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Units: Marketing (UWA Business School)

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MKTG1107  Consumers Around the World
MKTG1203  Marketing Management
MKTG1204  Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2203  Marketing Management
MKTG2204  Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2238  Advertising and Promotion
MKTG2301  Small Business Management
MKTG2305  Marketing Research
MKTG3301  Marketing Applications
MKTG3303  New Product Development and Commercialisation
MKTG3306  Strategic Marketing
MKTG3307  Contemporary Marketing Issues
MKTG3310  International Marketing
MKTG3311  Services Marketing
MKTG4486  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 1
MKTG4487  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 2
MKTG4488  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 3
MKTG4489  Dissertation (Marketing) Part 4
MKTG5405  Special Topics in Marketing
MKTG5406  Buyer Behaviour and Decision Making
MKTG5408  Marketing Analysis and Planning
MKTG5409  Advanced Contemporary Topics in Marketing
MKTG5462  Global Marketing Strategy
MKTG5463  Marketing of Services
MKTG5465  Applied Marketing Research
MKTG5501  Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG5502  Digital Marketing
MKTG5503  Innovation and Enterprise
MKTG5505  Marketing and Society
MKTG5550  Marketing Principles
MKTG5561  Marketing Management
MKTG5578  Client Management
MKTG5603  Management of Technology and Innovation
MKTG5604  Biotechnology Commercialisation

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