UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Mathematics and Statistics (Engineering, Computing and Mathematics)

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MATH1720  Mathematics Fundamentals
MATH1721  Mathematics Foundations: Methods
MATH1722  Mathematics Foundations: Specialist
MATH3329  3A9: Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH3339  3P9: Advanced Topics in Pure Mathematics
MATH4001  Mathematics and Statistics Research Project Part 1
MATH4002  Mathematics and Statistics Research Project Part 2
MATH4011  Special Topics in Mathematics
MATH4021  Dynamical Systems
MATH4022  Theoretical Mechanics
MATH4023  Mathematical Optimisation
MATH4031  Algebra
MATH4032  Continuous Geometry and Analysis
MATH4033  Advanced Topics in Pure Mathematics
MATH4403  Advanced Mathematics 1
MATH5540  Advanced Mathematics 2
MATH7115  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 1
MATH7125  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 2
MATH7215  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7225  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 2
MATH7315  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7325  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 2
MATH7429  4A9: Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH7439  4P9: Topics in Pure Mathematics 2


STAT2062  Fundamentals of Probability with Applications
STAT3369  3S9: Advanced Topics in Mathematical Statistics
STAT3405  Introduction to Bayesian Computing and Statistics
STAT3406  Applied Statistics and Data Visualisation
STAT4061  Probability and Stochastic Processes
STAT4062  Statistical Modelling and Inference
STAT4063  Computationally Intensive Methods in Statistics
STAT4064  Applied Predictive Modelling
STAT7415  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 1
STAT7425  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 2
STAT7449  4S9: Topics in Probability and Statistics
STAT7515  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 1
STAT7525  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 2

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