UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Computer Science and Software Engineering (Engineering, Computing and Mathematics)

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CITS1001  Object-oriented Programming and Software Engineering
CITS1401  Problem Solving and Programming
CITS1402  Relational Database Management Systems
CITS2002  Systems Programming
CITS2211  Discrete Structures
CITS2401  Computer Analysis and Visualisation
CITS3001  Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence
CITS3002  Networks and Security
CITS3004  Cybersecurity
CITS4001  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 1
CITS4002  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 2
CITS4008  Scientific Communication
CITS4009  Introduction to Data Science
CITS4401  Software Requirements and Design
CITS4402  Computer Vision
CITS4403  Computational Modelling
CITS4404  Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Systems
CITS4405  Relational Database Management Systems
CITS4406  Problem Solving and Programming
CITS4407  Open Source Tools and Scripting
CITS4419  Mobile and Wireless Computing
CITS5011  Data Science Research Project Part 1
CITS5012  Data Science Research Project Part 2
CITS5013  Data Science Research Project Part 3
CITS5501  Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CITS5502  Software Processes
CITS5503  Cloud Computing
CITS5504  Data Warehousing
CITS5505  Agile Web Development
CITS5506  The Internet of Things
CITS5507  High Performance Computing
CITS5508  Advanced Data Mining
CITS5551  Software Engineering Design Project 1
CITS5552  Software Engineering Design Project 2
CITS8201  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 1
CITS8202  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 2

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