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ABUS2290  Cultural Foundations of Asian Business
ABUS3204  Models of Asian Business


ACCT1101  Financial Accounting
ACCT1112  Management Accounting
ACCT1113  De-mystifying Accounting
ACCT2112  Management Accounting
ACCT2201  Corporate Accounting
ACCT2242  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT2331  Taxation
ACCT3202  Advanced Corporate Accounting
ACCT3203  Contemporary Managerial Accounting
ACCT3206  Performance Measurement and Evaluation
ACCT3302  Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT3321  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT3322  Auditing
ACCT3323  Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT4440  Management Accounting: Issues and Perspectives
ACCT4451  Behavioural Accounting
ACCT4462  Accounting, Organisations and Society
ACCT4471  Advanced Accounting Research
ACCT4486  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 1
ACCT4487  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 2
ACCT4488  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 3
ACCT4489  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 4
ACCT5432  Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT5501  Contemporary Issues in Accounting
ACCT5511  Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting
ACCT5521  Advanced Corporate Financial Accounting
ACCT5522  Principles of Auditing
ACCT5531  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT5532  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT5602  Accounting
ACCT5633  Accounting for Planning and Control
ACCT5637  Principles of Taxation


BUSN1102  Changing the World: Social Innovation, Finance and Enterprise
BUSN3020  Innovation and Startup Practice
BUSN3348  Business Practicum
BUSN4401  Qualitative Business Research Methods
BUSN4402  Quantitative Business Research Methods
BUSN4403  Business Research Methodology
BUSN5000  Leading Self and Others: Leadership Challenge
BUSN5505  Professional Development Practicum
BUSN5506  Business Research Project


EBUS5504  Electronic Business


ECON1101  Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
ECON1102  Macroeconomics: Money and Finance
ECON1111  Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics
ECON1141  Australian Economic History
ECON2105  Rise of the Global Economy
ECON2106  Asia in the World Economy
ECON2233  Microeconomics: Policy and Applications
ECON2234  Macroeconomics: Policy and Applications
ECON2245  Business Economics
ECON2271  Business Econometrics
ECON3203  Asia in the World Economy
ECON3204  Finance and Economics for Minerals and Energy
ECON3205  Health Economics
ECON3210  Monetary Economics
ECON3220  Development Economics
ECON3235  International Trade
ECON3236  International Finance
ECON3272  Intermediate Mathematics for Economists
ECON3301  Game Theory and Strategic Thinking
ECON3302  Applied Microeconomics
ECON3303  Applied Macroeconomics
ECON3310  History of Economic Ideas
ECON3350  Money, Banking and Financial Markets
ECON3371  Econometrics
ECON3372  Advanced Mathematics for Economists
ECON3395  Economic Policy
ECON4401  Applied Econometrics and Research Methods
ECON4402  Microeconomic Theory
ECON4405  Public Economics
ECON4408  Advanced Development Economics
ECON4413  Applied Advanced Econometrics
ECON4415  International Finance and Markets
ECON4418  Macroeconomic Theory
ECON4450  Advanced International Trade
ECON4486  Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON4487  Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON4488  Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON4489  Dissertation (Economics) Part 4
ECON4503  Advanced Economic Analysis
ECON4504  Advanced Quantitative Economics
ECON4507  History of Economic Thought
ECON5502  International Finance and Markets
ECON5503  Economic Management and Strategy
ECON5504  Global Energy and Mineral Markets
ECON5506  The Economics of Financial Markets
ECON5508  Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
ECON5509  Advanced Microeceonomic Theory
ECON5513  Applied Advanced Econometrics
ECON5514  Economic Research and Evaluation Methods
ECON5515  Economic Growth and Institutions
ECON5516  The Economics of Public Policy
ECON5517  Public Finance
ECON5518  Economics of Global Health and Policy
ECON5519  Public Economics
ECON5540  Economic Analysis and Policy
ECON5541  Economics for Business: Applications and Policy
ECON5881  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON5882  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON5883  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON5884  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 4


EMPL1101  Introduction to Employment Relations
EMPL1102  Australian Employment Relations
EMPL1206  Social Psychology of Work
EMPL2201  Foundations of Employment Relations
EMPL2202  Australian Employment Relations
EMPL2206  Social Psychology of Work
EMPL3208  Managing Diversity
EMPL3241  International Employment Relations
EMPL3270  Negotiation: Theory and Practice
EMPL3301  Globalisation and Work
EMPL4401  Special Topics in Employment Relations Seminar
EMPL4481  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 1
EMPL4482  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 2
EMPL4483  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 3
EMPL4484  Dissertation (Employment Relations) Part 4
EMPL5412  Employment Relations
EMPL5415  Globalisation and Organisational Change
EMPL5501  Strategic Workplace Relations
EMPL5511  International Employment Relations
EMPL5514  Negotiation and Dispute Resolution


FINA1109  Managing Your Personal Finance
FINA1221  Introduction to Finance
FINA2204  Derivative Products and Markets
FINA2205  Quantitative Methods for Finance
FINA2207  Business Analysis and Valuation
FINA2209  Financial Planning
FINA2221  Introduction to Finance
FINA2222  Corporate Financial Policy
FINA3304  Banking: Theory and Practice
FINA3306  Derivative Strategies and Pricing
FINA3307  Trading in Securities Markets
FINA3324  Investment Analysis
FINA3326  Applied Financial Management
FINA4401  Microstructure of Financial Markets
FINA4463  Advanced Derivatives
FINA4481  Advanced Investments
FINA4482  Advanced Corporate Finance
FINA4486  Dissertation (Finance) Part 1
FINA4487  Dissertation (Finance) Part 2
FINA4488  Dissertation (Finance) Part 3
FINA4489  Dissertation (Finance) Part 4
FINA4491  Capital Markets Research
FINA4590  Research Methods in Accounting and Finance
FINA5432  Introduction to Finance
FINA5520  Risk Management and Financial Instruments
FINA5521  Quantitative Methods in Finance
FINA5523  Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation
FINA5524  Trading and Markets
FINA5525  Capital Markets
FINA5526  Funds Management
FINA5527  Private Wealth Management and Venture Capital
FINA5528  Treasury Management
FINA5529  Topics in Finance
FINA5530  Managerial Finance
FINA5601  Valuation and Risk Analysis for Resource Companies
FINA5602  Strategic Corporate Finance
FINA5603  Mergers and Acquisitions
FINA5631  International Financial Analysis
FINA5632  Investments
FINA5635  Corporate Finance


HRMT2237  Human Resource Management
HRMT3344  Staffing Organisations
HRMT3345  Managing Jobs, Performance and Wellbeing
HRMT4401  Special Topics in Human Resource Management Seminar
HRMT4485  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 1
HRMT4486  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 2
HRMT4487  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 3
HRMT4488  Dissertation (Human Resource Management) Part 4
HRMT5501  Diversity and Inclusion
HRMT5502  Human Resource Analytics
HRMT5504  Introduction to Human Resource Management
HRMT5518  Strategic Human Resource Management
HRMT5530  Developing a Professional HR Career


INMT2232  Project Management
INMT3231  Decision Making
INMT3234  Information Systems Management
INMT5410  Advanced Topics in Information Management
INMT5501  Enterprise Information Systems
INMT5503  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
INMT5504  Business Process Management
INMT5506  Information Management Research
INMT5507  Information Management and Logistics Careers
INMT5518  Models for Logistics, Operations and Services
INMT5526  Business Intelligence
INMT5620  Management of Information Systems


MGMT1135  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT1136  Management and Organisations
MGMT2235  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT2236  Management and Organisations
MGMT2311  Organisational Learning and Innovation
MGMT2341  International Management
MGMT3302  Leadership and Performance
MGMT3304  Applied International Business Strategy
MGMT3308  Supply Chain Management
MGMT3335  Enterprise Systems
MGMT3342  Entrepreneurship
MGMT3346  Managing Organisational Change
MGMT3347  Strategic Management
MGMT4401  Special Topics in Management Seminar
MGMT4485  Dissertation (Management) Part 1
MGMT4486  Dissertation (Management) Part 2
MGMT4487  Dissertation (Management) Part 3
MGMT4488  Dissertation (Management) Part 4
MGMT5501  Organisational Behaviour
MGMT5502  Strategic Analysis and Consulting Project
MGMT5504  Data Analysis and Decision Making
MGMT5505  International Management
MGMT5506  Ethics and Sustainability Management
MGMT5507  Management and Organisations
MGMT5508  Organisational Behaviour and Leadership
MGMT5509  Advanced Management
MGMT5510  Strategic Capabilities and Organisational Success
MGMT5511  Introduction to Global Business
MGMT5513  Data Driven Decision Making
MGMT5514  Demonstrating Social Impact
MGMT5515  Managing Organisational Knowledge and Innovation
MGMT5516  Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation
MGMT5517  Leadership for Social Impact
MGMT5518  Social Investment and Philanthropy
MGMT5520  Legal Principles for Management
MGMT5521  Operations and Strategic Supply Chain Management
MGMT5522  Leading Global Collaborations
MGMT5523  Becoming a Leader: Perspectives on Leadership Development
MGMT5524  Strategic Management of Resource Companies
MGMT5526  Principles for Responsible Management
MGMT5528  Leading Self and Leading Others
MGMT5570  Organisational Change and Transformation
MGMT5601  Small Business Management
MGMT5605  Professional Business Communications
MGMT5606  Intercultural Professional Business Communications
MGMT5608  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MGMT5610  Applied Professional Business Communications
MGMT5613  Professional Business Research Practice
MGMT5615  Selected Topics in Management
MGMT5616  Advanced Topics in Management
MGMT5618  International Study Program
MGMT5623  Leadership Effectiveness
MGMT5625  New Venture Creations
MGMT5626  Corporate Entrepreneurship
MGMT5627  Managing Strategic Networks
MGMT5638  Small Business Excellence
MGMT5639  Commercialisation Management Project
MGMT5647  Negotiation Behaviour
MGMT5660  Applied Project Management
MGMT5665  Project Management
MGMT5700  Strategic Management
MGMT5782  Management Case Study
MGMT5783  Business Research Report
MGMT6791  Business Research: Principles and Processes
MGMT6792  Quantitative Methods in Business Research
MGMT6793  Qualitative Methods in Business Research
MGMT6794  Literature Review and Criticism
MGMT6795  Research Proposal and Defence
MGMT6796  Advanced Research Seminar I
MGMT6797  Advanced Research Seminar II
MGMT6798  Advanced Research Seminar III
MGMT6799  Advanced Research Seminar IV
MGMT6800  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
MGMT6801  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)


MKTG1107  Consumers Around the World
MKTG1203  Marketing Management
MKTG1204  Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2203  Marketing Management
MKTG2204  Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2238  Advertising and Promotion
MKTG2301  Small Business Management
MKTG2305  Marketing Research
MKTG3301  Marketing Applications
MKTG3303  New Product Development and Commercialisation
MKTG3306  Strategic Marketing
MKTG3307  Contemporary Marketing Issues
MKTG3310  International Marketing
MKTG3311  Services Marketing
MKTG4401  Critiquing Marketing Research
MKTG4486  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 1
MKTG4487  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 2
MKTG4488  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 3
MKTG4489  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 4
MKTG5405  Special Topics in Marketing
MKTG5406  Buyer Behaviour and Decision Making
MKTG5408  Marketing Analysis and Planning
MKTG5409  Advanced Contemporary Topics in Marketing
MKTG5462  Global Marketing Strategy
MKTG5463  Marketing of Services
MKTG5465  Applied Marketing Research
MKTG5501  Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG5502  Digital Marketing
MKTG5503  Innovation and Enterprise
MKTG5505  Marketing and Society
MKTG5550  Marketing Principles
MKTG5561  Marketing Management
MKTG5578  Client Management
MKTG5603  Management of Technology and Innovation
MKTG5604  Biotechnology Commercialisation


SVLG1001  Fundamentals of Service Learning
SVLG2001  Community Impact Studies

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