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Units: Economics (UWA Business School)

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ECON1101  Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
ECON1102  Macroeconomics: Money and Finance
ECON1111  Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics
ECON1141  Australian Economic History
ECON2105  Rise of the Global Economy
ECON2106  Asia in the World Economy
ECON2233  Microeconomics: Policy and Applications
ECON2234  Macroeconomics: Policy and Applications
ECON2245  Business Economics
ECON2271  Business Econometrics
ECON3203  Asia in the World Economy
ECON3204  Finance and Economics for Minerals and Energy
ECON3205  Health Economics
ECON3210  Monetary Economics
ECON3220  Development Economics
ECON3235  International Trade
ECON3236  International Finance
ECON3272  Intermediate Mathematics for Economists
ECON3301  Game Theory and Strategic Thinking
ECON3302  Applied Microeconomics
ECON3303  Applied Macroeconomics
ECON3310  History of Economic Ideas
ECON3350  Money, Banking and Financial Markets
ECON3371  Econometrics
ECON3372  Advanced Mathematics for Economists
ECON3395  Economic Policy
ECON4402  Microeconomic Theory
ECON4405  Public Economics
ECON4408  Advanced Development Economics
ECON4413  Applied Advanced Econometrics
ECON4415  International Finance and Markets
ECON4418  Macroeconomic Theory
ECON4450  Advanced International Trade
ECON4486  Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON4487  Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON4488  Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON4489  Dissertation (Economics) Part 4
ECON4503  Advanced Economic Analysis
ECON4504  Advanced Quantitative Economics
ECON4507  History of Economic Thought
ECON5502  International Finance and Markets
ECON5503  Economic Management and Strategy
ECON5504  Global Energy and Mineral Markets
ECON5506  The Economics of Financial Markets
ECON5508  Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
ECON5509  Advanced Microeceonomic Theory
ECON5513  Applied Advanced Econometrics
ECON5514  Economic Research and Evaluation Methods
ECON5515  Economic Growth and Institutions
ECON5516  The Economics of Public Policy
ECON5517  Public Finance
ECON5518  Economics of Global Health and Policy
ECON5519  Public Economics
ECON5540  Economic Analysis and Policy
ECON5541  Economics for Business: Applications and Policy
ECON5881  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 1
ECON5882  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 2
ECON5883  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 3
ECON5884  Master's Dissertation (Economics) Part 4

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