517  Mining Law
LAWS5521  Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
LAWS5526  Advanced Practice and Procedure
LAWS5528  Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
LAWS5532  Oil and Gas Agreements
LAWS5533  Advanced Torts Law
LAWS5540  Environmental Protection Law
LAWS5541  Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
LAWS5555  Employee Relations Law
LAWS5576  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS5585  Limitation of Actions
LAWS5589  Australian Oil and Gas Law
LAWS5590  Water Resources Law
LAWS5591  Personal Property
LAWS5596  Mergers and Acquisitions
LAWS5694  Research Paper I
LAWS5695  Research Paper II
LAWS5696  Research Paper III Part 1
LAWS5697  Research Paper III Part 2
LAWS5813  Legal Issues for Not-for-Profit Entities
LAWS5820  Legislation in Practice
LAWS6126  Banking Law
LAWS6167  Comparative Law
LAWS6175  Heritage Governance: from Global to Local
LAWS6181  Health Law and Policy
LAWS6250  Foundations of International Commercial Law
LAWS6251  International Sales Law
LAWS6252  International Trade Financing
LAWS6253  International Shipping Law
LAWS6254  WTO Law
LAWS6327  Advanced Evidence and Proof
LAWS6360  Employment Law
LAWS6504  Insurance Law
LAWS6521  Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
LAWS6576  International Commercial Arbitration
LAWS6589  Australian Oil and Gas Law
LAWS6590  Water Resources Law
LAWS6710  Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
LAWS6713  Environmental Protection Law
LAWS6717  Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
LAWS6726  Mining Law
LAWS6727  Oil and Gas Agreements
LAWS6750  Research Paper I
LAWS6751  Research Paper II
LAWS6752  Research Paper III Part 1
LAWS6753  Research Paper III Part 2
LAWS6979  Advanced Legal Theory and Research Methodology
LAWS6980  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
LAWS6981  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)
LAWS8577  Industrial Relations Law
LAWS8755  Employee Relations Law

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