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Units: Accounting and Finance (UWA Business School)

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ACCT1101  Financial Accounting
ACCT1112  Management Accounting
ACCT2112  Management Accounting
ACCT2201  Corporate Accounting
ACCT2242  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT2331  Taxation
ACCT3202  Advanced Corporate Accounting
ACCT3203  Contemporary Managerial Accounting
ACCT3206  Performance Measurement and Evaluation
ACCT3302  Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT3321  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT3322  Auditing
ACCT3323  Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT4440  Management Accounting: Issues and Perspectives
ACCT4451  Behavioural Accounting
ACCT4462  Accounting, Organisations and Society
ACCT4471  Advanced Accounting Research
ACCT4486  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 1
ACCT4487  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 2
ACCT4488  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 3
ACCT4489  Dissertation (Accounting) Part 4
ACCT5432  Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT5501  Contemporary Issues in Accounting
ACCT5511  Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting
ACCT5521  Advanced Corporate Financial Accounting
ACCT5522  Principles of Auditing
ACCT5531  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT5532  Accounting Information Systems
ACCT5602  Accounting
ACCT5633  Accounting for Planning and Control
ACCT5637  Principles of Taxation


FINA1109  Managing Your Personal Finance
FINA1221  Introduction to Finance
FINA2204  Derivative Products and Markets
FINA2205  Quantitative Methods for Finance
FINA2207  Business Analysis and Valuation
FINA2209  Financial Planning
FINA2221  Introduction to Finance
FINA2222  Corporate Financial Policy
FINA3304  Banking: Theory and Practice
FINA3306  Derivative Strategies and Pricing
FINA3307  Trading in Securities Markets
FINA3324  Investment Analysis
FINA3326  Applied Financial Management
FINA4401  Microstructure of Financial Markets
FINA4463  Advanced Derivatives
FINA4481  Advanced Investments
FINA4482  Advanced Corporate Finance
FINA4486  Dissertation (Finance) Part 1
FINA4487  Dissertation (Finance) Part 2
FINA4488  Dissertation (Finance) Part 3
FINA4489  Dissertation (Finance) Part 4
FINA4491  Capital Markets Research
FINA4590  Research Methods in Accounting and Finance
FINA5432  Introduction to Finance
FINA5520  Risk Management and Financial Instruments
FINA5521  Quantitative Methods in Finance
FINA5523  Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation
FINA5524  Trading and Markets
FINA5525  Capital Markets
FINA5526  Funds Management
FINA5527  Private Wealth Management and Venture Capital
FINA5528  Treasury Management
FINA5529  Topics in Finance
FINA5530  Managerial Finance
FINA5632  Investments
FINA5635  Corporate Finance

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